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In a world moved by technology, where being connected means fast access to information, some sites become popular; the ones that not only provide specific content about a theme, but also are a reference to experience exchange, discussion, search, and production of knowledge between people with common interests.

In this scenario, with almost 20 years of history, Tibia not only keeps a loyal community on the official game site, but also makes the fansites popular. Created by Tibia players, they advertise the game as well as add content to help and entertain the game-lovers.

Serving as a complement to the official website, the fansites present diversified information and many of them have an interested and active public. They preserve the language and cultural aspects of their communities and they create a strong bond with their followers that, frequently, start contributing with new content.

Currently there are many Tibia fansites, some recognized and promoted on their official website by CipSoft (the game developer), as well as original websites and communities that hope to join the approved and promoted fansite program, and even some sites that only intend to help players with their own generated content.

Between these original websites that have become part of the promoted fansite program, stands out the TibiaMagazine. Online for two years, the developers use innovated layout and content presented monthly to the public in an online magazine format.

At first focused on Spanish speakers, the readers of Tibia Magazine can get entertained passing through the pages while reading about the most varied themes. They offer not only tips about the game, but also original articles, interviews, curiosities, stories, RPG and even a Tibian Glossary to make the life of game-beginners easier. The project grew and today beside the monthly publication of the magazine, the fansite also counts as a news portal and some other functionalities. On the home page, the Spanish reader can find not only updated news and official tickers, but also information about events organized by the staff, links to tutorials, videos, and a screenshot gallery. The added functionalities are still a recent project but promise to give to the player practical information about spells and some mounts. Another benefit that the fansite offers is the possibility to download automap archives with the most recently added areas.

By the end of 2015, TibiaMagazine looked forward to make its readership even bigger. Since October, the magazine editions are also published in English and the sessions "Sabías que..." and "Las Cartas de Cordelia" have their English versions also available on the home page.

Currently the fansite staff is composed by six members: two administrators, two columnists, a translator, and a redactor. They care not only about the website, but also the forum, fanpage, Twitter, and their own video channel.

We must give a special credit to Xena, the cute Midnight Panther mascot of TibiaMagazine. The community was involved directly on the choosing of the item that should represent the fansite in-game . Everybody was also invited to choose the pet's name and to create an official back-story. They care so much for their little cat that, curiously, even the stories that were not awarded are still accessible by a link on the home page.

To get in touch a little more with Tibia Magazine, our team had a little conversation with one of its admins, Liony:

Hello Liony, thanks for giving some of your time to share a little about TibiaMagazine with us! At first, why don't you tell us a bit about yourself? What's your name, where are you from? How was your first experience with Tibia?

Hiho TibiaEvents!

Well where should we start? My name is Anthony, I am 24 years old and I am from Venezuela… My first experience with Tibia? Everything started back in 2004, I had a friend in middle school and next to him lived a girl, her neighbor who she raised with as siblings, she used to play Tibia; my friend already knew about the game but he refused to play because of the graphics, so I suggested to give it a try and there we got into Tibia, on Arcania I created my first character in the old days which was named ‘Nike the Nazgul’.

With so many tasks on the fansite, do you still have some free time to really play Tibia? What is your char and server? What do you like the most about Tibia?

To be honest I always find some time to play Tibia, I try not to get fully absorbed by my duties on the fansite or real life also I like to keep my player perspective about the game as fresh as possible, to me it’s a matter of organization. My main character is Liony (Royal Paladin), but from time to time I also play other characters such as Liock (Master Sorcerer), Lhade (Elite Knight) and Lheia (Elder Druid). I think what I like the most is to spend time talking and doing things in-game with all friends I’ve made.

Before TibiaMagazine, did you work with any other fansites?

The very first fansite I met was TibiaHispano I spent oh-so-many hours there, almost everything I needed came from that website in the old days, however I never worked there, on the other hand I worked for the first time with a fansite on TibiaVenezuela where I started making Interviews, then publishing news and articles and doing quest spoilers and guides, there I was known as ‘Little Boa’ and just ‘Boa’ sometime later. Even when I already knew a lot of things about fansites thanks to TibiaHispano I learnt many others there in TibiaVenezuela, especially thanks to a friend of mine called Kros Baker who was my tutor on these fansite stuff, if I’ve done anything good for anyone in my whole fansite-related life, it’s thanks to that guy, Kros Baker.

We know you are not alone on the care of your website. How did you first got in touch with Kikix?

