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admin Jun 3 '15, 08:44AM
Dear TibiaEvent users,

We cordially invite you to comment on Parcel castle contest winners! mentioned in the thread title here.

Please understand that off-topic posts which do not deal with the news article mentioned in the thread title will usually be deleted without further notice.
Insults, disrespect or slander will not be tolerated.

1) Demodras Castle: (points 29)

2) Memory Realm: (points 26)

3) Frozen Crystal Castle (points 24)

4) Red Rose Refuge: (points 21)

5) Pyramids of Eternity: (points 12)

6) Sheshie Yei Castle: (points 6)

7) Spring Castle: (points 3)

Kind regards,
Your TibiaEvents Team.
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luizb Jun 3 '15, 10:14AM
i am the owner of orcless wall i was desclasifed because i use small topaz, im ok with that but i think u guys are wrong, because on the top 3, people use Slime Gobbler and gold coin and dead rat, in my mind u cant buy dead rats or gold and slime gobbler from npc, why they have privilegys? gm friends ?
i mean, im ok with my desqualified but people use forbidden itens too its unfair with another players how follow the rules, think about and i really hope u guys make a new TOP
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camilagbr Jun 3 '15, 10:16AM
Really? dead rats, slime gobbler in Shadow Castle and GOLD COIN in Demodras Castle are valid? Funny that the rules change after posted the winners...
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Dacil Senator
Dacil Jun 3 '15, 12:31PM
Gz Venner! & to other winners o//

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Sworderhavaianos Jun 3 '15, 03:45PM

I am very happy with the result! And even surprised. They had beautiful castles and believe that the choice was difficult! Congratulations to all participants and thanks for the contest.

As for the question of the items, I believe that the rule serves to maintain balanced dispute, leave out items that are not available to everyone. It's like the discussion of the last parcel castle contest, about the Dragon Throne. I believe that the item can be picked up from an NPC, it is valid. Well, the decision is of the judges, I respect what they decided and they can decide in the future, even if I miss out.

And one more time, congratulations to all!

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alineee Jun 3 '15, 05:30PM
In any Promoted Fan Site as Tibia.Wikia.com or TibiaWiki.com.br or TibioPedia.pl says I can buy the Dragon Throne, that's the difference.

The same thing does not say on Gold Coin or Slime Globber. Says I can not buy. 

I did not think it fair to the other participants, the rules did not talk about any items that can be picked up from an NPC... but on items that can be bought from any NPC.

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Jasz Jun 3 '15, 06:33PM
Gratz Venner!!! 
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tkeshi Jun 3 '15, 07:00PM

hello everybody

I don't like your idea of using a gold for decorat, because you can't "buy" gold coin in npc, its ok you can get, but "rules say buy items in npc" no "get" 

if they could review them again I would be very grateful, because we want fair competition. :)

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elyluvzya Manager
elyluvzya Jun 3 '15, 07:03PM
The final count for the winners has been edited. After discussing, the team has decided that TO BE FAIR, we will also disqualify Shadow Castle because of the Slime Gobbler. The dead rat is part of the environment so it has nothing to do with our decision. But the Slime Gobbler can NOT be traded or bought from an NPC, it was just given therefore we can not count this entry. We are truly sorry, we should have seen it. Next time we will be more careful with these things. We really did love your entries and wish that we could still vote for them, but we will be fair to everyone. Mistakes happen and as an apology for not being able to count the 2 submissions we will give luizb and mestresevy 1 code each of 1 month TibiaTunnel. This was our mistake and we will try to make sure something like this does not happen next time. Thank you again to all the participants and congratulations to the winners! 
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daniellehezin Jun 3 '15, 07:20PM
GOLD COINS NO BUY ON NPC LOL u sell items for take gols

check your rules

· You can decorate your parcel castle ONLY with items you can buy from NPCs. 

ONLy with items yoy can buy :Pppppp 

it is not right :) you do not want to follow their own rules then why do?

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admin Admin
admin Jun 3 '15, 07:28PM
About the gold - gold coins are so common! And - well, you do get them from the NPC in return, when you buy stuff there...
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koddeff Jun 3 '15, 07:52PM
i winnier 3 place :D character name: kod deff

world: Elysia

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daniellehezin Jun 3 '15, 07:54PM
u no can buy gold coins, u sell items for gold coins -.- u say in your rules ONLY WITH ITEMS U CAN BUY

u no like follow your rules? 

look on tibia wiki :)

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camilagbr Jun 3 '15, 08:16PM

true that gold buying an NPC?I wanted to know what HAHAHAHA :)

I see that this contest is not serious.
What remains for me is to stay with contests the other site, they follow the rules

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wikedjavier Jun 3 '15, 08:18PM
I did not win in any placements but I think unfair to the other participants  ....
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laraios Jun 3 '15, 10:36PM
My friend did not win this competition but I can't let to express how wrong are saying that gold can be allowed in an event that you can only use items they buy from npc
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maka Jun 4 '15, 09:20AM
I really don't understand the problem - 100 gold coins can be purchased from NPCs in exchange for 1 platinum coin. It's not buying in a literal way, but trading based on exchange as well as Dragon Throne (which is allowed).


Tibiopedia.pl says, that you can not BUY dragon throne kit, but it is avaliable to GET IT for 1 red poc.

Of course I understand disqualification castlecontains small topazes, but I think that getting gold coins is very similar to gettingitems from NPC Caeland that is why tibiaevents team decided to not disqualify Demodras Castle. I think that if during the contest someone asked about gold coins, answer would be the same - gp are valid. Stop accuse of injustice. This castle is really good job and deserves first place.

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Paulob Jun 4 '15, 09:59AM

A case of justice

I see many people asking for justice, but what would be justice in this case? Disqualify a competitor because of an item that barely appears on the screenshots? Disqualify the other by using an item that could be replaced by another and would make no difference?

In my opinion, none of the items used made a difference in the choice of the castle were simple items used in insignificant amounts. None of the competitors disqualified filled the castle of prohibited items, not put dozens of Dracoyle Statue, did a castle with ice cubes or use gold ingot in everywhere.

People are complaining that a user has used a small amount of gold coins! They complained to disqualify one, which in my opinion, had a brilliant idea, but a small mistake used a prohibited item, which can barely be seen! Disqualified who used small topazes, when it could have used small rubys and would not make any difference!

Small and insignificant errors! 

What would come next?

The Memory Realm posted five screenshots? Or did mount? As much as the admin has authorized, is not written. Or will return to claim the dragon throne, in reality, can be exchanged with the NPC, not bought.

Will protest, that the Frozen Crystal Castle used animals?

Will complain that the owner of the Red Rose Refuge posted 8 screenshots (2 castle), when the rule says that the maximum was 4 screenshots?

Go complain to all be disqualified?

In many real cases the court decides that someone should not be penalized because it had no intention of breaking the law or the damage was negligible.

In a real world, If we understand the laws literally, everyone here possibly have committed a crime.

I do not think that users had the intent to fraud, or that the prohibited items made any difference. I believe they were unhappy and committed minor errors that in no way interfere with the result.

Unfortunately the damage is already done.  Some people don’t know how to lose.

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Venner Jun 4 '15, 11:08AM
I'm powerless..

It makes no sense to fight the system if the system is deaf for its consumers..

Btw my entry was okay and here is the evidence if you have any doubts

So leave me alone :) I don't care anymore, if someone tries to make me an idiot, because I'm fighting for some rights then I'm out :P



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Paulob Jun 4 '15, 04:28PM
I'm not attacking any entry
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