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admin Jan 26 '15, 01:13PM

Tibia Events is calling all designers & artists!


We already have our very own fan-site item: 

"the glorious Memory Box",

but it’s kind of lonely up there in the site's banner.

After a brainstorming session we decided that what we need for our site is a: "TibiaEvents pet"!


That’s why we are asking your help.  We invite you to design a brand new pet for our fan-site. Grab your pencil, pen or design tablet and let your imagination fly!


How  to participate

You will have to create a pet that represents Tibia Events

You can do so by drawing it on paper(analog) or using a program (digital) and present us

Any image format it allowed: jpg, bmp, png and so on


three final pictures. The pictures you will need to present are:

1) A 150x150 pixel version of the pet, renderized and in png format 

(If you don’t know how to renderize an image, just post it with a white or neutral color background, stating such information when you present your entry).


2) A 500x700 pixel complete detailed final design image.


3) A 1100x1300 pixel character sheet including:

 - details of the design

- sketches

- name of the pet

- explanation of the concept


Be as creative as you’d like with the sheet (number 3) since it is your main competition picture and it’s the one who will mainly be judged


- If you decide to go with an analog design like paper or canvas, you may use any material you like.

for example: color pencils, pens, markers, ink, oil, acrylic, aquarelle and so on.


- If you decide to go with a digital design, you may use any artistic or design program. 

for example: Paint, Photoshop, SAI, Corel, Manga Studio and so on.

just keep in mind you can’t edit an image to make it look like a pet. It has to be drawn by you.


- The Pet should be inspired/related to/by Tibia.



Date and time

This event will start at (26 jan 15:00) and last untill the (9 feb/15:00).

You can post your entry on our forum,in this topic.




1st- golden warrior trophy, Choice between (Nightmare doll, Tome of
choice or a Wooden Whistle)

2nd- silver warrior trophy, Choice between (same list as 1st/whatever
1st doesn't pick

3rd- bronze warrior trophy, (Whatever is left)

And possibly:
Honourary prize: Hero's Medal


- Multiple submissions are allowed, but each design must be submitted individually.

Note that only one price per person can be won


- When entering your designs, please state your character’s name and your world.


- You can’t copy an already existing mascot design. The design has to be yours.


By entering this contest you agree that:

The Mascot Design submitted is your original work and is not based on any copyrighted work and is not copied from any other work.

In case you win:  you agree that your design belongs to TibiaEvents and may be used for any purpose by our fan-site.


We wish you the best of luck!

YourTibia Events Team

Kexto Jan 26 '15, 06:11PM
The post above me, the dinosaur, thats stolen clip art. So im not sure if we are allowed to use outside resorces or do we have to make our own?
Dacil Senator
Dacil Jan 26 '15, 08:22PM
Hi!! this is my entry ^.^
The name of my pet is Hydriza, I got inspired on a hydra cause his 3 heads... basically my idea is about our personalities and how different we are each other and what we expect about the events... so I wanted to made some pet that can show us something different like every feel on his faces.


1.- 150 x 150

2.- 500 x 700

3.- 1100 x 1300

Ardilla Selassie
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admin Admin
admin Jan 26 '15, 08:46PM
I think everything is clear in the rules :-)

The Mascot Design submitted is your original work and is not based on any copyrighted work and is not copied from any other work.

Post with the dinosaur has been deleted.

Kind regards,
Umbra mckeening
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jorgee Jan 27 '15, 12:39AM

Hopefully now follows the rules :)

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Character name: Deon Sosa

world: Unitera

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Ibnemarcus Jan 27 '15, 03:00AM

Well, I want you to meet the Khan fox!

My explanation of it, is a bit unusual. I am passionate about mounts in the tibia, have almost all. But alas you ask me: What does this have to do with the Fox Khan?

Just because I still have not managed to catch the manta ray, because I already lost 6 (it's unbelievable, I know) FOXtails.

So that's it. I wanted to make one of my biggest challenges in something cool.

I did my first sketch with pencil and paper, it finished drawing in paint and completes the art (paintings and details) in a my mobile application called Picsarts.

