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Trankus Apr 14 '14, 10:32AM

Hello people,

I start my life thread today in order to show you the achievements, ups (and downs) level, and other aspects of my tibian life.

My character it is Trankus, a master sorcerer 400+ in the world of Antica. It is true that I was in other worlds but I was born in Antica and I will die in Antica ;)

I´m one of the founders and leaders of Stars, a neutral and active guild who try to have a quiet life.

My playstyle it is simple. I don't lie. I respect. I only expect the same ;D

Nowadays I´m making focus in my guild and my friends. Time ago I fought in battles in one of the diferents sides.

What about my character ? Here we go !

I have arround 2300 HP~ (depends my day... XD If I die or not... hahaha)

About the mana... I think its a good amount of it but not enough to don't die nver... (combo UE 7+ levels 200+ and direct to the temple !).

The equipment that I use daily is this ;) no more secrets ^^

You can check my skills, nothing special in my level (no equipment dressed)

What I have in my backpacks, no secrets, just check them !

Of course, supplies are in the zaoan chess box and the diferent runes on one of the jewelled backpack ;)

My current target it is to make achievements, to make higher the points that I have (now 565).

I will upload my advancements and finished targets in the other posts ;)

Enjoy !!!

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Trankus Apr 14 '14, 10:33AM

Outfits + mounts time !

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Trankus May 23 '14, 02:29PM
Last achivements done:

1º) Caveman explorer outfit full.

2º) Dream wardem outfit full.

3º) Shock head mount tamed.

And I reached the level 440. I want to take 450 before July ^^



Gabeeofr0x Senator
Gabeeofr0x Jun 24 '14, 12:56AM
How did you get such a high level, that's my question xD. I remember little Trankus back in the day :P
Trankus Jul 15 '14, 02:54PM
-Hahahaha ye, when we were in the same guild, Starry Heaven, I was level 70 :D but think I am playing Tibia since "99 and old Trankus account wasn't the unique :D 

I continued my tibian path with my another account and I deleted Trankus account to take the name before 6 months ! ;]

Nowadays, we are here, PGing and RPGing ;]


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