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admin Jul 17 '13, 12:10PM
Well, as you may or may not have noticed, all supported and promoted fansites of Tibia are allowed to have their own fansite item. They can then give this item out as a reward for their competitions. Well, being a supported fansite, we're going to be doing that too. But we can't do it alone, we need your help!

Note! Everything should be added on our website! http://www.tibiaevents.com [Do not look at external websites. Your account could be hacked.]
Please do not send any sprite's before the event starts!


1st prize:
- the winning fansite item ("once it makes it to the game")
- medal of honour
- golden trophy of excellence,
- 30 days of premium time.

2nd prize:

- tome of winning person's choice
- silver trophy of excellence,
- 30 days of premium time.

3rd prize:

- nightmare doll
- bronze trophy of excellence,
- 30 days of premium time.

Start at: July 19 2013. 12:00 CEST.
Ends at: August 2 2013. 12:00 CEST.

It's quite simple, really. All you have to do is design an item which will be implemented in-game. Although there are some requirements which the item needs to fit:

• The item cannot be any larger than 32x32 pixels.
• Your item can be animated, but may not contain more than 16 animated frames.
• The item needs to be on a monochrome background, that has a color that does not exist in the item itself (eg: pink.)
• The item has to be saved as either a BMP or PNG file.
• The item must fit into Tibia's setting.
• The item should not contain any references to a country
• The item can only be a decoration item, and should not change a characters stats/looks in any way.
• The item should have a dark outline (eg: black.)
• It must be an item which can be held in-game (so something you can pick up, as long as you have enough cap
• You are allowed to submit as many works as you want

Please only submit items which you have made from scratch. If we discover that you have copied or just blatantly taken someone elses item (from wherever/whoever it may be) you will be immediately excluded from the competition.

When you submit your sprite, please make a new post in this thread. Your post should look something like this:

So the item goes on the first line. If it is an animated sprite, all the separate sprites go on the next.

You can submit as many items as you want (submit three hundred if you can!) but you can only win... once.

• name of the item
• description (e.g. it was rewarded by TibiaEvents)
• weight
should it do anything when you "use" it?  One of the following options is possible:
- it can be written on once (e.g., a dedication text)
- it's rewritable
- it makes sounds and /or has small effects (e.g., "hail player" + other effects)
• should it glow in the dark, and if yes, in which color?
• should it be possible to carry it in one of the body slots?

If you are creating a hangable item, please provide sprites of it on the North and West wall, and a sprite of it on no wall. So what it looks like on the floor.

All submissions are to be posted into this thread, please do not make a new thread for your items.


Please note that the winning item can only be implemented in Tibia, if the creator has signed the following disclaimer (Please DO NOT send it before you were informed as the winner of the first place)

Dear item creator,

Please sign the following disclaimer and send it back to fansites@tibia.com.


I hereby confirm that the submitted artwork is my own creation and that it does not plagiarize someone else's work! I know that all entries become the property of CipSoft. By participating, I agree that CipSoft has the right to edit and/or publish the item.



Q: Can you use an already existing sprite?
A: You can, under certain conditions. The most important point is that the sprite you used for your own work should not be recognizable anymore in any way. Just changing the colour or adding/removing one little detail is not enough. If you still post a sprite that is not originally yours, you will be banned.

Q: Can I use a larger sprite than 32x32?
A: No, because the item should be one which you can carry or put on, the limitation is set on 32x32. Larger sprites will not be taken into consideration.

Q: Can I save animated sprites as .PNG or .BMP?

A: No, animated sprites can only be saved at .GIF. If you wish to submit an animated sprite, you should post all the seperate frames in .PNG or .BMP, along with an example animation in .GIF.

Q. Can the item be rotated?
A. No, it can't.

Q. Can the item have different light effects?
A. There would be the normal light effect that the item has, and another one which can only be seen when the item has been used. This light effect will last until the item is used again, so it will go back to its normal light effect.

