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Sikita Feb 5 '15, 02:13PM
Thank you so much *-*
XaneFair Feb 5 '15, 02:15PM

Quote from Sikita If I will use the paper and the pencil to create my pet, how can I transform that in:  1) 150x150 Pixel picture, in png format, renderized of your design.  2) a 700x500 Pixel picture with the dinal design full detailed.  3) A 1100 x 1300 character sheet of the design.  Please, I need really to know what should I do with the pets created in the paper. Can I draw more than one pet? Send you 2, 3 or more pets?
Here is a site that changes pixels in centimeters so you get an idea of how large the paper has to be. You can draw on the different sizes. If you have a hard time doing the small one i could help you with that.

You can have multiple entries.

Hope this answers all of your questions

XaneFair Feb 5 '15, 02:15PM
the site:


XaneFair Feb 5 '15, 02:17PM

Quote from anar Is it ok to use a creature that already exists in Tibia? I mean, I'll draw it in my style, but is there any trouble in using something like a Corym or whatever?

You can definately use creatures from tibia as inspiration. Here is an example:


toadettes Article's
toadettes Feb 5 '15, 02:37PM
Several people are asking if you can submit more than one entry (more than one pet) and we answered that in the official rules. Yes, you can have more than one entry, but only one pet for each entry. And if more than one of your pets win, you can still only win ONE prize. So enter 2 or 3 or 4 if you'd like (in separate entries each), but remember even if we pick more than one of yours as winners, you will still only receive the prize for one of them.

dilceuc Feb 5 '15, 02:45PM
This is my first time on events :), 

Here is my "Tibia Events tapestry".

Click use: "all events need a beautiful tapestry to  show elgance.

This is a rare and beautifull tapestry made in darashia for skilleds tailors."

Kind regards,

Chacalaca hunter

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Venner Feb 5 '15, 03:27PM

Quote from dilceuc This is my first time on events :), 

Here is my "Tibia Events tapestry".

Click use: "all events need a beautiful tapestry to  show elgance.

This is a rare and beautifull tapestry made in darashia for skilleds tailors."

Kind regards,

Chacalaca hunter

It's not item contest, better read all requirements and rules one more time :P
Sikita Feb 5 '15, 03:37PM
Thank you admin, I will do my best :)
Zig90 Feb 5 '15, 07:57PM
will get to work right away. I have one question tho, by "pet" do you mean an animal or animal-like character? or can it be a human as well? 

Thanks in advance ;)

wrekt Feb 5 '15, 07:58PM
Of course I find out about this late, hopefully I can finish by the monday deadline considering I have 3 12 hour shifts this weekend... :s
Luminie Feb 5 '15, 11:11PM
Hello all!

Here is my entry, Frank the Maw! A great pet for Tibia Events.
I used Gimp and Inkscape to make my entry.

Character's name: Luminie
World: Celesta

1) A 150x150 pixel version of the pet
, renderized and in png format

2) A 500x700 pixel complete detailed final design image.

3) A 1100x1300 pixel character sheet

I love these picture contests, I hope you keep making them! Good luck to all!!

jorgee Feb 6 '15, 01:47AM
Second Entry :)

image 1

Img 2

Img 3

Character name : Deon Sosa

World : Unitera

Muffinka Feb 6 '15, 06:37PM

Good Luck to all ! :)

1. IMAGE (150X150)

2. IMAGE (500X700)

3. SKETCH (1100x1300)

Character name:  Tsunaami

World: Antica

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admin Admin
admin Feb 6 '15, 07:05PM
Dear Muffinka,

[img] is not working here we got an insert image function here on this forum

Kind regards,
Umbra mckeening - TibiaEvents Admin.
sann Feb 6 '15, 07:52PM
Character: Secret Ann

World: Rowana

It was made in paint so the quality is not the best, but I really like it! :) The dress is made by 2 red pieces of cloth put together!



Image 1

Image 2.

Image 3.

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XaneFair Feb 7 '15, 12:10AM
Awesome entries everyone! keep them comming
Tafuri Feb 7 '15, 02:05AM

When I saw about this event, I just took the markers of my niece and started scribbling papers. haha 
Awesome pets so far. Good luck everyone!

150x150 (need to renderize)



Character: Lady Tafuri

World: Honera

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Gabeeofr0x Senator
Gabeeofr0x Feb 7 '15, 06:57AM
Hello again everyone!

Here is my second entry :)

1) A 150x150 pixel version of the pet, renderized and in png format

2) A 500x700 pixel complete detailed final design image.

3) A 1100x1300 pixel character sheet incluiding:

- details of the design

- sketches

- name of the pet

- explanation of the concept

My character name is Gaby-chan and my world is Refugia.

Keep it up and good luck everyone!

Edit: Added Spike's chibi version too png format too!

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mirrorv Feb 7 '15, 03:12PM

Here are images of mine designed pet for Tibia events.

His name is Prcy :) small and smart camera that will be perfect match for our already existing Memory Box so they two can make some live records in their event adventures.




I did not wanted to paint them, well actually I did but I had no idea which color to put, yellow, blue black it should be joyful :DIf in any case I win one of three places then I might add some colors or I will let someone else to put it in life ^^
I dont have much to describe it its all there how u see I used pencil and red marker just to get some lines :) I hope it will be good for tibia events :DLike i wrote down name of char Marshal Broz Tito - Candia
Good Luck 2 all :)

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Zig90 Feb 7 '15, 09:11PM

here is my first (hopefully not last) submission! 




Character: Fire Zig - World: Premia

PS: This is my first time to edit a sketch digitally, so please excuse any quality mistakes :p

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