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khan Senator
khan Dec 20 '12, 02:50PM
1- User names:

User names containing any form of insulting, racism, sexual reference, drug-related, harassment, religion or political reference is not acceptable.

2- Statements:

Offensive statements, spamming, forbidden advertising, disclosing personal data of others and supporting rule violation will not be tolerated.

3- Use of Forums:

There are different categories for different subjects on our forums, and we would like for each thread created by users to be done so in the alocated forums provided for you. Any kind of excessive thread creating in wrong forums will be taken as spam.

4- Legal Issues:

Hacking and violating law or rule regulations.

Violating any of the above rules will result in a warning or even a suspension of your account.

5- This site is english only,any other threads or information in other languages,will be deleted without warning.

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