Once I joined TibiaVenezuela I met a lot of people there, I think most of them don’t remember me or they just don’t know I am the same person behind another fansite, It’s due to I even stopped playing the character I used to, called Bylion (Currently named Lhade) and I created a new character called Lion Lurk whose name would be changed to Liony much later, I was looking for a shorter name and I mixed up my favourite animal and my actual name so: Lion + Anthony would become Liony for good… Kikix also used to work for TibiaVenezuela and I think we made a good friendship since the very beginning. We used to do similar things for the fansite, and they decided to create a guild called Lightbringer Horde to have a ‘Home’ in-game for the staff, then Francisco transferred his character to the server where the guild was created, the same server where I used to play and we play together since then.

It's not hard to find many Tibia fansites around, but yours is different. Why a magazine? Where did this idea came from?

One day we were talking on the TeamSpeak and Kikix mentioned the idea about a digital magazine related to Tibia, he thought it would be a nice idea to try building a fansite under that concept so we agreed to stop thinking about the idea and started to work on it and give it form somehow. At the very beginning everything was kind of new for us but we never stopped working, we had to study several topics in order to establish a path, I spent countless hours reading digital magazines in order to create ours adapted to Tibia and truth be told I still learn new things after every edition.

The nicest thing about TibiaMagazine is that it really reminds us of a regular magazine, but the best is that it is totally virtual! It makes me wonder how difficult it is to make this project available. What kind of software is needed to create a virtual magazine? Is it technically hard?

I use Adobe Indesign CC for the magazine structure and Adobe Photoshop CC for designing, the first edition was crazy; I didn’t even know any button function in Indesign and a bunch of ‘Control + Z’ were needed, I did it over 100 times… But in time and by practicing I started to learn and the work behind editions started to be smoother. I have a tight meaning about the term ‘hard’ so I’d rather say It’s a matter of usage and practice. In general lines it works like this: every member on our fansite has access to develop a section in the magazine so they do their sections every month and I correct mistakes if necessary and develop the graphic part of the editions, aside from my own section.

How does it feel to administrate a fansite for this classic game called Tibia and to touch so many people all around the globe?

I try not to think about it, In my eyes I’m a common player with the desire of bringing entertainment and joy to others what at the same time means a lot of work, I focus on my job and before start working on something I evaluate how useful it would be for the visitors on the fansite, but I know I cannot fulfill everyone expectations so that’s why I prefer not to focus on how I touch the members of the community but working for them as a whole, I’d define Liony (Administrator) as a voluntary but happy slave.

What is the hardest part of creating the magazine and the site itself? And what is the one best one, the most pleasurable?

About creating the magazine, to me the hardest challenge is to make it different from the previous ones, sometimes it requires a lot of thinking and it’s kind of exhausting but at the end I love it and something different pops up. About the site, the hardest part is to reflect my motivation to my staff mates because I’m not such expressive with feelings and emotions and I’d like to make them feel comfortable on the family and motivated while working together for the same goals. The most pleasurable undoubtedly is to work with them I must say thank you to all, they’re great and no matter what I say their jobs speak loud for them. They’re amazing and I’m lucky for working with these guys and girls.

Some people keep saying that Tibia is facing its last days. Do you agree with that? What do you see for the future of your and the other fansites?

Tibia is a world, and every world is supposed to end sometime; however we don’t live our real lives thinking everyday about the date of the apocalypse, do we? So to those who think about this topic too often I would say don’t worry about things that have not occurred yet. Don’t you remember what Master Oogway said?

“You are too concerned with what was and what will be. There is a saying:

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.”

TibiaMagazine... If you could say one word about it, what would it be? Why?

Help. Why? Well we develop content to help people to spend a good time out of Tibia, without leaving the topic aside. We always need help from our staff members to do such job. Tibia needs help from the community to keep its heart beating, so we’re willing to help.

What about Tibia Events? What do you have to say about our fansite?

This question is kind of connected to the previous one, I mean, tibians need ‘places’ to have fun, learn and share experiences and from my perspective the events are one of the most useful tools we have to entertain people in-game and in the fansites, to make them feel at home and enjoy at the same time they compete, I think the true prize during events is the good time you spend on them, the fun and joy, the items are most likely a consequence and to me, you did embraced that concept, and that’s awesome.

We are getting to the end! Would you like to say anything special to Tibia Events followers?

Sure! Enjoy what you do; whatever it be, take every challenge and make it yours, do your best and keep pushing, keep trying. A little bit of luck is always required, but perseverance is essential.

We would like to thank you for the interview and also for putting so much effort on helping tibia community!

Thanks to you, I owe it to Tibia for all the great moments it’s given me.

Now you know a little more about TibiaMagazine!
Pay them a visit and tell us what do you think!

Your TibiaEvents Team.


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