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locked sticky Announcement: Evaluated Proposals - 1224 Last Reply by admin Mar 15 '13, 02:36PM
locked sticky Other Event ideas 1 1269 Last Reply by admin Dec 21 '12, 09:16PM
locked sticky If you have a proposal - 1269 Last Reply by admin Dec 21 '12, 01:30PM
Small Update 1 151 Last Reply by Teranzo Nov 23 '17, 08:04AM
We need to update the Secret Achievements Choices 11 2536 Last Reply by Kaligulak Nov 9 '14, 06:30PM
General ideas/changes 1 1416 Last Reply by admin Jul 7 '13, 04:56PM
Show who's thread owner 2 1332 Last Reply by Deanishes Jul 7 '13, 02:36PM
2 proposals about event schedule 3 1275 Last Reply by Roar Jun 20 '13, 12:54AM
Book event 3 1466 Last Reply by toadettes May 5 '13, 01:10AM


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The Colours of Magic
A contest between three wizards has spread across all Tibia so that mysterious letters with coloured...
Teranzo Mar 15, 10:30AM
Demon's Lullaby
A mother's burden becomes a hero's burden when a demon mother decides to take a few days off. Guard ...
Teranzo May 7, 10:30AM
Rise of Devovorga
A powerful ancient weapon meant to be sleeping forever has awoken deep under Vengoth. Portals all ov...
Teranzo Sep 1, 10:30AM

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Colours of Magic

Demon's Lullaby

Rise of Devovorga

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