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Archenek May 12 '15, 06:48AM
Nick: Nieoga
Worlds: Nerana

This is my second entry.
I give you, "The jewel of PoH"

Everybody knows where plains of havoc are. Everybody knows how dangerous and deadly place it is. But only few people found the hidden castle called The jewel of poh. Placed in such a wild place, it has to be well protected both, from wild creatures and from bandits trying to steal its treasures.

The entrance to the castle is well guarded. One wrong step and you trigger a deadly trap, so watch where you move!
Once you pass the deadly entrance and make your way inside, you see the wealth and beauty of this place. The library filled with old tomes, waiting for you to study their secrets.

Then you see the kitchen, prepared to gut and cook animals the King hunts. Wild deers, rabbits, everything can be used to prepare delicious dishes from the royal family.

The king himself is to be feared and respected. He often is acompannied with wild lions, ready to eat anybody that speaks to the King without respect.

So, brave adventurer!
If you someday manage to find the castle, pass the defenses and enter alive. Be sure to talk to the forgotten king. There is plenty of stores and old lores to be told for anyone who have a while to listen.
Good luck!
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wellingtonq May 12 '15, 04:42PM





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Atilado May 13 '15, 12:49AM

Hello. I present to you the Majestic Northern Star. You only can decorate the castle with NPC's items so I would like to display the list of items that make up my castle:


   Item             NPC/City

Party Cake: Norma(Rookgaard)

Antidote Potion: Lily(Rookgaard)

Parcels(400): Liane(Carlin)

Avalanche Rune: Rachel(Carlin)

Fire Field Rune: Rachel(Carlin)

Energy Field Rune: Rachel(Carlin)

Intense Healing Rune: Rachel(Carlin)

Fishing Rod: Sarina(Carlin)

Coloured Egg(Blue): Imalas(Carlin, during event)

Fish: Bruno(Northport)

Cocktail Glass: Satsu(Meluna)

Spellwand: Hoaxette(Thais, during event)

Stealth Ring: Haroun(Blue Djinn Fortress)

Ice Rapier: Alesar(Green Djinn Fortress)

Jewel Case: Ruprecht(Vega, during event)

Santa Doll: Ruprecht(Vega, during event)

Santa Teddy: Ruprecht(Vega, during event)

Snowman Doll: Ruprecht(Vega, during event)

Leaf Golem Santa: Ruprecht(Vega, during event)

Flazzemaw Santa: Ruprecht(Vega, during event)

Snow Globe: Ruprecht(Vega, during event)

Santa Hat: Ruprecht(Vega, during event)

Santa Music Box: Ruprecht(Vega, during event)

Snow Flake Tapestry: Ruprecht(Vega, during event)

Heart Backpack: Valentina(Greenshore, during event)

Flower Bouquet: Valentina(Greenshore, during event)

Crimson Rose: Valentina(Greenshore, during event)

Sweetheart Ring: Valentina(Greenshore, during event)

Truelove Teddy: Valentina(Greenshore, during event)

Valentine's Card: Valentina(Greenshore, during event)

Hailstorm Rod: Alexander(Edron)

Crystal Ball: Alexander(Edron)

Brown Mushroom: Luna(Edron)

Prismatic Armor: Gnomally(Gnomebase)

Prismatic Legs: Gnomally(Gnomebase)

Prismatic Boots: Gnomally(Gnomebase)

Prismatic Helmet: Gnomally(Gnomebase)

Prismatic Shield: Gnomally(Gnomebase)

Crystal Lamp: Gnomally(Gnomebase)

Teleport Crystal: Gnomette(Gnomebase)

Fur Backpack: Bertha(Svargrond)

Parchment(Grey): Bertha(Svargrond)

Document: Bertha(Svargrond)

Small Ice Statue (Bird): Janz(Svargrond)

Small Ice Statue (Fish): Janz(Svargrond)

Trophy Stand: Janz(Svargrond)

Box: Janz(Svargrond)

Crate: Janz(Svargrond)

Blue Tapestry: Janz(Svargrond)

