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gercinoj Aug 21 '14, 02:35AM
Character: Hargdrak
World: Unitera

yama20 Aug 21 '14, 03:14AM

Character: Yamakasi palek of titania

World: Titania

Luminie Aug 21 '14, 03:15AM
Character: Luminie
World: Unitera

I had to get married again just to build my castle in one of the most romantic places in Tibia: Meluna! The isle for the newly wed players.

I chose this place because I love the colours pink and purple, also flowers and romantic items. This is my dream castle because it is as girly as it can be!

The first picture shows the main hall, where is my throne and also where my guests can eat and drink from the many tables.

My second print shows the entrance of the castle and the corridor that leads to the main hall and to my private garden. You can see that the castle is guarded by a little river and a bridge.

The third picture shows my secret private garden, which I love because there is a bench from where I can see the beautiful sea view. All those cherry blossom tree also make it special!

I spent around 4 hours to make my dream castle. Here is the final result from all the pictures combined:

I hope you like it :)
Proffssskit Aug 21 '14, 04:34AM

Character name: Proffskkit

World: Titania

The day is October 31, the day which we all recognize as Halloween. Proffskkit and Elite Pikmin were wondering around the wood this sunny morning, looking for water. Everything seemed to be the same around the village of Carlin, but when they stumbled upon some captured wolfs, they immediately knew that something unusual and horrifying had taken place. As they passed Spiritual Shrine in Carlin, walking by Humphrey, the man we all recognize for selling the local blessings in Carlin, they saw this gigantic castle-looking shadow. It was enormous, never have they ever seen something so huge, with their mouth wide open they started walking towards the shadow, which now also had fire around it, as well as some small water pools. When they reached the closest they could get to the shadow, they realized that it wasn’t just a shadow; in fact, they were facing the biggest castle ever found in human history. The high walls it had, the spooky fire and pumpkins surrounding the area as well as the deadly looking skulls made them both get chills; quivering with fear they decided that they should explore the castle further.  As they passed through the main gate of the castle, which was about the size of a Demon, they felt this soft and silky feeling under their feet. They looked down and found out that the castle itself had a red rug, which made them both think that it was owned by some kind of royalty. They continued in to the living room, where they faced something that made them very suspicious about the place, in the living room, they found six captured wolves, which they connected straight to their discovery the same morning when they went to get water, as well as one single starving wolf, which looked utterly tired and in very much pain. As we began to leave the castle, with the starving wolf, it eyes suddenly began to glow yellow, the floor began to quake... Whoever has entered this castle has met a terrible fate.

To Be Continued…

At the entrance of the Parcel Castle.

A capture from inside the Parcel Castle.

At the entrance of the Parcel Castle with eq etc.

A capture from inside the Parcel Castle with eq etc.

We would like to thank you for bringing such a great contest, it has been a pleasure working on this castle, so thank you Tibia Events! :)
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Kaykaa Aug 21 '14, 04:45AM

Character: Shixa

World: Titania

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ChuckyDrums Aug 21 '14, 05:53AM
Character: Chucky Drums

World: Magera

There was a time when my beloved Queen became distressed with the hustle and bustle that goes about near our Yalaharian home. Alas, I built a castle within the countryside that has shown to not disappoint! Simply put, it is definitely fit for a Queen. :)

With the photos meshed together:

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Pelumbraz Aug 21 '14, 06:02AM
I have a question.

Is the "Dragon Throne" allowed? I mean... It can not be bought at an NPC, it can be traded for a red piece of cloth, which can not be bought from an NPC. So if the Dragon Throne Kit is allowed I can think of a few things that could help me that can be also traded for other stuff :P

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Titanicc Aug 21 '14, 07:15AM

Character Name: Titanicc

World: Astera

Proudly, I present:
The Sunken Dream

Hello everyone! =)
Here I'll explain how and why I built this castle this way.

First of all, I should say that I've waited a long time for an event like this. Since I was a beginner in this game, in 2009~, I built around five parcel/crates castles through these years, only for fun and to enjoy with my friends, but never in a place like this. So this opportunity is unique for me.

