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Lyttle_Sunny Aug 11 '14, 11:16PM
Charakter: Lyttle Sunny and Eido the Hunter (if its allowed, if not take any of these 2 names :) )
World: Harmonia

Well whats to say about our little castle.. we looked for a place kinda long.. and thought the desert with some oasis would be perfect.
The main concept is a nomadic kingdom in the desert of ankrahmun..
On the last picture you can see the welcome hall where guests can chill and relax with water pipes and cosy pillows. 
When you pass the almighty dragon statues you can see the main room with our thrones and the feast hall.
On the first picture you can see then the resting camp with the soldiers and our dromedary's in their room next to the oasis with beds, campfire, little treasures and everything else which u need for relaxing after a hard day.

Best Greetings, Sunny & Eido

Edited: Had on the first picture 4 scarab coins on it..and didnt notice its not allowed,so made that screenshot again :)

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Lartessa Aug 12 '14, 02:10AM

Character: Lartessa

Guild: Tapherial

World: Harmonia

Inspired by the parcelcastles of old, with a modern touch. A sturdy keep in the plains north of Thais, a member of the Bones hiding with her servants, plotting the demise of all for the glory of Goshnar.

The castle itself consists of double walls with wooden walkways for the defenders, and a lair dominated by fire and strength - and in its' centre, hidden wealth.

edited due to realising unallowed items was in the previous iteration.

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Zafey Aug 12 '14, 03:40PM
After a long day working deep inside the Cormaya mines, the dwarven couple Hildur & Tildur has come home.
Their house is located just above the mine entrance and they are eating supper together discussing todays findings. One would think that dwarves only hobbies are gold and beer, but not Hildur & Tildur!
They have started an animal rescure center located just north of their house, with the complete wildlife of cormaya in safe shelter, amazingly getting along well together.
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admin Admin
admin Aug 12 '14, 03:48PM
@Zafey please do not use any other site then our own upload page or else your work doesnt count since we cant see it

Thanks in advance!
mohameds Aug 13 '14, 06:05PM
awesome moha / premia 
 this is my castle
i hop u guys like itthis castle was maded to stop demons attack :D
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luminism Aug 14 '14, 05:58AM

Front, back, center with lightoff and center. Sorry for my less descrption, but my english is a sh*t and google translate too :P

Goog luck for all :)

yours, Luminis Et Anima, from Magera
Lartessa Aug 15 '14, 09:41PM
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admin Admin
admin Aug 16 '14, 12:38AM
Hello Lartessa,

its has to be parcels :-)

Kind regards,
Umbra mckeening
SirLawcris Aug 16 '14, 05:29AM

Hello Tibians and Tibia Event Staffs and Members. This is my castle. It has everything in it you can imagine. A dinner table, for the royal guests, a huge arsenal, for the royal protection, 4 mighty knights protecting the king and queen and also the treasure of the castle. In the middle you can see the servitor of the king and queen Sir Lawcris. He is a mighty Royal Paladin, protecting and helping the people in Refugia.

Name: Sir Lawcris

World: Refugia

kandiceh Aug 16 '14, 07:02AM
 this is a castle me and a few others made complete with a dining area, moat and a few guard dogs!
Duivelsjong Aug 16 '14, 04:48PM

Dear Staff Members of Tibia Event & Tibians,

This is my very first try in a Tibia-Event. So it's all kinda new for me.

I've seen alot of other events passing by and watched them with a smile.

I hope you guys like my idea of building a parcel castle at the east-side of the Rathleton City.

It took me a while but here is the result:


Name: Duivelsjong

World: Secura

titahh Aug 16 '14, 08:27PM

I built my castle Edron, my favorite city.
In the main hall there is a large table to greet my friends and guests at a beautiful dinner. Later, there is a room where I keep my riches and treasures. On the other side is my room, where I can rest and unload my backpack after a hunt. Below it is my armory, it is always important to have one! At the entrance to my castle there is a small wheat farm and a beautiful garden.

And that's how I live in this quiet town. Me and my Horse! I hope you enjoy!

Char: Titahh
World: Honera

admin Admin
admin Aug 16 '14, 10:49PM
Nice Castle's! :-) keep them coming!
MarieJane Aug 17 '14, 11:23AM

Here is my idea of a parcel castle.  While doing the concept design I already realized that it will get pretty big, so I needed a good place to build it which I finally found east of Kazordoon.

Building the castle was a thrill, cause I lived in permanent fear that somebody destroys the northern part while I was constructing the south part of the castle :D


The north part contains the throne room (which unfortunately misses a Dragon throne, cause I’m not able to buy one) and two treasure chambers for the blingbling.

In the middle part you find the armory with weapons and armors, and on the other side a pantry where the food and dishes are deposited.

The southern part consists of the entrance gate and the guard towers.

The big arrival hall is colored in white and royal blue and gives visitors the opportunity to sit down and relax till they are granted an audience ;D


Name: Marie-Jane

World: Danubia

Darusio Aug 17 '14, 02:19PM

Quote from admin
· You can decorate your parcel castle ONLY with items you can buy from NPCs.

MarieJane Aug 17 '14, 02:56PM

Quote from Darusio
Quote from admin
· You can decorate your parcel castle ONLY with items you can buy from NPCs.

I already realized that I used (few) items which are not allowed. Unfortunately I saw it too late when the screenshots were done :(

My question to the Tibia Event Team: Does that mean disqualification or a reduction of the rating points ? Would be a pity if all the work was for nothing. 

BryanJb Aug 18 '14, 02:13PM

Character Name: Lord'darknees
World: Zanera
Hello my name is lord'darknees as you can see my castle is a bit humble but that does not mean it's easy to defeat me and my castle! and see also traps I have to always be prepared for the enemy for that are my powerful spiders. I have mirrors everywhere so that the enemy is confused and a little fire that night watching over me, me a little light and I remember a big fansite 
PS: sorry for my bad English, I'm Mexican and thanks for your understanding.

jonathand Aug 18 '14, 04:11PM
Espero que gostem ^-^

Char: Daydreams of Eagles
World: Malvera
Darusio Aug 18 '14, 10:54PM

Character name: Darusio
World: Celesta

Welcome to Tibianus&Eloise CastleIt's winter residence where live together King of Thais and Queen of Carlin. It's a very cosy place which is located on one of the islands belonging to Carlin. Queen Eloise hired the finest builders to build this palace. Today you have a unique opportunity to see its interior.

Feel free to explore!

Single photos of the castle:

Final picture in the form of combined four images which presents the whole castle.

Dark Aug 20 '14, 05:38AM

This is the Dark's Hideout. 
A small castle built on top of a cliff near the sea, far from any civilization, where ancient worshipers of Zathroth secretly meet to continue the sacrifices to the God of Destruction. 
Only members of the cult are allowed to enter. Magic traps prevent others to enter.
When the night is darkest, the candles are lit. The words are said and the sacrifice begins! 

Name: Dark Black Magician

World: Luminera

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