Blue Pillow: Janz(Svargrond)

Vase: Janz(Svargrond)

Small Turquoise Pillow: Janz(Svargrond)

Small Blue Pillow: Janz(Svargrond)

Round Blue Pillow: Janz(Svargrond)

Small Sapphire: Jessica(Svargrond)

Bronze Goblet: Jessica(Svargrond)

Silver Goblet: Jessica(Svargrond)

Christmas Present (Blue): Messenger Of Santa(Svargrond, during event)

Christmas Present (Red): Messenger Of Santa(Svargrond, during event)

Christmas Card: Messenger Of Santa(Svargrond, during event)

Baking Tray: Chephan(Venore)

Kitchen Knife: Chephan(Venore)

Mug: Chephan(Venore)

Lemon: Livielle(Venore)

Blueberry: Livielle(Venore)

Cherry: Livielle(Venore)

Plum: Rodney(Venore)

Helmet of the Deep: Captain Max(Liberty Bay)

Beach Backpack: Red Lilly(Liberty Bay)

                                                                                 General Information

Castle Name: Majestic Northern Star.

Character: Atilado.

World: Fidera.

Concept: my idea was to make a castle that enchant the eyes using the nature of the region and unusual decoration objects, such as antidote potion that can only be purchased in Rookgaard. This castle is blessed with the natural beauty of the northern landscape, divided into: Throne, Dining Table, Equipment Storage, Treasure Room, Christmas Tree and Fishing Area.

Construction Time: 5 hours.

Item Selection: 16 days.


Set Ambient Light: 50%.

I hope you enjoy.

Thank You.

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alineee May 13 '15, 06:24PM

                        Red Rose Refuge (R.R.R) 


R.R.R Castle is known for its magnificent ecological art. Situated in Thais, Kingdom of your friend King Tibianus, the Castle is an historic place and summer home of Queen Eloise.

The R.R.R  is one of the most unique in the land of Tibia. It is beautiful place its look like some land from fairy tale. Beautiful decorations of flowers, beautiful big flower carpet, stone sculptures called for dreaming in that harmonious oasis of peace and beauty.

Other features include lawns, a red herbaceous border and a ornamental garden. But perhaps the most important function of the castle is to provide a haven of peace and tranquillity, further enhancing the spiritual nature of R.R.R.

Character Name: Lika Rose

World: Elysia



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Alexandre May 14 '15, 04:54PM

Character: Lupenz-kinas

World: Calmera

                                           The Castle Sea

This Beautiful castle, is a rich castle in his culinary with exotic foods in variety, The castle sea, is in the depths of Quirefang, this castle can offer you an unforgettable and exotic meal only those who are worthy found the Lush to delight with its rare culinary, the rumors that great warriors will it to strengthen themselves with its magnificent and delicious food and you are a great warrior and able to find it?

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daniellehezin May 14 '15, 07:06PM

Name: Briitney Taca Spears

World: Elysia

The Pacific Castle

~~*Castle Constructed for the warmth of its residents, made with strong structure, shielded from comfortable way, this castle became one of Thais monuments, built by queen eloise, this castle has its treasures and kept secrets.*~~

full image \/

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user_1134 May 14 '15, 08:23PM
Hello Tibians!

I'm here to show you the castle i did today on daybreak, with so many lags and kicks, but fortunately i could end. Was a funny experience. Wanna see more events like that.

                                     .:♥The Castle of Love♥:.

Love can hurt, love can kill, the most powerfull protection of this castle is love(♥), and it's all you need to know!

Here some pics.

and the 4 pics together.

Character Name: Mary Jane Miquerynus

World: Calmera


                                      I HOPE YOU ENJOY!


thanks for 2 tibians who help me shopping and opening some premmy itens.

And sorry for my bad english...

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Jasz May 14 '15, 09:29PM

Name: Jasmiine

Vocation: Elder Druid

World: Vinera

That's Ice's Castle! The save Castle in Tibia.

This Day will be in my Memory ever when I buy Parcel!! <hahaha>

May The Parcels be ever in MY favor!

