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Many years ago I saw the end of the game, with so much going on I was very angry, both bot and thief. But after the initiative of the game to exterminate at one time, they made me believe that then had been saved;

Once bot will always be, so with all these things going on I saw a sanctuary of bot.

tavekor Mar 16 '19, 02:02PM · Rate: 5 · Tags: tibia
Tibia these days is nice and all, but in my opinion, not at all what it used to be. It used to be challenging, rewarding, hard, and super fun. It felt like the wild wild west. Rewarding at times, but you were really free to do whatever you wanted - mostly anyway. Someone annoyed you, you could kill them. Anyone. You can do this still, but there are much more restrictions in place. Back in Tibia 7.1, there wasn't even a skull system. It might have sucked at times, but it was still really unique and a fun experience.

In tibia 7.1, only gms could stop you from killing everyone you could - but they did. There actually were active gms. Back then the internet was fairly new, so people didn't bot simply because there were none available. Later some bots did become available, but the official team of tibia handled them the wrong way. They gave everyone aimbots! I mean really? That's like limiting theft at your store by just handing everything out for free. This was the first big mistake, and while tibia isn't horrible these days, I still miss the good ole days. They really were good, it's not just nostalgia. The point that it is not nostalgia is proven by the fact that many unofficial old school servers, like scorpionot, are still active and doing quite well, even though there's really no one to promote the game at all and most of the old players have probably moved on.

Rarely is an older version of a game better, but with tibia, i truely feel like it is the case.
darkspear10 Mar 15 '14, 05:23AM · Rate: 5 · Tags: tibia 71, old school tibia

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