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admin Sep 14 '14, 12:47PM
Welcome to Tibia Events video promotion Contest!

We cordially invite everyone to create a promotion video for our website, be creative and post your video's in this thread. Is this something you can do?

Please understand that off-topic posts which do not deal with the news article mentioned in the thread title will usually be deleted without further notice.

We appreciate constructive feedback. Insults, disrespect or slander will not be tolerated.

Date/time: 16 sep 13:00 until 07 oct 13:00. Cest.

Rules: It has to be an video about the site + what we do
If you u use an Old man voice it would be awesome
it needs creativity so think about something before you create anything
Good music which fits tibia
English language only
The sound has to fit tibia and it needs to be copyright free.


1st place:
TibiaEvents' memory box

heavy medal
rune embleme of choice

2nd place:
Nightmare doll
Badge of Glory
rune embleme of choice

3rd place:
Hero's medal
rune embleme of choice

Let the video play!
Kind regards,
Your Tibia Events Team.
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Debukis Sep 15 '14, 08:32AM
Zipaya Sep 15 '14, 01:21PM
If someone need an old man voice msg me :P
Pelumbraz Sep 15 '14, 08:44PM
Does it have to be a tibia video? or can I use like some sort of animation or pictures, etc?
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admin Sep 15 '14, 08:48PM

Quote from Pelumbraz it needs creativity so think about something before you create anything

it needs creativity so think about something before you create anything
Ferumbrasfx Sep 15 '14, 09:11PM
I am just coming back Tibia and I've never participated in one of these events let alone used this site, so my question is this site is primarily about these type of events correct? 

I have some ideas on what to do for this and I think if I can capture the ideas on video to translate to you guys/everyone it will be pretty cool. I'll definitely be participating.

Pelumbraz Sep 15 '14, 09:22PM

Quote from admin 

it needs creativity so think about something before you create anything
Yes... I read that but I'm not sure if my video must be with tibia images/videos or I can use whatever I want to use, like a flash animation or some real life video. That was my question.
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admin Sep 15 '14, 09:27PM
It has to be an video about the site + what we do

Just be creative use whatever u like to use :-D
Rani Sep 17 '14, 11:49AM
Yoyo, can't wait to participate in this one. A question though, can we use any kind of music or does it have to be copyright-free?
admin Admin
admin Sep 17 '14, 11:52AM
its has to fit tibia and it needs to be copyright free yes.
Rani Sep 17 '14, 07:57PM
I think it might be a good idea to add that to the list of rules then before the participants get to work:P

And since it has no music or sounds, could you perhaps elaborate a little on music that fits Tibia? I assume you mean cinematic/orchestral kinds. Will you be taking this in the judging or is it cool as long as it suits the video? Sorry to ask alot but I like to get as much information as possible before starting a project like this.

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admin Sep 17 '14, 08:03PM
I will add it to the rules list thanks! :-D

yes i mean cinematic/orchestral kinds but as long as it fits the video and tibia its oké for us to. :-D

Kind regards,
Umbra mckeening
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Rani Sep 17 '14, 08:05PM
Aighttt thanks for the answers
admin Admin
admin Sep 17 '14, 08:06PM
Your welcome! :-D
Zoodo Sep 18 '14, 06:56PM

I was always take a look to tibiaevents but never take part of it so i made an acc ..and decide to make a short Video. I used only free tools to make it and im totaly amature so its not perfect but i hope You waste Your 30 second for watch it.


edit : now its good? Also propably im gonna edit a litle bit this video at sunday when i got some free time :-) Any advice? ;D

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admin Sep 18 '14, 08:59PM
could u please embed the video here instead of the link? Thanks!
AngelWeapon Sep 25 '14, 01:30AM
The video is to be posted here?
faiky Senator
faiky Sep 25 '14, 04:15AM

Yes, embed the video here.

Nistha Sep 26 '14, 02:16PM
Can I ask some guestions:

1. Who were the creator(s) of the site?

2. Zoodo, which recording program did you use?
admin Admin
admin Sep 26 '14, 07:23PM
i am :P and i will always be haha
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