Q. Can I use some items that I use on another Item Contest? (TibiaVenezuela, TibiaStat...)

A. Yes, you can but only if those items did not get chosen as the winning item. Also, they have to be related to Tibia.

Q. How do we judge the winners?
I as hoster will choose 5 fansite items,ill forward them to Cip,Cip will choose 3 of the best items out of my top 5

Draw,draw draw.
Your tibiaevents team.
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Nistha Jul 19 '13, 12:51PM
Stage +3

Stage +2

Stage +1

Stage  0

Stage -1

Stage -2

Stage -3

Stage -4

Stage -5

• Name of the Item :
Rose of Everlasting Love

• Description :
The description changes a long when the condition of the rose changes. The stages and changing part of description are shown below:

- Stage +3 ((FullyGrown))
The rose is blooming lusty, you can sence the power of love around it."

- Stage +2 ((Vital))
The rose is vital, the leaves are soft and the power of love is in good condition."

- Stage +1 ((Strong))
The rose is blooming and growing. The love is enough to keep it blooming."

- Stage 0 ((Normal))
The rose is showing marks of condition in between the creation and descruction."

- Stage -1 ((Bad))
The rose is not good looking, the pain and sorrow are too strong in this world."

- Stage -2 ((Begging))
The rose is dying out, this world is running out of love."

- Stage -3 ((Screaming))
The rose is almost dead, you can feel the suffer and pain it feels."

- Stage -4 ((Dying))
The lands of this world are dry, no water has been gain in a long time, the rose is dying."

- Stage -5 ((Dead))
The rose is completely dead, the world is dead, no one thing shall feel happiness or love in this cursed world."

• Description Information:
The main description:"The rose of everlasting love was given as a meter of love. The rose seems very fragile."
- The additional description changes as the amount of marriages and divorces in the game world changes. Each 10 marriages adds 1 stage and every divorce removes 1 stage from the meter.

•Weight: 0.10 oz.

When the rose is it will change rapidly it's stage depending if the user is married or divorced and how many times. If the user is married and has never been divorced it will change it's stage to +3 for a short duration (Few seconds) and it shows every stage in between the world's and the user's stage in a couple of seconds.
The stage that is shown when used will be reduced by every time being divorced. (Each divorce reduces stage by 2 and if the user is married again it will increase the stage by 2). If the user has never been married the rose will change it's stage to 0. The stage will return to the world's total situation of marriages and divorces in 5 seconds after usage.

• The rose can not be written or rewritten.

• Light:
The rose will glow bright red light. The rose is carried in rope slot, and it works as a light source. The amount of light is same than Frozen Starlight. However the amount of light is changed when the stage of the rose changes: above level 0 it will provide same amount of light as frozen starlight, from stage -2 to 0 it will provide same amount of light as a candle.


Sparkle 1

Sparkle 2

Sparkle 3

Sparkle 4

Sparkle 5

Sparkle 6

• Name of the Item :
Mirror of Eternity

• Description :
A mirror from beyond the voids. It is told that the evil souls will be doomed to watch this mirror until the eternity ends. It was reward from TibiaEvents.

•Weight: 8.50 oz.

When used it will start saying randomly the user's name in a sentence. It will randomly say: "[User's Name] look at me!" and "[User's Name] let me reveal your secrets and sins!"
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rivetkaffe Jul 19 '13, 02:54PM

You see a event medal.
It weighs 55.00 oz.
It feels heavy and cold on your neck.
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Vinix Jul 19 '13, 05:51PM
Heres mine:

Name: Tibia Event Present Box

Weight: 6oz

Description: This is the most valuable reward from an event from TibiaEvents.com.

Use effect: It will open (as the gif shows) when you use.

I might put something more, but from now this is what I have:

The GIF example:

EDIT: Ops the GIF I uploaded here isn't working, so I put it on a image hosting site:

The sprites:

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Honourable Senator
Honourable Jul 19 '13, 07:40PM
Here's my first entry.