I had this idea at the time I saw the announcement of this event. My character name, my game story (since I was hacked, at last year), everything about me refers to a sunken ship.
Then I spent two days planning this structure, that I can call my masterpiece.
As this place is inhabited by many Quaras, I had to wait my friend, Tabua Revenger, to help me with they spawn. He said that would help me only today, so I waited. I'll probably be the last competitor, after losing 5 hours of my precious sleep in this work, but I'm sure that it worth. Roleplay events like this are becoming rare in Tibia, and I'm happy contributing to this not disappear.
Last but not least, I wanna like to thank all the competitors and the Tibia Events team for this amazing event.
Good Luck!

Special thanks to Tabua Revenger.

RanexMave Aug 21 '14, 08:25AM

Name: Ranex Mave

Server: Lunara

Since I am obsessed with the Pirates of the Caribbean I decided to make myself a Pirate Lord for the day! ;)   

( Note: The pirates are standing there because of Fire-Fields underneth the tapestys etc, the photos has not been editted in any way! :D )

This is how it would look in total (This one is editted ofc)

Good luck everyone! :D

Rebe Aug 21 '14, 08:37AM
- Rebe
- Lunara

I love this place in Kazor, it feels like a little piece of "Tibian Heaven" haha. It is so beautiful, so I wanted to build my castle there! When I was trying to build it, I had some problems with the annoying dwarves, thats how I came up with the idea of guarding the princess' castle with a white deer and a good hearted dwarf. :)

It might not be the biggest castle of Tibia, but it's beautiful and full of life! <3

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Tobbysch Aug 21 '14, 09:25AM
Gnome Castle

A bit newer part of tibia, tried to stay away from the normal castles on desert and instead tried to make something different from the others. I love the sprite of wyrms and elder wyrms so I made myself to them! Also gnome are known to be rich so I added a treasure room and tried to decorate it from my knowledge from gnomes, fires and energy field makes it more alive, looks more alive on my screen then on a picture!

Also as many others, I cut the 2 pictures together to get a better look!

Note that all items is buy able in shop, most items in Black Bert!

Love the contest, good luck to everyone and thanks for TibiaEvent staff for making it possible!

EDIT: Last pic is click-able

Server: Lunara

Character: Tobby opa opa

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Pelumbraz Aug 21 '14, 09:59AM
Edit: Forgot my name and world xD

Name: Pelumbraz

World: Neptera

Here goes my own castle! 

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admin Admin
admin Aug 21 '14, 10:25AM
As long items are bought at npcs its cool :-)
evana Aug 21 '14, 10:32AM
Name:knight Oblivious


Sikita Aug 21 '14, 10:57AM
Hello Everyone,

I have a question, I'm a little lost about the time, the expire date is today right?

So how many hours I have until finish?

I'm sorry is because I'm not in my country hehe.

RanexMave Aug 21 '14, 10:59AM

Good luck everyone!!!!

Darusio Aug 21 '14, 11:08AM

Quote from Sikita Hello Everyone,

So how many hours I have until finish?

Unfortunately, time is up :|
guardianusmarc Aug 21 '14, 11:10AM

Name: Marcus de Laurentis

World: Guardia

Well, I hope i'm in time!

My idea was make something original, so i've created a castle a bit strange.

The first room was inspired by Castle. Castle is a tv-series very famous in Britain and I love it :D

Here you are the link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castle_(TV_series)

The second room is the Animal's Room. It has a dog form and the dog (Fuffy :D) is drinking some water.

The third room is the kitchen. In this room you can drink milk, sprite and vodke (Blue vodka heheheh) and there is some food,too. It's a bit strange, i hope you'll get it.

The fourth room is the Olimpic Room. In fact, in this Castle there are a lot of Relax moments however there is also a Sports room with a pool, two camps (one for football and one for tennis) and a flag that's the symble of the Castle.Well, that's all; I hope you all liked it. Good luck to everyone.



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admin Admin
admin Aug 21 '14, 11:11AM

the time is up! we like to thank everyone who did participate into our contest!  we will be back with you in some day's since we've got a lot of participants its gonna be hard for us!

Thanks Again!
Sikita Aug 21 '14, 11:18AM

I will cry now


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