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What if Tibia had sound winners 3 26 Last Reply by Tynka Nov 12, 10:13PM
locked What if tibia had sound? 6 1239 Last Reply by Umbra Nov 7, 08:24AM
locked Lets get Bossy Winners 5 160 Last Reply by Walder Oct 18, 04:38AM
locked Lets get bossy 32 3554 Last Reply by Bebek Oct 9, 12:03AM
locked MOUNT UP winners 6 292 Last Reply by Zavious Sep 18, 01:32AM
locked Mount up 17 2555 Last Reply by ElfoFantasma Sep 6, 02:56AM
locked TIBIA GOT TALENT winners 12 541 Last Reply by Umbra Aug 6, 09:38AM
locked TIBIA GOT TALENT 21 2421 Last Reply by Umbra Jul 26, 09:36AM
locked Protect Nature contest winners! 6 354 Last Reply by BijouKidi Jul 10, 09:32AM
locked Protect Nature 8 2071 Last Reply by Umbra Jul 4, 09:03AM
locked Teaser 4 Reduction of Game Window Messages and Depot Search - 785 Last Reply by Umbra Jun 21, 10:41AM
locked Teaser 3 The Order of the Cobra - 351 Last Reply by Umbra Jun 18, 04:59PM
locked LET'S MEME IT! CONTEST 2019 WINNERS! 9 417 Last Reply by Darkeyeking Jun 17, 06:27PM
locked Teaser 2 A Visit to Kilmaresh - 544 Last Reply by Umbra Jun 14, 10:18AM
locked Teaser 1 Grave Danger - 363 Last Reply by Umbra Jun 11, 02:08PM
locked LET'S MEME IT! 94 5888 Last Reply by Umbra Jun 6, 08:30AM
locked Nostalgia times - Chapter One - The Beginning - 543 Last Reply by Umbra May 17, 07:56AM
locked THE RENTLESS HOUSE CONTEST CONTEST winners 7 468 Last Reply by Umbra May 8, 10:01AM
locked The rentless house contest 28 3446 Last Reply by Umbra Apr 24, 07:29AM
locked REAL-LIFE TIBIA WEAPON AND SHIELD CRAFT CONTEST 2019! Winners 1 377 Last Reply by Tynka Apr 8, 11:26PM
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The Lightbearer
The nights are getting darker and darker! It is on you to brighten the sky or evil forces will break...
Beatrix Nov 11, 10:00AM
Ho ho ho! Santa has been spotted in Tibia, carrying a huge bag full of gifts. Have you been a well-b...
Beatrix Dec 12, 10:00AM
Winterlight Solstice
Can you feel the frozen wind coming from the sea? Do you feel the coldness spreading across the coun...
Beatrix Dec 26, 10:00AM



The Lightbearer

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Many years ago I saw the end of the game, with s... more
tavekor Mar 16, 02:02PM
Tibia is ranked among the greatest games in the MM... more
alexanderleytan Apr 3 '15, 08:44AM
Hi to everyone, is my first post here on the blog ... more
Lii Oct 10 '14, 07:16AM


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