Hail Tibia Events o/

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Tahis May 14 '15, 11:17PM

Lynda Lady

world: Shivera

The third Castle

                                Castle Hospitality

        Hello, do not you want lvl? I invite you to my castle to listen to a good music and to eat what you want

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Sworderhavaianos May 14 '15, 11:22PM

Character name: Sworder Havaianos

World: Zanera


Well, I love the old stories of tibia, then I decided to build a castle in honor of a boss of the old school, the Demodras and I believe the best way to explain his concept would be telling a brief history.


The Demodras Castle


In a distant age, near the Mount Sternum, there was a cave taken by the fire. Little was known about its interior. The flames were so ardent that even the most adapted to heat creatures could live there.

However, the legend said that there was a single species of dragon capable of living inside, a creature transformed by intense heat and dominated by evil. His power was so feared that afraid of the destruction that could cause the King Tibianus called a powerful alliance between humans, elves and dwarves. The most powerful warriors of every race fought a bloody battle with the dreaded creature and after days of fighting the beast fled into the depths.

To celebrate the victory and seal the cave entrance, King Tibianus ordered to build a castle in place, then the Demodras Castle arises. Over time the heat came back to take the place, its walls are so hot that lighter metals melt if it touches them.

Today it is uninhabited, but incredibly alive and beautiful.

Some adventurers say they have seen the creature in some Dragon Lairs. And the more fearful, fear that the creature can go back and take the place again...


And finally, the caslte:

And the whole castle

Thanks Marcelo, for the help!

were purchased:

600x parcels

100x dragon tapestry

2000x flaming arrow

100x red tapestry

100x orange tapestry

100x white tapestry

80x trophy stand

100x of each precious stone (small diamond a little less)

2x treassure chest

20x lamps

Thank you and good luck to all

*Edit: before ask, I'm between mount sternum and dwarven bridge. My computer is multiscreen, so I logged in my notebook to take the SS.

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Medas May 15 '15, 02:30AM
Character: Medas

World: Dolera

This is "Yellowflower Castle" inspired by "Whiteflower Temple" in Thais. The shape is a "TE" standing for TibiaEvents. 

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maka May 15 '15, 06:10AM
Character: Makadamia
World: Harmonia

The Spring Castle

When the spring season comes and temperature is raising, above Venore there is floating unimaginable stink. Problem is caused by surrounding city swamps. During this time, wealthy citizens of Venore go on holidays to the Spring Castle. The Spring Castle is the most enjoyable place to be in Tibia! In this castle there is always fresh atmosphere. Blossom season is all the time. Roumors says, that this place was created by dryads!

All screenshots combine into one picture:

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admin Admin
admin May 15 '15, 06:55AM
4 hours left :-) this is going to be a hard time for us!
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Dacil Senator
Dacil May 15 '15, 10:58AM
Character: Ardilla Selassie
World: Shivera

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Dacil Senator
Dacil May 15 '15, 12:16PM
My last pic all in 1

@admin I pm u about cant w8 more so ill let it here if cant delete it then

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koddeff May 15 '15, 03:45PM
His last screamshot has more than 4 screen shoots you posted. The 4 screenshots you've taken you can not get that final image. lol
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wikedjavier May 15 '15, 03:48PM
I did not know it could take more than four ss to make a final ss do not think that's fair ;p
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RogerCKC May 15 '15, 04:00PM

Quote from jillt

From the ones that wouldn't be disqualified due to non-allowed items(such as dragon thrones, since they can't be BOUGHT on NPCS) and other rule breaking stuff, this one actually looks like a castle that you'd invite guests in to have a good time haha I hope you win!
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Venner May 15 '15, 04:14PM
Dragon Thrones are allowed :) WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO FKN MEAN? Let the team judge what is fair and what isn't, what is allowed and what isn't... 
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RogerCKC May 15 '15, 04:18PM
I just said that based on the rules in the first page... I didn't read anywhere that dragon thrones were an exception ;o just stating my opinion anyway.
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