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admin Feb 16 '15, 10:39AM

Valentine's Day has recently passed and we: TibiaEvents, didn't receive any gifts at all. ~looks sad~

No letters, no chocolate hearts or any of those.

So we thought: "why not just ask for them from our community?"

And there we are, rewarding you guys and galls with prizes for the most awesome valentine's cake you can bake for us!

So start impressing with your: Imagination, creativity, dedication and romanticism!

Grab you aprons and cooking materials, because we are about to leave the dungeons to enter in a whole new adventure.

We want our Valentine’s Cake!


1) The cake must be real. You can use absolutely anything to bake and decorate your cake, as long as it’s edible! In other words, you may not use materials that can’t be eaten to decorate or bake. Everything in the cake must be edible.

2) You must photograph at least 3 images from the process of creation. All your post must contain at least 5 photos. (at least 3 for process ,1 final photo and 1 photo of it being eaten or cut down to serve).

3) All photos must contain a visible paper written “Valentine’s Day with TibiaEvents – 2015”. Note: you need to write by hand. You can't print and the paper must be the same in all photos. So, take care of your paper.

4)You can’t edit your photo. (can’t use paint, photoshop or anything else).

5) Your post must contain your character name and world.

6) Multiple submissions are allowed, but each cake must be submitted individually. Note that only one prize per person can be won.

7) You can’t plagiarize any other work.

8) Rules can be changed without notice.

9) If you don’t comply with all the rules, you will be disqualified without notice.

10) The cake must contain relation to the Valentine's day of the game. It will be essential at the time of judging.

Heart backpacks with

- 300 demonic essences + choice of 10 bullseye/mastermind/beserk potions
(1st place)
- 200 demonic essences + choice of 10 bullseye/mastermind/beserk potions
(2nd place)
- 100 demonic essences + choice of 10 bullseye/mastermind/beserk potions
(3rd place)

This event will start 16-02-15 12:00 Cet and end 02-03-15 12:00 Cet.

We wish you the best of luck!
Your TibiaEvents Team.

suspect Feb 16 '15, 10:56AM
Great, Idea. There's a lot of great cooks out there for sure. :) 
Zig90 Feb 16 '15, 11:08AM
a moment of silence for all those guys who cant cook (or bake) for $hit xD
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Perche Senator
Perche Feb 16 '15, 12:51PM


maby a good time to get in the kitchen with your VALENTINE and make a romantic get-together from it :D

User_445 Feb 16 '15, 01:45PM
I was very good idea for this cake, but unfortunately can not cook. But maybe I'll try.
faiky Senator
faiky Feb 16 '15, 04:09PM


This is not a contest to see who makes a copy of the existing Valentine's cake in game.
The name is a coincidence. 

Our contest is just a reference to the commemorative date.
We want a cake with this theme, and not a copy. 

Let your imagination fly.

Zachary Feb 16 '15, 04:44PM
woooww i love cake (but i hate cook!) and i have a lot of ideas!

will be funny :D

im in!

admin Admin
admin Feb 16 '15, 04:48PM
Note: There might be some extra prizes added on the list! :-)
Nadlancer Feb 18 '15, 05:48PM
I'm a little confused as to how the cake is to have "relation to the Valentine's day of the game" but also be "a cake with this theme, and not a copy." The game doesn't really have a whole lot of unique Valentines attributes. It's pretty much the same as regular Valentines Day right?
Perche Senator
Perche Feb 18 '15, 07:24PM
Dear Nadlancer,

As faiky says "This is not a contest to see who makes a copy of the existing Valentine's cake in game" dos not mean you cant make a cake thet looks like it.

And yes, it's pretty much the same as regular Valentines Day, althow you should ad a Tibia note to it.

Good luck Nadlancer, I hope I anwserd your question to sadisfaction.

