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We are proud to announce that the Tibia Events Ball League will be hosted in Antica! Are you prepared to push hard the ball? Who will be the winner this year?

Sign with your team and try it hard!

There goes the rules:

º The games start on April, 13rd in the Yalahari football ground.

º Game time: 2x5 minutes.

º Each team consists of 5 players. 3 substitutions are possible.

º Players are not allowed to change their outfits during the match.

º Only 1 team is allowed to represent its guild for the TEBL.

º If a team doesn't show up without notification, the whole guild won't be able to attend the next TEBL.

Some certain spells will be forbidden:

Haste and Great Haste
Summon spells (Convince Creature, Summon Creature, Undead Legion, Animate Dead)
Creature Illusion
All kinds of walls and fields, Wild Growth
All attack spells
Desintegrating the ball

º Just Boots of haste are allowed. (Not Foods, amulets, equipment or rings)

º All players in the team must be level 8 and must be members of the guild.

TibiaEvents Staff may change any TEBL rule(s) without further acknowledgement/announcement.

1º Champion's Cup of Honour + Select between (Memory Box, Badge of Glory and Hero's Medal)

2º Silver Cup of Honour + Select between (2 remaining items)

3º Bronze Cup of Honour + (remaining item)

4º Special diplomas + 100k/player

Best Goalscorer: Special Diploma + Wooden Whistle + 100k.

1. Satori
2. Scutum Divinus
3. Carnage
4. Lost Souls
5. Stars
6. Night
7. Diehard (Lucera)
8. Seven Kingdoms (Aurera)
9. Remedy (Celesta)
10. Insanity Ruthless
11. Amigos De Messi (Fortera)
12. Exordius
13. Fontaneda Army
14. Mercenarys


See you in game!
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Trankus Apr 2 '14, 10:24PM
My little character will be there ^^ Good luck all teams !
Shezix Apr 3 '14, 01:36PM
Is every single member from the team getting the cup? 
Bellita Apr 3 '14, 07:52PM
yeey haha!

Will make sure to get a team with ma boyz......up^ hello SHEZIX ;D;D

Shezix Apr 3 '14, 11:38PM
One more question, we are 5 already. But all of us got vice or leader position in our world, how are we supposed to make the guild?
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Skyzo Apr 4 '14, 09:49AM
It doesn't matter, you can create another guild in another world but sign on the foruma before 6th, April.

Just the guild will get the cup, not each character.

Bellita Apr 4 '14, 12:11PM

It actually didnt work to create a new guild on a new world which was really weird, the reason was because I was already vice in another world :o

Skyzo Apr 4 '14, 06:10PM
Post in antica The name of your team and the name of the 5 characters.
thomask Apr 6 '14, 10:32PM
Hiho, I would like to Sign in one team from Galana, is it possible to do that tomorrow? At which time are you in Skyzo?

Also got 2 questions:
1. Is it possible to get prizes on main server?
2. You say cup is 1 per guild does that also goes for medals or box?

(my char name on Galana is Citizen Thompa)
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Skyzo Apr 7 '14, 08:34PM
Please, remember that I've said to sign with the teams at Antician thread, not here. (Antica or Community boards). 

There won't be more teams added, since everybody had time enough for sign in. 

I've also stated that I will sponsor every Boots of haste and every waste you can have. So if you need cash for the access to Yalahar, msg me. 


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Luar_Egni Apr 10 '14, 05:34AM
i have a character now in Antica to help if you need it
Trankus Apr 14 '14, 10:34AM
It was nice but some people is very PRO ! ;D 

Sunday 20 Stars will have a new chance to enter quarters ;D


Shezix Apr 14 '14, 01:06PM

The event was amazing but it's just sad ppl try to destroy the fun of others.

Is there any chance Rejana or any other CM could attend the next matches? Otherwise it would be handy to set a time that only teams know.

Trankus May 22 '14, 10:45PM

Here we go TibiaEvents ;]

First of all, thanks to TibiaEvents (especial thanks to Skyzo) and Cipsoft to make this possible.

Here It is a pic of a little part of our guild, Stars. The first line of people are the seven players :D 

An hug ^^

With Kind Regards,


MariAloran Senator
MariAloran May 23 '14, 09:58PM
Cute picture!!
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