a book from the past

t was getting late and Tibicus still strayed through the endless corridors of the huge area. After he found a fairly safe spot to rest, he set up a small camp with a bonfire to warm up and get some sleep. It was quite dark in there and as the flames began to illuminate the big catacombs, he saw the tip of a small sword flashing on the other end of the hall.
He found an ancient skeleton buried under a huge pile of rocks. "Poor guy, this avalanche of stones must have caught him off guard. He surely did not see it coming", he thought as he picked up a book which laid near the corpse.
He returned to his fire pit and carefully blew the dust off the book. An old golden lock was holding the covers together, but with just the right amount of pressure, he was able to break the seal. Time had already left its mark on the book; many pages had turned yellow and were unreadable. Others turned to dust as soon as he flipped them. Nevertheless, some passages were in comparably good condition and Tibicus had no objections against a good night story, so he started to read: 

Notations of.... (The name was unfortunately illegible)

These are exciting times; we are going to create a new world, a world we have been talking about for so long. We will call it Tibia and it will be an open world with very few limits in which everybody can make his own decisions and has to suffer the consequences for his behaviour.

"Well, this is generally the Tibia I live in", Tibicus chuckled as he traced the name written under the sentences with his index finger. "Steve..."

(Unfortunately, something had blurred the writings on the next few pages, so he had to skip them.)

Oh what a wonderful day! We are so happy Tibia is alive and humans are beginning to settle. Albe was the first one to set foot on Tibian ground. Soon others followed. Everything in Tibia is yet very simple and rudimentary at the moment and there is not much you can do. Well, the people are at least able to make some bread, which means there is no impending famine for now. 

Tibicus got torn from his reading when his stomach began to rumble due to the mentioning of the fresh bread. He pulled out some ham and vegetables to satisfy his hunger. "What kind of story is this?", he wondered. "Who are these guys and what do they have to do with Tibia? I remember reading about Albe; I think he appeared in the early days of Tibia but... Shoot, so many pages are unreadable."

We are adding more and more things to Tibia! We spend most of our time in the university, since there is a special room in this building called "Cip-Pool" which basically has become our second home. Whenever we find time to spare between our studies we take our floppy discs and go into this room to work on our newest ideas and creations.

"This passage is signed by the name Uli... Interesting, this building seems to be similar to our academy. But what in the world are floppy discs?" , Tibicus wondered. 

Yesterday, I checked out the big city in Tibia. It still makes me smile when I think about what happened there: A human called Yorin, it seems like he is the strongest of his kind, called me a newbie, while I was just standing near Thais depot and he was chasing monsters through town. Me, Durin, one of the creators of this wonderful world, a newbie? Oh Yorin, if you only would have known the true identity behind my name... - Uli.

(The following paragraphs turned to dust as Tibicus tried to continue his reading.)

I love it when everything works out as expected. We tested some new features we have added to Tibia lately and they are working as intended. I hope the inhabitants of Tibia are enjoying them, too. Well, at least the six humans I hunted with today did for sure. This is such a great feeling to experience my own creations in the free and open world of Tibia at first hand. 

I can only concur with Steve's statement. It was so much fun when I teamed up with Uli, Steve, and four humans to hunt through a dungeon under the castle of Thais. This was the moment I realised, it is fun to live in Tibia. - Stephan.

"Steve, Uli, Stephan... This book is about the early gods of Tibia! Oh wow, this is amazing!", Tibicus adrenaline began to rush. "I wonder if Guido is mentioned somewhere, too." 

We did it; we revealed our true identity to Tibia's population. Since that day, an assemblage of people is gathering around me as soon as I set foot on Tibian lands. Each time, the crowd is getting bigger and bigger. I am afraid that this might have a bigger impact on my new creations since under these conditions we may not be able to test them properly anymore. That would be sad, since for me the creation in itself has always been the most important thing.

"I can imagine, that such situations may lead to difficulties", said Tibicus, "it is a pity that the rest of the page is missing."

We were invited to a meeting with some of the people from Tibia. I am delighted by the passion and engagement of the inhabitants. Far into the night, we sat together with them and listened to the amazing stories of the daily Tibian life. I am glad that they enjoy Tibia as much as we do and that this encounter was very friendly. It is nice to see that everybody enjoyed the get-together very much. 

One of the traders is missing. Sam, the blacksmith in Thais, is no longer in his shop. I wonder where he could be?

(Again, the next few sentences were missing.)

Coincidentally, I found Sam on one of my expeditions! He was trapped in a cave under Thais. It seems like somebody pushed him out of his shop and all the way to a hole where he fell down. Being a professional salesman, he made the best out of his misery and continued offering his services in the cave.

"Due to the style of the handwriting, I would assume that these previous passages were written by Stephan", Tibicus mumbled, as all of a sudden, the next pages crumbled into dust when he tried to turn to the next one.

