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mirrorv Feb 9 '15, 02:20AM
Hello again :)

Well this time I made small little fluffy dog that mine wife specially order from me :)

We had not much time for max design but we made it somehow :)

Char info : Marshal Broz Tito, world: Candia

Here is first image 150x150

Second Image 500x700

And now third and final picture 1100x1300

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Sikita Feb 9 '15, 03:47AM
Hello everyone,

Here is my entry I hope you like that.

I gave my best :)


150x150 Pixels

500x700 Pixels

1100x1300 Pixels

Thank you and good lucky :)

Deusa Sorcerer Ops


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Florencia Feb 9 '15, 05:14AM

Hello! Here is my entry for the tibia Events Pet Contest! I have the sketches for everything and it was all my job. I worked with SAI and Photoshop and all brushes used are also my own.

I created this character cause when I think of events that make people join together, I inmediatly think of Devorvorga, and even though she is evil, she unites everyone in my server, no matter the level or guild, to defeat her.

So thank you very much, and here is my entry!

My 150x150 PNG design of my entry:

This is my detailed design, in the format of 500x700

"A this is my character sheet, in the 1100x1300 format:

Character Name: Florencia
World: Kronera

Best luck to everyone and thank you!

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Psykeeh Feb 9 '15, 05:25AM
Hi *-* 

My first time doing this so yea xD I'm used to just draw in paper, this time I tried manga studio hope you guys like it :)

*This is DragVent a cute little draggy. Stories of dragons have been handed down for generations, and this little fellow just wants to enjoy life. Protector and legendary creature he's here to have some fun with some Events* 

(1) 150X150 (not renderized)


(3) 1100x1300

*~~Thank you, Good luck to all~~*

Character : Shiel Gary

World : Shivera

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Volkster Feb 9 '15, 05:54AM
Hi everyone,

I made Pristy. She is a priestess crazy about events. Now she has found Tibia Events and is loving it.

Character: Volkster
World: Celesta




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alexpauli Feb 9 '15, 06:12AM
FIRST IMAGE - 150 x 150

FINAL IMAGE - 500 x 700

SHEET - 1100 x 1300 simple =(

CHAR NAME: Paulliz Paladiun

WORLD: Vinera


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Zig90 Feb 9 '15, 06:21AM
@alexpauli very nice design, but dont you think the colors are too dark? maybe try a different combination of colors? (white and blue, red and orange, ...etc.)?

Good luck :)

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Honourable Senator
Honourable Feb 9 '15, 07:30AM
This will be difficult to judge indeed, you guys have made soem really awesome entrees!

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Zig90 Feb 9 '15, 08:20AM
my last submission for this awesome event




Character name: Fire Zig  - world: Premia

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Combi Feb 9 '15, 08:37AM
Hello all! Here is my submission!




Char: Stanziola
Server: Nerana

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Zig90 Feb 9 '15, 08:45AM
@Combi Selfie Style hahah :D that was good
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Gabeeofr0x Senator
Gabeeofr0x Feb 9 '15, 08:52AM
Hello everyone!

Here's my third and last entry, I hope you like it :)

1) A 150x150 pixel version of the pet, renderized and in png format

2) A 500x700 pixel complete detailed final design image.

3) A 1100x1300 pixel character sheet incluiding:

- details of the design

- sketches

- name of the pet

- explanation of the concept

My character name is Gaby-chan and my world is Refugia.

I must say there's many many good entries so I wish you all good luck! :)

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Mendicutty Feb 9 '15, 09:30AM

1) A 150x150 pixel version of the pet, renderized and in png format

2) A 500x700 pixel complete detailed final design image.

3) A 1100x1300 pixel 

Char name: Duris flam, Zanera

good luck in your event

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flikka Feb 9 '15, 09:38AM

This is my contribution its called: Gohegdeh!

Its name comes from the mother wich are an hedgehog and the father is an Chakoya. If u never seen it in Tibia u havent done anything wrong he is simply nearly to invisible as he stays deep in the holes planning every upcoming event, the only time he exit hes hideout is to collect leafs for the TibiaEvents Newspaper!

Kind Regaards/

Character : Flikka

World: Irmada

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thomask Feb 9 '15, 10:26AM
Here is my contribution to the contest:

150x150 picture

500x700 picture:

and 1100x1300 picture:

Decided to go for a panda as youre event pet, mainly because of that the pet represents and also because of the goofy name "Party Panda". One of the sketches that was made very quick represents a baby version of the panda holding the memory box, which could be used as ingame item. GL to all contestants.  

Name: Citizen Thompa
World: Efidia

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admin Admin
admin Feb 9 '15, 11:16AM
4 hours left! you guys make it hard for us! :-D
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anar Feb 9 '15, 12:46PM

I'm sorry, the scanner messed up things a little.

I'm Callie Aena, from Menera.

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yan Feb 9 '15, 02:10PM
Hello! That's Nancy, she loves events and doesn't want you to miss any of them. Would you be her friend? :D

Char: Leafeon

World: Astera

150x150 in PNG.

500x700 in PNG.

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Kozi Feb 9 '15, 02:13PM
1) A 150x150 pixel version of the petrenderized and in png format:

2) A 500x700 pixel complete detailed final design image.

3) A 1100x1300 pixel:

More images:

Char: Queen Simons


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faiky Senator
faiky Feb 9 '15, 03:00PM
The contest is over

Thanks to all participants!
The result will be announced soon.

Best of luck! :)

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