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admin Aug 23 '14, 12:39PM
@Nistha we need a couple of days :-)

@yama20 one person is getting the honorary prize :-)
Cauli Aug 23 '14, 02:19PM

Quote from yama20 when the result of the event? and when we get honorary award as a participant in the event?

lol :D :D
XaneFair Aug 24 '14, 03:45PM
This is amazing. You guys make me work to hard with all those entries ;)

Aega Aug 27 '14, 03:45PM

Quote from XaneFair This is amazing. You guys make me work to hard with all those entries ;)

Xane you should be working hard :)
Fade Sep 5 '14, 05:24PM
NVM, I thought updates would be in this post!
The Forum post is edited by Fade Sep 5 '14, 05:27PM
Kaligulak Nov 9 '14, 06:32PM
Soo, where we will see the results?
admin Admin
admin Nov 9 '14, 06:47PM
Dear Kaligulak,
The results are posted on the front page :-)

Kind regards,
Umbra mckeening
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