150x150. PNG:



Character: Isismary

World: Astera

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Yannick Jan 27 '15, 03:15AM

I'm from Brazil

I need a translator.

nozyy1234 Jan 27 '15, 04:03AM
I'm not great at drawing so i decided to come up first with something from a program i never used before, spend couple of hours watching videos of how to do stuff but i'm still far behind hopefully in couple of days i will be able to post better "pets" i decided to create my own creature out of my imagination, i dont know if it fits perfectly into the Tibian world but anyway i stuck with it!

Here is the image 150/150 i called him The Evil Godin, it's some what a hybrid between a Vampire and some sort of animal i can't really explain it myself!

Well this image doesn't look the best but here it is 700 by 500 guys if you can give me feed back of what should i change/look out for when i'm making new ones i've not been the best designer in the world but when it comes to tibia i really want to do my best!

Here is the 3rd and final image i hope it's okey that i used the tibia events logo it just looks neat up the top if its a problem ill change it in 2 seconds!

Here you can see each stage of making of the pet ! His name is The Evil Godin, or simply Godin, please comment on what you think about this i want to learn as much as i can before i start my 2 project <3.

Awh! and by the way Jorgee Amazing drawings that serpent looks amazing!

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XaneFair Jan 27 '15, 05:35PM
Looks great everyone! Looking forward on judging all the entries :)
Amarvalk Jan 27 '15, 07:28PM

I'm not a designer or so but I'd like to participate XD

Hope it fits all the requirements. I did it on Paint.

Char name: Mele Chan

World: Astera

1) Here is the 150x150. I dont know if its renderized, I just changed the size to 150x150 from the original with a white background.


2) Here is the 500x700.


3) And the 1100x1300. Character Sheet

Sikita Jan 28 '15, 02:20AM
Dear Admin,

I have a question:

3) A 1100x1300 pixel character sheet including:

 - details of the design

- sketches

- name of the pet

- explanation of the concept

This part, in the same IMAGE I need put Sketches, explanation and everything together?

Or use parts for that, separately from the image?


Jéssica Maciel

Rani Jan 28 '15, 09:30AM

everyone needs a pet dworc

XaneFair Jan 28 '15, 02:54PM

Here is an example of a sheet

Morfeul Jan 30 '15, 02:09PM

Good morning gentlemen.

# I am using a translator because I am Brazilian.

I have some questions about this event, because I never attended any other and when I translate the rules was a bit confused translation:

1) I did my drawing in pencil, my imagination, but I realized that most of the participants are posting 3 designs with different sizes and shapes. This is required to participate? or is the participant's choice?

2) I have to put my sketches, create a name for the mascot, and talk details regarding Tibia about it?

3) I need to color my art? I'm not good with colors = P

4) I entirely using pencil and paper, not know how to use computer programs to change pixels, and all these other things. Is that a problem?

# That's it, I hope you understand the translation haha '.

I await answers ...

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vinim Jan 31 '15, 04:01AM
Here follows my art:

I can help the designers team of TibiaEvent if you would like to increase the number of details.

150x150 - png image file

500x700 image png file

1100x1300 jpeg file image teaser sheet:

Hope I can fill all rules out and join in the contest.

Char: Full Sniper

Server: Astera

Honourable Senator
Honourable Jan 31 '15, 09:55AM
Keep up the good work everyone!
vinim Jan 31 '15, 03:05PM
Thank you Baladha. :) 

May i have more than one entry at contest?

faiky Senator
faiky Jan 31 '15, 04:58PM
@ vinim


- Multiple submissions are allowed, but each design must be submitted individually.Note that only one priZe per person can be won. 

The Forum post is edited by faiky Jan 31 '15, 04:59PM
vinim Jan 31 '15, 06:25PM
Im happy for the possibility to help you with more designs, no problem by only prize by person, I would love to win, but Im also happy for help you to have more pets to pick up.



jorgee Jan 31 '15, 11:34PM
Post with pet edited :D let me know if it is good enough. Or if it need to have something changed.

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