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admin Aug 20 '14, 09:01AM
You have until tomorrow August 21 at 11:00 CEST. Until the contest close!
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matik1661 Aug 20 '14, 02:29PM
Name : Muddy hero
World : Pandoria

ricardoc Aug 20 '14, 03:24PM
Character name: Darkzium

World: Menera

After passing the magic wall, just to keep the strangers away, nothing like being greeted with a red carpet, that goes right to the throne room.

Wide corridors on both sides of the castle, decorated with flowers to make the environment more pleasant.

Finally, the last room of the castle, the treasure room. However, the most important treasure is gone, my goldfish. :/

I just hope he's on a better place.

Cauli Aug 20 '14, 03:58PM

Dungeon Castle!
It's the castle with treasure, and to be rewarded you will have to fight your way through elemental challenges. Monsters might look humble when the dungeon is unactive, but once you take a step inside... Well, let's just say I wouldn't like to be on your place.
Yet, of course, many brave warriors tried to accomplish it over years, in order to gain legendary rewards.

PS: I left most of the dungeon + reward inside chests, so if anyone wants to try the luck, have fun!
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Smahi Aug 20 '14, 04:45PM

It was made in Rowana and since we havent been able to buy houses yet I couldnt open stuff bought from the NPC! Im still happy with the result! :D

sann Aug 20 '14, 05:34PM

Name: Secret Ann

World: Rowana

Description: Welcome to my castle! The castle is inspired in the common castle shape with a main room and 4 towers. It is located in a strategic place near the water so it can spot enemy ships approaching, also it is close to the forest and a river to gather resources easily. You can appreciate the throne room where the Queen sits and attend the necessities of the people. 

Bellita Aug 20 '14, 06:07PM


Description: The main idea in my parcel castle is to represent the King Tibianus area, but in this case, the Queen decided to move and build her own castle in middle of Darashia's desert. As some of you might know, it is well known that the Orcs are in a war with Thais and rumours tell that they are even trying to attack from within the city and have dug a tunnel that leads right inside the King Tibianus castle. Our mighty Queen decided to take King Tibianus's greatest treasure (Noodle) to a safe spot. The cutest dog from Tibia lands should never be in danger. With so much effort and a lot of work the final version of the castle was done. Moreover, she ordered some guards to protect the castle from evil monsters and brought some telescopes to spy random enemies. 


Ohh and the reason why it says "msg sent to belonsii" is because a friend of mine saved the pics for me :)

Fade Aug 20 '14, 07:44PM
Name, Man med Stav
World, Antica

Me and my little helper built this castle over a time period of 2-3 hours! We wanted to show a mix of different feelings but still have an Ankrahmun feel over it! We got our little cozy corner, our beautiful kitchen with various fruits and vegetables, our stable with our very loving dromedary keeper and a little beach bar!

admin Admin
admin Aug 20 '14, 08:06PM
its gonna be hard for us :P a lot of nice castle's
gabriels Aug 20 '14, 08:13PM
Character: Dark Lous
World: Unitera

Jusahel Aug 20 '14, 08:46PM

Name, Michaldus Faeth
World, Kronera


The castle of the 5 fallen kings.
Legend has it that in this castle lived five kings whom died at the hands of a powerful wizard ferumbras which blinded by his power lost sanity and started to attack the people of tibia. The five kings joined their powers, gave their lives to enclose the powerful wizard in a tower guarded by demons.
The brave kings were buried in the darkness of hellgate along with their treasures they had in life.



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Maddef Aug 20 '14, 09:20PM
Character name: Mad Def
World: Harmonia

Mad Mage Villa

Great mystery unrevealed!

For a long time we asked oursevles: where is Mad Mage? There were many rumors about his disappearing. Some people claimed that he was on holidays. Was it a real reason of his absence? Of course it was! He was spending his well deserved vacations in Mad Mage Villa!    

Beautiful, high-standard castle with set of necessary magic equipment is an excellent choice even for fastidious mages. Energy well ensures perfect illumination. Moreover there is a lot of flower pots in warm shade - that’s why interior, despite crude walls looks cosy.

All pictures combined in one:

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maka Aug 20 '14, 09:47PM
Character name: Makadamia
World: Harmonia

Long time ago among desert sands lived a powerful Nomad’s King in his beautiful castle. One day his carefree life was interrupted. Hordes of ruthless pirates attacked King and banished him. Plundered castle became a Pirate Fortress.

I’m not good in writing stories ;)

I wanted to create castle with a keynote. My favourite outfit is “pirate”. That’s why I tried to combine it with my ideas for castle. Gate is situated in front of my parcel building. Next to the gate there is an observation point. Using telescopes, pirates looking out there for merchant ships.  In the middle you can see skull made from pirate tapestries (I hope that it actually resembles a skull). At the back of castle there are placed pirates treasures. :)

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aleha9 Aug 20 '14, 09:59PM
Character name: Nieleyre
World: Antica
Dori Aug 20 '14, 11:36PM

Im Dannei from Refugia and this is my Floweeeeeeeercastle.
I built it up in Darashia cause its my hometown and flowers are one of my favorite things (also in tibia ofc - June is my favorite month!) Its not built for protection (nobody would ever attack pretty flowercastles) or living, its more like a summerhouse on the sea, cause nobody wanna live miles away from the next shop. So every summer I go to my Flowercastle and enjoy delicious fruits there and a fresh baked heart cake. Normally my husband comes with me, but he wasn't in "flowermood" this time so I had to go alone. ;(
After finishing all the food (which I had just for myself) I sit on my comfy pillows next to the sea and just watch the waves coming and leaving, cause Im kinda scared of the sharks, deeplings, serpents and other creatures who could tickle my toe when I jsut come near the water!
For everyone who feels like holiday, come and visit me, I'll wait there on Refugia! :p

faiky Senator
faiky Aug 20 '14, 11:42PM
Character: Faiky
World: Honera
Explaining: I created a simple and modest castle.
The castle people can talk directly with the queen in her room (which is extremely protected by loyal guards). 

Knights, guards and guests can feed at the main hall without any trouble. There are lockers to store armor and chests to put gold.

Tibians are welcome in my castle! :)

Queen's room:

Main hall:


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RiverOfDestiny Aug 21 '14, 12:18AM

Im Not Afraid Of Lost All (EQ/Items) Becouse Me Castle Will Defend Me
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caran Aug 21 '14, 01:03AM
Character: Caran Xeliston

World: Titania

KatieLee Aug 21 '14, 01:16AM
I've spent more time than usual pondering a question....When might enemies try to invade again? As I walk through town gathering packages and running errands for the king, I feel the beady little eyes staring at me, they know who I am and who I work for... Lately the kingdom doesn't seem as cheerful as it once was, the knights who once swore their life to protect the king seem shady and detached from their normal demeanor. Soon, I fear they will attack. My worst fears were becoming a reality on my way back to the castle, I had to alert king madness! I barely made it into the gate with my life. I hope it isn't too late...

szomson Aug 21 '14, 01:38AM
Character:Shan Mens

World: Titania


it is a cheap house on Darama, they live here nomads who constantly travel by on their camels as seen in one of their temporary desert homes

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