Memory Box:

item design:

Look:(From distance)

You see a Memory Box.

(Up Close)

You see a Memory Box.

It was awarded by TibiaEvents.

This mysterious box is said to freeze time itself to catpure your fondest memories.

It Weighs 20.00 oz.

Attributes: Reacts when used 


"Say "Rat CHeese!"", 

"Hold still...got it!", 

"I got the perfect shot!",

 "Uploading to TibiaEvents.... processing...", 

"Look at this one! Wasn't this your first battle with a dragon?", 

"Oh my this is an old one one, this must have been 7.5!!".


how it would look in tibia:

Frames (14):

**Memory box releases a flash, only when clicked on "used".

Overall, this item is supposed to resemble a very old camera, and the concept of the item is to capture, and keep fondest memories with you, forever.

Entry #2:

Event Schedule:

Item design:

Look(From distance):

You see an Event Schedule.

(Up Close)

You see a Event Schedule. 

It's the limted edition hard cover copy of TibiaEvents Schedule.

It's cover glistens with beauty like the stars in the night sky.

It Weighs 20.13 oz.

*I created the symbol on the book, which will be used for some other sprites of mine.

I'ts a Monogram of "T" and "E".

Attributes: Reacts when used 


"You see an autograph. It says "To a very special Adventurer "<player name>"."

"Attention! TibiaEvents, schedule reminder, on page 37!", 

"You see your reflection in the covers marvelous sheen. You look fabulous!"

"Chapter one: Planning your Event...".

Animations: item has a shiny, holographic cover:


Glow: item has a small blue glow 

Entry #3:

Token of Gratitude:

Item design:

Original concept, not animated:

*this is just what it generally looks like.

When animated, item is ALWAYS in loop. "using" it doesn't make a difference.


(From distance)

You see a Token of Gratitude.

(Up Close)

You see a Token of Gratitude. 

Awarded only to the worthy by TibiaEvents.

It Weighs 3.50 oz.

Attributes: Reacts when used 


"Heads, or Tails?", 

"No Cash Value", 

"Property of TibiaEvents.", 

"The glimmering sheen of this token has you caught in a daze.",

"You like shiny objects, don't you?".

Animations: item has a shiny, and sparkly sheen:


*and what it would look like in tibia:


Glow: item has a small yellow glow 


I am the creator of the demon doll and" Derass Goldmark "has stolen my work in another fansite

Entry #4:

Demon Doll:

Item design:


(From distance)

You see a Demon Doll.

(Up Close)

You see a Demon Doll. 

Awarded only by TibiaEvents.

It's rather heavy, and seems to emit fiery heat and hatred.

It Weighs 66.66 oz.

Attributes: Reacts when used 


"<character name>'s soul will be mine!"

"TibiaEvents!? What events? Events mean people! People mean SOULS!!!"




"Hail Orshabaal!".

Animations: Doll is still when not in use (mouth closed), only animates when used (mouth open).

**Doll animates 3-4 times when used, then goes back to its normal state, similar to the toy spier/baby seal doll"



Version 2 (claws opening):


The Demon Doll will also glow in the dark (Red).

(***I have used this sprite as an entry for Rookie.pl's item contest, but never won, and the fansite no longer exists.

I also used this item in the TibiaLibrary item contest, and same story. Never selected as winner OR runner up.

I don't see any problem with using it again, after all, I made it myself.***)


Golden Grail (or Decorative Grail):

Item design:


(From distance)

You see a Golden Grail.

(Up Close)

You see a Golden Grail. 

A symbol of fun and fortune awarded by TibiaEvents.

Many Rare and beautiful gems are embedded onto this grail.

It Weighs 5.00 oz.


You see a Decorative Grail.

A symbol of fun and fortune awarded by TibiaEvents.

Even King Tibianus himself would be proud to drink from a grail such as this.

