testNostalgia times - Chapter One - The Beginning

Nowadays we are used to listen (or talk) about the old Tibia times and how better than now they were, not exactly about the Beta times or when Antica was the single one server available. Let’s throwback you to the times when Tibia was already popular, but the tools in game were a little crude, with much more players then dungeons at hand, severe death penalty and great efforts needed to get a small upgrade for your character.

First of all, we need to imagine out you are looking to create your account. Instead of a receptive interface which we have today, the old times offers to you a simple layout.


Account created, with a random generated account number and password but without recovery key, you chose your world and create your character. Now is time to log in the game, no tutorials, no special welcome, you are just a beginner with a jacket, a simple club and a bag with a red apple. After a first walk through the small Rookgaard village you decide to enter in your first dungeon, the culvert, well… not so hygienic but a very defiant place. The darkness instantly takes your screen and some creatures approaches to you, so you remember your torch, lights it on and realize you are surrounded by rats, so you start a bloody battle for your life.


 After some rats defeated you finally get your first advancement, the level 2, now you feel ready to pass through the north bridge which somebody told you about, face new creatures sounds good to your ears. Passing the bridge, you defeat, after a few minutes, some snakes and bugs, becoming stronger, filled with courage you go forward and learn your first lesson, do not go far from the city without a rope, trapped in a cave without way to exit your character is killed easily by a poison spider.

Logging back… Oh no! Your bag is not on your set and you downgraded to level 2, how unfair and hard is this game with the players’ efforts… You need to recovery your losses, so you farm some food from the sheeps and take some dead rats to sell in Willi’s and Tom’s shops. Spending almost an entire afternoon you finally have gold enough to get some gears from Dixi’s and a rope from Al Dee’s, with the gold pieces that left from your shopping buy a better weapon looks like a good idea. A player offers you a mace, the strongest club available on island, his proposal sounds good, your 34 gold coins left for this powerful weapon, surely the evil poison spiders could not be match for it. How you do not know how to trade it, he asks you to throw your gold on the floor and then he gives you the mace, afraid to lose the opportunity you accept, he takes your gold and run away. Well… second lesson learned, do not blindly trust in an unknown player.

Even frustrated you are still motivated to explore further the island, now you can kill trolls, wasps, bugs, snakes, spiders with your new equipment, more experienced you go far to the north-west and… what!? There is an orc running away from you and throwing spears, how it is possible? You try to chase him but their spears hurt a lot, you think it is better to get out.

Back to the city, you see some players talking about a quest, asking them more details you are invited to join the adventure to enter on the minotaur dungeon to get a mighty Carlin Sword. The group of a few adventurers seems to be enough to face the challenge, even the communication is does not flow so easy due the multi nationality from the team, composed by players from Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela and others. In the path you easily beat the poison spiders and orcs who could be a threaten to a single explorer, then you enter into the Minotaur’s labyrinth, the way is full of mismatches, the darkness starts to cover the environment, your torches are becoming smaller. Finally, you and your team arrives at the last room, the supplies are scarce but you do not want to give up, facing a lot of a minotaurs you can see a friend being defeated, but it is too late to rescue him. The situation becomes critical, so you decided to run to the chests, take the rewards and leave with the players who survived, on the way back another team member is killed, now by the endless spider’s poison. You and the others loot rapidly the corpse and start to discuss if you shall or not return the items dropped, you decide to make your part and give him back what you took when you arrive at the village. He thanks your generosity and you gain your first friendship in game.

Now you are strong enough to reach the so desired level 8, you waste your last moments on Rookgaard hunting orcs in the north, still undecided about what vocation you gonna choose, you try to find some information on fansites, you look for the highscores and stay imagining how amazing could be spelling an ultimate explosion and deal great damage covering a large area, or being a knight with an enormous amount of lifepoints, maybe a paladin with a safe distance to kill, or even a druid to support your friends and become rich making backpacks of runes.

With your decision in mind you meet The Oracle upstairs the library, his speaks sounds intimidating but you are focused, a helpful druid is your choice and your destiny is the city of Carlin, here ends your first part of your adventure.


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