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Please read and understand rules of this site.
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khan · Dec 20 '12, 02:50PM
In Rules
Tibia events news
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Bombonato · Mar 28, 02:03AM
In Create an event city!
Technical Issues
Experiencing technical issues or have a problem regarding the use of the site, just make a thread here.
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Perche · Apr 18 '15, 07:10PM
In shout out not doing what it should
Post threads about any proposals you may have regarding the site.
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Kaligulak · Nov 9 '14, 06:30PM
In We need to update the Secret Achievements Choices
Want to be part of our team? Then check out this board.
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Teranzo · Jan 27, 10:06AM
In Searching new team members!
Mr and mrs event of the year
Post here your event/contest pictures
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alesc · Mar 21, 09:55PM
In Cadsy - Events Screenshots :)
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Tibia related
Post anything about tibia here
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toadettes · May 5 '16, 09:04PM
In Your best hotkeys wanted!
Screen Shots
Upload screen shots of your characters
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aero655 · Mar 11 '16, 01:35PM
In Bot killing
Tibia Events - Discussions
Talk about up coming tibia events or current events.
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MariAloran · May 23 '14, 09:58PM
In Tibia Events Ball League! (Antica)
Life Threads
Share your victories & triumphs as well as your disappointments and failures. Share screenshots of your advances, your houses, your fun times & YOUR LIFE in Tibia!
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EverionRotten · Nov 18 '16, 04:01PM
In The adventures of Gaby-chan & little Wimpi
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World Boards Events (English Only)
This board is all about events. Here you can advertise your events server-wide to find more participants or exchange ideas on how to organise events best.
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InsaneRookstar · Dec 13 '16, 04:26PM
In Anniversary of Red Rose
Screen Shots of Tibia Events
Screen shots of world events
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admin · Dec 21 '16, 08:56PM
In Christmas giveaway
World Quests
Here you should discuss upcoming world quests. For example devovorga, the lightbearer.
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Walder · Feb 2, 05:11PM
In Piece of Cake
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Are you talented and creative? Post your artworks here.
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Sebbe · Jun 25 '16, 08:07PM
In Lulu's Gallery
Just about anything
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rubenb · Jul 13 '15, 08:29PM
In Trade Board
Real life events
Post here if you want to organize a reallife event
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Perche · Feb 25 '15, 07:51AM
In ATM (Amsterdam Tibia Meeting) 2015
You can talk in Portuguese language here
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Priyla_Glady · Mar 15 '16, 09:04PM
In Hohoho
You can talk in polish language here
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Kaligulak · Nov 9 '14, 06:35PM
In Antica :D
You can talk in Spanish language here
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Nelasz · Jul 23 '16, 10:27PM
In Latinos y de Habla Hispana


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