It Weighs 5.00 oz

Attributes: Reacts when used


"A Toast to TibiaEvents! And a toast to <player name>!", 

"What's a party without a little drink to celebrate?",

"*sip* Mmmmm Delicious!", 

"May your event be Merry!".

Animations: item has a shiny, sparkles:


Glow: item has a small yellow glow 

Entry #6:

TibiaEvent Crest (or simply "Event Crest"):

Item design:


(From distance)

You see a TibiaEvent Crest. You are too far away to read it.


You see an Event Crest. You are too far away to read it.

(Up Close) (up to 2sqm)

You see a TibiaEvent Crest. 

(Wrtiable Description) *see example below*

It Weighs 20.13 oz.


You see an Event Crest.

(Writable Description) *see example below*

It weighs 20.13 oz.

Attributes: Writeable (once, by CMs only), Hangable

*Example* (Writable Description):

<CM name> wrote on <date> Congratulations, <player name>, 

for winning the <contest> for TibiaEvents.com!

overall what it should look like=

You see a TibiaEvent/Event Crest. 

<CM name> wrote on <date> Congratulations, <player name>, 

for winning the <contest> for TibiaEvents.com!

It Weighs 20.13 oz.

Animations: none

Wall mounted sprites:

Front -facing, south:

Side facing, east:

(most trophies use a single sprite, which is rotated for the side wall, but because of the shape of the monogram,

I had to make the side sprite as its own, with the monogram looking correct).

*I made the item weigh 20.13 oz to represent the year that TibiaEvents was officially a supported website.*

Glow: item has a small yellow glow 


Theatrical Masks.


Open-Air Theatre Masks 

*(not sure if considered copyright if given this name, so I set it as optional):

Item design:


Ver 2:

With red Ribbon:

Ver 3:

Red Ribbon w/gem:


(From distance)

You see Theatrical Masks.

(Up Close)

You see Theatrical Masks. 

They were awarded by TibiaEvents.

Wheter thy glad, or thy sad, tis' always fun to be had!

They weigh 4.00 oz.

Attributes: Reacts when used 


"let's put a smile on that face!"

"Turn that frown upside down!" 

"What you looking at?"

"I'm not crying... It's just raining on my face..."

"Time to put on your game face!"

"There's a party down at TibiaEvents, and YOUR invited!!!"

Animations: none

Glow: item has a small white glow 

Entry #8:

Derby Doll.

Item design:


(From distance)

You see a Derby Doll.

(Up Close)

You see a Derby Doll. 

It was awarded by TibiaEvents.

He rocks the full afflicted outfit. 

What a handsome little devil.

It weighs 13.00 oz.

Attributes: Reacts when used 


"Hey! Senior Spears and Swords!"



"Free Itenz Plox!"

"TibiaEvents one devilish fansite!" 


"How many Tibians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?"

*The Derbydoll is based on the "Swamp Fever" mini world change. The raid is an in game event so I gigures It would be cool to mkae a doll based on a feverish citizen. It's name and sound effects are radnom, such as the things feverish citizens speak as well"

Animations: none

Glow: item has a small (if possible) pink glow, otherwise green glow.

Entry #9:

Golden Pencil (alternatively "Shiny Golden Pencil"):


(From distance)

You see a Golden Pencil.

(Up Close)

You see a Golden Pencil. (or Shiny Golden Pencil)

It was awarded by TibiaEvents.

It's a shiny golden pencil and it's tip will never dull.

It Weighs 1.30 oz.

Attributes: Reacts when used 


"TibiaEvents, Greatest Place to be!", 

"Hey, if you're organizing an event, don't forget to bring me too!",

"If only I had some Paper... Perhaps a Golden Newspaper? HAHA!",

"You never have to sharpen me. I guess you can say I'm SHARP :D"

"You think of an idea, I'll write it down!"

Animations: has a sparkly sheen to it.



glow: item has a yellow glow.

