Love is in the air


Date & time Feb 14, 10:30PM
Event ends Feb 28
Creator Teranzo

Who's attending

Teranzo Leader


Love is in the airLove is in the air, and we from TibiaEvents feel it too!!!

We all love to have someone special with us during this month, and last year we wanted you to woo us since we all know you are special people, and we love everything you do to us.

But not everything was good, because we also received letters from your boyfriends/girlfriends complaining that you did not spent the day with them...

So this year we want to amend this little problem we may have caused in your relationships by giving you the opportunity to spend the day together!

It's very simple, show us in a small comic strip using screenshots what you’re going to do with your date during this special day, and also what special words you would like to say to repair the fact you did not spend last year's Valentine's Day with them.

We cannot wait to see how you treat the special one you really love!!!

More information can be found in our thread! Here

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