The Forum post is edited by Perche Feb 18 '15, 07:28PM
faiky Senator
faiky Feb 18 '15, 09:05PM

Perche answered well :) thanks!If you are still in doubt: In game there is a cake called "VALENTINE'S CAKE".
Despite the contest name, our contest is not to judge who makes a better copy of this cake. Our contest is for you to create a cake based on Valentine's day, inspired and related to Tibia.

ladykiwibug Feb 19 '15, 04:10PM

Hello tibiaevents! This is my valentines day cake for you. The cake is made out of red velvet cake, cream cheese icing, strawberries, sprinkles, and a little red icing! The cake was inspired a little from the valentines cake in game for the heart shape and the decorated cake in game that has fruit on it. Because who doesn't love cake for any holiday! 

On the cake it says be mine tibiaevents. The ring on top inspired by the sweetheart ring!

Everyone enjoyed it! Hope you did too!

Happy Valentine's Day Tibiaevents!



Venner Feb 19 '15, 05:28PM

Hi!:3 it was my first time to do something with fondant (which I made by myself).. coloring was funny, but not that easy like I thought before : O This whole thing was difficult.. cutting Event Holder.. memory box.. :D but I did it! XD 

The cake is chocolate and have also chocolate! cream inside (very delicious) :3

I'm going to cut cake tomorrow, so I will add photos:) 

I will take more photos with the daylight tommorow, cause today I just didn't make it:C

Promised photos:

Character: Venner

World: Harmonia

Enjoy your Valentine's cake TibiaEvents Team <3! Hope you won't dieXD hahahah

The Forum post is edited by Venner Feb 20 '15, 05:53PM
nozyy1234 Feb 19 '15, 08:44PM
:o wow amazing ! loving the pet and the memory box to! gogo keep more cakes coming guys!
The Forum post is edited by nozyy1234 Feb 19 '15, 08:44PM
suspect Feb 20 '15, 04:40PM
They look tasty! :) Keep up the good work. 
elyluvzya Manager
elyluvzya Feb 23 '15, 03:48PM
Wow hey look so yummy! I want to see moreee!
Luminie Feb 23 '15, 10:51PM
Hello all :)

Character: Luminie
World: Celesta

It is not Valentine's Day in my country (here is in May) but I made a cake for my husband anyway :)

My cake is inspired in the heart shape of Tibia's Valentine's Cake and in my favorite item from Valentina, the flower bouquet

We are newly wed and our kitchen is not so equipped yet, so I had to improvise a lot in order to make my cake ^^

Here are the ingredients: cakemix (vanilla flavour), 3 eggs, a cup of milk and butter

So how do I break this egg... OUCH...

At least got a funny picture of it :P Not so funny cleaning after it though

Put all the ingredients on a bow and mix it (manually cause I dont own a cake mixer yet)

Grased the pan and dropped the dough inside it. To the oven (pre heated 180 Cº)

While it bakes I ate the raw cakemix =X

Time for work on the decoration. I had this whipped cream on the fridge since yesterday. I should use a big mixer for it, but my small one handdled it well

I bought an "M&M" kind of candy to decorate my cake. While it baked I tryed some combinations.

30 minutes in the oven and the cake is baked! Out of the oven, cool down a little and out of the pan

Now for the heart shape I used the help of a parchment paper and used a knife. It would be better to have a heart-shapped pan, but this worked fine. The left-over cake will be great for breakfast.

covered with whipped cream

And started decorating it. First I placed some chocolate waffles on the edge

And the confetti

Final cake pictures:

Would you like to have a slice?

My husband is not a cake person but he liked this one, so VICTORY! :D

admin Admin
admin Feb 23 '15, 11:07PM
Gimme a piece! :-D hahaha i like them all *.* lets hope on more cake's
nozyy1234 Feb 23 '15, 11:24PM
so colourful omg i want a bit also beautiful cakes :)!
User_445 Feb 23 '15, 11:41PM
Beautiful cakes, guys! All look delicious!! :D
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