Original item concepts 


Honourable Knight of Honera.

Inhabitant of Honera

Created with Microsoft Paint, and animated .gif in photoshop.

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Araguth Jul 19 '13, 08:25PM
Character Name: Araguth
World: Honera

  IMPROVED VERSION: Without sign: 

Name: Miniature Audience

Weight: 20.00oz

Description: A personal audience given to you by TibiaEvents.

Attributes: Reacts when used 

Sounds: "Three cheers for <player name>!" ,"Hip hip hooray!", "Congratulations!"


Name: Medal/Award Standings

Weight: 12.00oz

Description: First, second, or third; You're still a winner according to TibiaEvents.


Name: Perpetual Spinning top

Weight: 2.00oz

Description: Don't ever let the dream stop. From TibiaEvents.

Attributes: Reacts when used.
Effect: Comes to a complete stop (switches to frame 11).
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Razer Jul 19 '13, 08:57PM

You see a sacred light column.

It shines in a bright blue light. It was rewarded by TibiaEvent.

It weighs 33.50 oz.

-- Shines in a blue light [e.g frozen starlight]

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Nixodin Jul 20 '13, 04:36PM

Quote from Razer

You see a miniature car. 

It weighs 15.00 oz.

It came to tibia from the future. It was rewarded by TibiaEvent.

When clicking it, it says "Hail TibiaEvent" "Hail playername"

- dont know how to make the image smaller :/ any advice?

It's a miniature of my artwork: http://anevis.deviantart.com/art/Old-Car-356036005 Admin, you can see that I uploaded my car on deviantart on 23 february...
The Second entry of Razer is also a miniature of another person work...

Can I entry with my older sprite?

You see a dragon baby doll.
It was rewarded by TibiaEvent/
It weighs 21.50 oz.

-- If you click on it, It'll start to animate  #1 (wings) or #2(blink+wings)
-- Also say "Fschh" "Groar!"
-- Additionally can cast fire atk effect on itself (with 5% chance)
Here are all frames:

The first on top is just "static" frame.

I'll do more entries :>

@edit: These are my newest sprites.

You see a surprise box.
Watch out, there might be something inside. It's a reward from TibiaEvents.
It weighs 30.69 oz.


Top sprite is static. Middle line is spining (twice). The last is jester appear. It can go backward or stay at last frame until cliecked again.

Effects: Randomly conffetii
Sounds, if clicked: "HAHAHA!", "Surprise!", "What did you expect, huh?"

You see a red jester doll.
It's a reward from TibiaEvents.
It weighs 12.69 oz.

Sounds: "Knock, knock, who's there? Disco. Disco who? Disconnected" "Why did the chicken cross the road?"To get to the other side!" "What about a Ferumbras meeting?"
jokes are from google

Other version green, blue (ofc easy to add more):


You see a lollipop.
It's really unique lollipop, you don't really want to eat it. It's reward from TibiaEvents
It weighs 16.90 oz.

More soon :P...


You see a helicopter toy.
Be carefull, where you put your fingers... It's reward from TibiaEvents
It weighs 26.50 oz.

Start to animation, if clicked. Idk if it should animate forever or for few sec then stop..
Sounds: - (I haven't any idea for mimic wind, help me xD)


You see a sunglasses.
Perfect for sunny days. It's a reward from TibiaEvents
It weighs 5.60 oz.


You see a heli-cap.
It doesn't fit with your armor, but is not it fun to wear? It's a reward from TibiaEvents.
It weighs 9.00 oz.

Animate if used


First row are all sprites used and second is copy to loop.
First sprite is also static.

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Zantisse Jul 20 '13, 05:31PM

(From distance) You see a Sky Lantern.
(UP close) You see a Sky Lantern. It has been awarded to *players name* by TibiaEvents. It weights 5.00 oz. It feel very fragile and light.

