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admin Nov 22 '14, 10:31AM
Dear TibiaEvent users,

We cordially invite you to comment on the news article Promoted fansite party!

Please understand that off-topic posts which do not deal with the news article mentioned in the thread title will usually be deleted without further notice.

We appreciate constructive feedback. Insults, disrespect or slander will not be tolerated.

Information about the promoted fansite party,

Where: Antica (Thais boat/depot)
When: 3 december 2014.
What time: 19:30 CEST.
Conditions: a character on Antica (a lvl 8 will do)
DevilKsTung Nov 23 '14, 11:56AM
the lottery number will be given on that day? :P

can't wait for that day >o<

The Forum post is edited by DevilKsTung Nov 23 '14, 11:57AM
admin Admin
admin Nov 23 '14, 12:04PM
Dear DevilKsTung,

Yes thats correct the lottery ticker will be given on that day :-)
MariAloran Senator
MariAloran Nov 24 '14, 12:50PM
Hopefully im free then (:
vamdevil Nov 26 '14, 08:40PM

time is 19:30 CEST

From Server Save till the event takes place, how many hours is that, exactly?

Because I live in diff region
admin Admin
admin Nov 26 '14, 08:53PM
Dear vamdevil,
its 9 and a half hour from server save on

Kind regards,
Umbra mckeening.
vamdevil Nov 26 '14, 09:53PM

Quote from admin Dear vamdevil,
its 9 and a half hour from server save on

Kind regards,
Umbra mckeening.
Thank you very much :)
DevilKsTung Nov 30 '14, 05:41PM
what will be the character name of party host? :)
XaneFair Dec 2 '14, 04:11PM
We can't tell you anything other then to check the Antica board or the information from the: news article Promoted fansite party!
XaneFair Dec 4 '14, 12:51PM
We will work on it as fast as possible.  Most likely after the weekend! 
Fade Dec 4 '14, 01:40PM
Hello, I was told to message an admin after the party ( I placed third in the clue hunt thingy) for details about reward etc. Could someone inbox me? :)
Nekroloth Dec 4 '14, 06:11PM
Can't wait for the results :P
Wennman Dec 4 '14, 10:07PM

Yay, great event! :) //Ogge Pistol

Cauli Dec 5 '14, 08:43AM
Thanks for the event, but next time consider organising part of it on rookgaard, where jerks won't be able to abuse you/event. Most likely they would be too lazy to even go in there just to mess with us.
admin Admin
admin Dec 5 '14, 10:48AM
Hey Cauli thanks for your feedback! we will discuss it internal :-)

Kind regards,
Umbra mckeening
Perche Senator
Perche Dec 6 '14, 03:15PM
I dont think parts on Rook will be a good idee because most of us dont have a char on Rook. I have chars on more worlds but all on main. I cant make more chars because I have 20 allready witch meens I have to Rook my char or delete one.
Just my two cents

And yes it was a great event, maby on nonpvp would be better.

Cauli Dec 7 '14, 11:16AM
1. It wouldn't have to be on premium part, so you could use another acc.
2. You can set one char on deletion, make another(up to 25 chars on acc this way), use it for event, schedule for deletion, undelete char you set on deletion earlier.

I was also thinking, maybe instead of drunken race we could be pushing 8lvls(possibly drunken) by our mouse? No way to cheat if it's like that and it wouldn't depend on lvl at.
Perche Senator
Perche Dec 8 '14, 08:02AM

I did not know you can have 25 chars thet way, in thet case "smart one" ;)

And yes on a free acc is possebol to!

I do think its eazer to do it on nonpvp-main with things like cap and depo (collecting stuff for the event).


But you have a great point there Cauli!!


snabelett Dec 8 '14, 10:35AM
hi, who won the lottery ticket?
XaneFair Dec 8 '14, 01:54PM
Hi there,

We will take everything in concideration for next year. Also changing the location and making it more ("mean players proof")

As for the lottery:

In order to make sure only the participants of the event will be able to win this lottery we are almost done verifying the cadidate lists.

When we are certain we only have the right players on that list we will draw. 

So please have a little patience and keep an eye on our facebook and/or site!

that being said, I really enjoyed the evening and hope we will grow and have more of these initiatives. Especially from other players.

If you are interested you can always ask for our help or create the event here for yourself!

https://www.tibiaevents.com/forum/257 (ask help for an event)

https://www.tibiaevents.com/events (create your own event)

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