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ZePraiser Senator
ZePraiser Jan 28 '15, 04:21AM

I'll start off with just a shot of my house and main character. I'm going to play around a bit with screenshots to see what works best for my size screenshots (27" monitor).

Hope you'll enjoy :)
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Gabeeofr0x Senator
Gabeeofr0x Jan 29 '15, 09:14PM
Try using the "Insert Image" feature :) works way better!
ZePraiser Senator
ZePraiser Feb 6 '15, 05:02PM

Ah you're right that does work much better, I thought I'd try hyperlinking the previous images incase it worked. I don't have many new screens to post but I'll start posting more :P
ZePraiser Senator
ZePraiser Feb 8 '15, 06:47AM

Some more screens.. killed 6 of an enemy team and only had 1 of us die :D sneaky sneaky. Hard for me to get screens in the middle of battle but I try!

ZePraiser Senator
ZePraiser Feb 8 '15, 06:53AM

ZePraiser Senator
ZePraiser Feb 9 '15, 06:48AM
We've had some nice fights in the last 24 hours. Last night a 253 EK tried killing a friend, we were able to trap and kill him pretty easily.

Then today a team of 4 tried to sneak a guildie at ghastlies.

I guess they saw 2 more of us show and ran into ghastlies in a panic. It made it easy to single them out and take them down.

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ZePraiser Senator
ZePraiser Feb 16 '15, 06:52PM
I am banned for cursing at somebody until tonight :( when will I learn?!
admin Admin
admin Feb 16 '15, 08:10PM
ahwww maybe u will learn it now xD
ZePraiser Senator
ZePraiser Feb 23 '15, 07:02PM
Yeah hopefully haha :P

I'm lvling up a low level EK and RP in Mortera right now, I've taken them from 19 to 32 and 16 to 31 so far. I'll post them when they get 40+ :P

suspect Feb 23 '15, 11:44PM
You Go Go. Get those lovely lvls. :) 
ZePraiser Senator
ZePraiser Mar 7 '15, 01:27AM
Thanks :) stopping leveling for a little while until I finish up this last month of school. Haven't played since last week when I nearly died in a sneak attack haha, didn't die though.

Going to try to play a little this weekend!

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ZePraiser Senator
ZePraiser Mar 22 '15, 03:21AM
Haven't been playing at all really but I found a USB with a ton of screenshots on it. I'll start uploading older screenshots every few days to keep this thread updated, maybe some others will start posting soon! :)

For now, here are some screenshots from last couple times I pvped. The guy in Ank who we dropped was a 260~ rp who tried to sneak a friend. The last one is from Umera (I was from Libera originally) I just log in sometimes to pick off Black Widow makers :P

GoodSamaritan Apr 10 '15, 06:10PM
Do you still have a pic of when I let you pk me in oramond? I was like "peace out" lol
GoodSamaritan May 2 '15, 03:48AM
I was watching old pk videos and found this one of you at like lvl 72. Was like omg thats the praiser i know haha

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkqoA3lVPEQ ;

ZePraiser Senator
ZePraiser May 3 '15, 05:19PM
Haha yeah it's in this thread somewhere I think. Sorry Good Samaritan, you are what your name says! When I get back on we will get a really solid english team going and you will be a part of it. 

Funny video, thanks for sharing. The green apple guys were our BR friends from Balera and we stumbled across them while pking ourselves and had a little battle haha. Woops!

GoodSamaritan May 4 '15, 06:56PM
Sounds good bro. I have a few others that cold join too. They're not the best at PvP but aren't afraid to take a skull haha Lately I've been fighting for Seleco cuz I wanna destroy Heph. Haven't been able to log in for 4 days now but I got screenshots from the war I got in tibia cast in my life thread.
GoodSamaritan May 13 '15, 06:07PM
To anyone that knows Praiser or follows this thread, idk if it is true but I've been told he had died in rl. He was a good person and I truly miss him
admin Admin
admin May 14 '15, 09:52AM
Sad to hear that but yea its true he passed away in real Rip mate!
toadettes Article's
toadettes May 14 '15, 02:23PM
RIP Ze Praiser - his family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers
faiky Senator
faiky May 15 '15, 05:49PM
Hope he rest in peace. 

My best feelings to the family.

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