When NOT used glows with yellow colour. Can be carried around in the inventory slots as light source (same as frozen starlight).

When USED the lantern animates up and down and the light slowly gets brighter/bigger darker/smaller in a loop.

Along with the animations the lantern makes sounds:
"Up to the sky!" "Light up the path for the souls..."

The frames:

The first frame also being a static frame.

Hail festivals! :D

Name of the item - A Statue of Buddha's head

From a distance - You see a statue of Buddha's head. Come closer.
Up close - You see a statue of Buddha's head. It weights 60.00oz. It was awarded by TibiaEvent to *players name*. It feels heavy and cold, but somehow makes you feel better.

The item is glowing in a strong and warm red colour.

5 different sounds when used:
- "The mind is everything. What you think you become."
- "Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace."
- "Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."
- "The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances."
- "Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It solely relies on what you think."



Name of the item: An Owl Baby Doll

(From a distance) You see an Owl Baby Doll.
(Up close) You see an Owl Baby Doll. It has been tamed by TibiaEvents and given to *players name* as a reward. It weights 7.00 oz. It is fluffy to the touch.

The owl when used will animate up and down OR its wings will move sidewise (if anything its up to you guys to decide which one looks better :) both will have the same description and sounds).

"Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living." "Pet me!" "Any rats for dinner tonight?" "Go on, polish my claws!"

The sprites:


First sprite being the static frame for both gifs.

Still the idea of an owl, busted up the colours a bit:

I think this one looks better :) more tibia-ish. The description + everything else same as for the above owl.

Sprites (First one being a static frame):

Cutie :D

Same as above, in different colours.


Cutie x2 :D


A Red Panda's head Brooch.

(from distance) You see a Red Panda's head Brooch.
(up close) You see a Red Panda's head Brooch. It has been for a long time under care of TibiaEvents and handed on to *players name*. It weights 2.00 oz.

When used, the brooch will make a couple of sounds:
"Put me on!" "I will light up your path."

I'd like the item to have a light red glow and it could be carried around in the inventory slots (like frozen starlight).


A Red Panda Doll.

(from distance) You see a Red Panda Doll.
(up close) You see a Red Panda Doll. This very rare specimen was given to *players name* as an award by TibiaEvents. It weights 8.00 oz. It looks adorable.

When used the following sounds will appear at random:
"Love me, *players name*." "Feed me, *players name*." "Tuck me in, *players name*." "I love you, *players name*."


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Roar Jul 20 '13, 11:44PM

name of the item:Tibia Events Calendar
description: It shows the upcoming events. It was rewarded by TibiaEvents.
weight: 5.5 oz.
should it do anything when you "use" it?nope.
special attribute:It's rewritable (note your upcoming events here!)
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Derbymouth Jul 21 '13, 09:29AM
• name of the item - ancient sketcher
• description - A scribe device used before ink and parchment. DON'T SHAKE IT!
• weight - 3.14 oz.
• should it do anything when you "use" it?  - no

• it makes sounds and /or has small effects (e.g., "hail player" + other effects) - "shaka shaka" "squeak"


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Leotelles Jul 21 '13, 07:03PM

Name: The advertiser

Description: The official advertiser of the kingdom.

Weight: 45.00

Effect: He plays the trumpet when used, say "Hail player name!" and drop red sound effect (like any instrument).

Glow Effect: 3 sqm of red light.




Second Sprite: 


Name: The Knight Doll

Description: Rewarded by TibiaEvents.com

Weight: 45.00

He says randomly:

"Hey! You! Yes, You! Come here! I want to show you something..."

"...While my sword gently weeps... din dong dum dum...."

"Knights > Paladins > Druids > Abyss > Sorcerers."

"Come on ... I'll tell you a joke about sorcerers."

Effect: He say "Hail player name!" and drop red magic effect (like manadrain).

Glow Effect: 3 sqm of red light.



