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Event Schedule

To avert the wrath of evil spirits, all Tibians will have to help the good witches to create a power...
Idhock Jun 21
Rise of Devovorga
A powerful ancient weapon meant to be sleeping forever has awoken deep under Vengoth. Portals all ov...
Idhock Sep 1
The Colours of Magic
A contest between three wizards has spread across all Tibia so that mysterious letters with coloured...
Idhock Sep 15



Demon's Lullaby


Rise of Devovorga

Annual Autumn Vintage

The Lightbearer

A Piece Of Cake

Colours of Magic


Many years ago I saw the end of the game, with s... more
tavekor Mar 16 '19, 02:02PM
Tibia is ranked among the greatest games in the MM... more
alexanderleytan Apr 3 '15, 08:44AM
Hi to everyone, is my first post here on the blog ... more
Lii Oct 10 '14, 07:16AM


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