Today was a big day for the inhabitants of Tibia. A mysterious evil wizard called Ferumbras afflicted them and the devastation wrought by him was quite impressive. Nevertheless, the people had a lot of fun as I can recall. It was I, Durin, behind the wizard's masquerade. Tibians had to fulfil several tasks to make me vulnerable while I spawned monsters all over Tibia and the humans got their hands full to defend their city against the intruders. In the end, I think both sides enjoyed the battle very much, I for sure did. 

Tibicus looked up: "Oh I remember, my father used to tell me stories about that day. Must have been really hard since we humans had not even gained the knowledge of using spells at that time. Nevertheless, father always spoke with respect about Ferumbras. He and many others were close to death during the fight, but the wizard always gave them a chance to withdraw. Moreover, who knows, if Ferumbras had not been so kind with my father and his friends, I probably would have never been born. Thank you, Durin."

There are more and more people coming to Tibia. Most of them are very nice but competitive at the same time, which seems to be the right mix. Unfortunately, there are some black sheep who apparently resist to play by the rules. We had to introduce a new island called Rookgaard, to prevent those people from coming back to the mainland so quickly. 

"Oh, this name rings a bell", said Tibicus. "Heard really great stories about it, seems like some people stayed on it and never ever set foot on the mainland. I did not know that it was originally designed to slow down troublemakers. Funny thing though", he thought while his thumb covered the name of Steve as he carefully tried to flip the page.

I overheard some humans trying to pronounce the name of Thais. It sounds really funny how everybody seems to say it differently. I call it Taa-es. However, I guess that is what you can call artistic freedom. - Steve.

"This is indeed a strange way to pronounce Thais, but as far as I can recall, Thais has been pronounced in several unusual ways since the very beginning. Well, as long as everybody understands which city is actually meant there, I see no big deal."

Necessity is the mother of invention; I manually scanned the wooden table in my parents' living room to use it as a sprite for a suspension bridge in Tibia. It turned out to be quite pretty. In addition, the power of Deluxe Paint and its smoothing options are quite useful to design different states of decay.

"What the....", Tibicus tried to remember all the suspension bridges he walked on. "I wonder which one it is and what in the gods name is Deluxe Paint? Too bad that only Steve seems to know the answers to my questions." 

Let's face it, we are not really the most talented artists. While looking at my attempts to design speech balloons, I am not sure whether I should laugh or cry. At least some of the Tibians are really good on this topic. They are providing us with amazing work.  We tried to design speech balloons by ourselves. They are not exactly brilliant to be honest. - Uli.

We do now have some people working for us and the next thing we are trying to accomplish is to redesign the look and style of so many things in Tibia for the better. With the help of the artists we hired this should not be a problem.

"Huh? These last sentences have a completely new handwriting", Tibicus ascertained. "There is no signature, but it seems like the same person wrote the next passages as well."

Sometimes I simply do not understand human beings. Lately, I came back from one of my trips to the Tibian land. People from there know me and the power I behold. However, some of them are disrespectful and greedy from time to time and do not follow my instructions. Today, a human who turned out to be eminently stubborn and eager paid the price for his uncalled behaviour. I summoned a powerful demon right next to him. Oh, this poor soul, he got ripped into pieces. I hope this teaches him a lesson.
PS: Okay, now I am really confused. Instead of shivering in fear, it seems like some humans really do want to get themselves killed by a demon. There are people asking, even begging me to spawn a demon right next to them...

By reflex Tibicus stopped reading for a moment and scanned the area for any signs of spontaneous demon spawning. "Yeah, we humans are indeed a strange race" he giggled.

Is it really that hard to play by the rules? There are rumours in the Tibian community that some of their very own are stealing items from others or trying forbidden witchcraft by cloning items. They do not win it honourably in a fight but by shady and illegal methods. We are really disappointed with those people. I used my power and searched for the affected items all over Tibia until I found them hidden in a house. I gained access to the house and removed every single piece inside of it. 

"Yeah, I have heard this story", Tibicus remembered: "Legends say, that those items were sunk in the water surrounding the mysterious Isle of Solitude. So this handwriting belongs to Guido..."

Over the years, we received several complaints from humans that some parcels they sent never arrived. I have checked every single step a parcel takes on his way to the recipient repeatedly and even tracked all shipments over a long time, but there were no flaws to be found in the mail system. Everything was working as intended. I guess the parcels could not be delivered to the right recipient due to sloppy handwriting or even more likely due to...

"HATSCHOOOM!", Tibicus sneezed and as he looked back up he saw the remains of old paper flying through the air, slowly turning into dust. "What the... Oh no, oh no please don't... Blast!", the book was almost empty now, only a few single pieces were left. He tried to read through them but he could not make out the references, until two words caught his eye and he knew the gods must have received the same question as he did countless times already: "items plx?"


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