Third Sprite:

Name: The Book of the Champions

Description: Rewarded by TibiaEvents.com

Weight: 15.00

Effect: He say "We are the champions!" and drop red magic effect 3sqm around (like manadrain).



Fourth Sprite:

You see a medusa doll.

Made by TibiaEvents.com.

It weights 27.02 oz.

-- shines in a dark green light 3sqms




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adolfuu Jul 22 '13, 09:34PM

name: medal of the ancients
description: rewarded by tibiaevents.com

effect: Drop red sparkles and say "Hail playername"

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Trululu Jul 23 '13, 03:18AM

Hello, I'm Trululu and this are my sprites. 

Good luck everybody!

• Name of the item: Compendium of Events

Description: Mysterious book that contains many undeciphered secrets. Only the most worthy person can read it. Awarded by Tibiaevents.com.

• Weight: 30.00 oz

• Attributes: 

Reacts when used

You have been proven to be worthy leafing through my pages.


Pardon me I do not share my knowledge with anyone.

Glow: Provides a small amount of green light (3-4 sqm)


You have the honour in reading into my pages. It's a gift.

I shall tell you stories about present, past and future.

Life is a treasure, it's a great event. The best reward of it, is living. Be careful when exploring the dungeons, DON'T DIE!.

Killing a dragon is an incredible event in your life. You'll never forget your first dragon.


Excuse me, <Player Name>, I do not display my pages to losers like you.

The next Tibian event will be at.... <This part of the page is appears>.

All Frames (16):


• Name of the item: Dolly in Love

 Description: This dolly was created inspired by the grace of Crunor. She has a present for you. Awarded by Tibiaevents.com.

• Weight: 15.00 oz

• Attributes: 

Reacts when used

This little present... a small rose for its lover, perhaps for you?.


Muak Muak.

I love Tibia Events.

You earn my love <Player Name>.


A flower to you.

All Frames (7):


• Name of the item: Symbol of Glory

 Description: A powerful symbol lies behind a fallen and strange star. Use it carefully... it would blow you out.

• Weight: 15.00 oz

• Attributes: 

Reacts when used

The big star cedes way to the TibiaEvents Symbol with a small explosion. It's shining even more now. Awarded by Tibiaevents.com.

Glow: Provides a small amount of yellow light (3-4 sqm)


Are you ready for a new events?.

Hey, you have won the first place!.

From the heaven for you, <Player Name>.

Omg it is an explosion!.

You won a star.

All Frames (16):


• Name of the item: Guardian Book of Knowledge

 Description: This book is guarded by an owl in its spine. Only a true wise human can read it. Awarded by Tibiaevents.com.

• Weight: 35.00 oz

• Attributes: 

Reacts when used


Hoo Hoo Hoo!.

Come and take my wisdom.

You are my master <Player Name>.

I am the guardian of the knowledge.

Knowledge is power.

All Frames (3):

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HalloweenJoker Jul 23 '13, 08:05AM

Name of the item: Golden Ticket

Description: It is said that who posses this ticket is a guest in all Tibian events.

Weight: 1.0 oz


Glow: 3-4sqm of light-yellow light.


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Arkindrakin Jul 23 '13, 11:47PM

Name: Towncryer Doll

Description: This doll seems to be up to date with all of the latest events. It was awarded by TibiaEvents.com.

Weight: 16.00 oz.

When used he has three different sound effects. They are:

1. "Hear me, Hear me! TibiaEvents has the latest news!"
2. "Today is the day!"
3. "The latest news is grim, prepare for the worst!"

Name: Ghazbaran Doll

Description: This is an artist's interpretation of the legendary Ghazbaran using eye witness accounts. It was awarded by TibiaEvents.com.

Weight: 30.00 oz.

When used he has three different sound effects. They are:

1. "COME AND GET SOME AMUSEMENT... at TibiaEvents.com!"
3. "Do not be scared human, for I am just a doll!"

Glows green in the dark.

Name: Globe of Events
Description: This globe will help you find the events that you are looking for. It was awarded by TibiaEvents.com!

Weight: 90.00 oz.

When not in use the globe appears as so:

After a player clicks on the globe, the following occurs:

On the last frame the object makes the sound:
"Here is your event! Check TibiaEvents.com for more details!"

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Lizezzy Jul 26 '13, 10:22PM

I hereby confirm that I am using this sprite for the tibia.wikia.com item contest (posted in TibiaVenezuela.com) and that I am the owner of this sprite

The ghost of TibiaEvents! 

A black skull with a blue flamecrown!

His existance is one evil event! :>



Name: Za'thariz

Description: It haunts the halls of TibiaEvents. It is rumoured to curse anyone that touches it.

Weight: 13.02

Special: - glows blue (medium or large ammount)

- Possible to equip as light source.

- When used, the animation of SD attack appears on the item + 1 of the sounds:

  "MUHAHAHAA! Forever cursed, you are!"

  "Prepared to face your death, sweety?"

  "Soon.. very soon.."

  "Your worst nightmare is searching for you, deary!"

  "HAHAHAHAA! You can't escape me now!"

  "Till the end of time, i will haunt you.."

Could possibly find some cool way for it to ACTUALLY haunt on the site! :))


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Lp90 Jul 28 '13, 02:14AM

You see a Stuffed Elephant.

it was rewarded by TibiaEvents!

It weighs 37.00 oz

Name: Stuffed Elephant

Oz: 37.00

Description: it was rewarded by TibiaEvents!

Attributes: appears sound when used

Sounds: " Tooooot! "            

            " Tooooot Trooooot! "
created with paint by Guardian'celtic , World: honera.

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SantaJoker Jul 28 '13, 10:34PM
Light off:

Light on:

Separated frames of gif:


Name of the item: Luminous Elven Figurine

Description: This masterpiece of elvish craftsmanship glows with a soothing blaze of Suon. It was awarded by Tibiaevents.com.

Weight: 19.06oz (see what I did there?)

Use function: Turns the light on and off. While on, it provides a medium amount of red light.

Edit: Added the animation and the frames for that.

Edit 2:
I hereby confirm that I am using this sprite for the tibia.wikia.com item contest (posted in TibiaVenezuela.com) and that I am the owner of this sprite".
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Gabeeofr0x Senator
Gabeeofr0x Jul 28 '13, 10:58PM
First entry:

I will keep posting here :)

Name: Event's Spirit


You see the Event's Spirit.

It was awarded by TibiaEvents. The spirit of Events will always be with you.

It weights 10.00 oz.

Attributes: Always active, glows in the dark (3 sqm) in orange/yellow-ish flame colors.

Sounds (when used):

"May the event's flame burn within you"

"Long live TibiaEvents!"

"Let the fun begin!


Second entry:

Name: Event Foreseer


You see the Event Foreseer.

It was awarded by TibiaEvents. You will always know when an event is coming.

It weights 17.20 oz.

Attributes: The spirit that is flying inside is always active but the orb will only glow when a tibia event (i.e The Rise of Devovorga) is close (1 week before). If not possible then both animation and glow are always active. The glow will be light blue and illuminates a range of max 3 sqm.

Sounds (when used):

"An event is just around the block!"

"What event are you looking for this year?"

"Let the events begin!"

"Hail TibiaEvents!"


Third entry:

Name: Everlasting Flame


You see the Everlasting Flame.

It is said it is the flame that lit up the very first Event. It was awarded by TibiaEvents. 

It weights 15.60 oz.

Attributes: Always active, glows in the dark (4 sqm) in orange/yellow-ish flame colors.

It's flame never dies.

Sounds (when used):

"Let the games begin!"

"Events are the only true flame!"

"For as long as there is a flame, there will be an Event."

"Hail TibiaEvents!"



Character: Gaby-chan

World: Refugia

City: Thais

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