How Snoopy Moony Became a Jester

ften enough, Snoopy Moony is hit by a wave of loneliness when her friends head into battle. In these moments, she is annoyed by herself, her clumsiness and her lack of confidence. She was exactly in that mood when she heard about the Fools guild and thought: "That's where I belong... I am the biggest fool alive!".

So while her friends took off to experience their bravery in battle, she mounted Truly Dooley, and headed to Thais to meet up with Bozo, a fun guy in a funny outfit. His presence and the colours of his clothes lifted her spirits already, which actually took her by surprise. She had not deemed that possible. So when Bozo asked her if she really wanted to apply to the guild and make a fool of herself while doing so, she actually agreed excitedly, looking forward to master the tasks that were waiting for her.

For her first mission, Bozo sent her to get some requisites to create water squirt flowers. He sent her to the Whiteflower Temple where the right flowers would blossom. She climbed on Truly Dooley's back and quickly returned with the right plants, happy to have been of help. Even though this had not been the excitement she had hoped for, feeling useful was much better than being angry and annoyed.

Next, Bozo let her in on his plans to create stink bombs. She had often wondered how that nasty smell was produced. She had never imagined that stink bombs were nothing but the odor from the noxious gas from freshly killed slime. When Bozo handed her a special vial to collect the stench, she did get a bit nervous, hoping that she would not break that vial and make a too big of a fool of herself even for the Fools guild. So carefully she put the vial in her backpack and set out to kill some slime in the ancient temple, not far away from the city.
Relieved not to have screwed up, she handed the vial containing the gas over to Bozo. "Ugh. You got some efficient stuff there. I have to admit you have a talent for such distasteful matters.", Bozo said.

"I think you're ready for a small promotion, provided that you finish another mission, that is...", he added quickly, with a smirk on his face. "As you might know, nothing helps you to break the ice so easily when you meet new people as a pie thrown in the face..."

Snoopy blushed. She wondered if Bozo knew about the incident when she had stumbled right in front of Daniel Steelsoul with a pie in her hand, several years ago. The cake had not only smeared his face but also his completely new uniform. Whenever she sees the governor of Edron now she stops walking altogether, just to avoid making a fool of herself again. She wondered if this story had indeed made it all the way to Thais, or if this was just a coincidence. So she continued to listen...

"...Of course, this habit leads to a dramatic shortage of pies now and then. And that's what we need you for. Mirabell in Edron creates the most creamy and sticky pies in the world... Get me a dozen of them!". She knew all about Mirabell's pies! They were the most delicious pies! However, she felt a bit wary, too, for the mere reason, that she had to go to Edron for this mission and risk having to pass Daniel Steelsoul again while carrying cake.
Nevertheless, she quickly went to her home island and asked Mirabell for the pies, but, as she had suspected, they had to be made first. She helped by cutting some wheat for the flour.

When she headed to Stonehome to pick up an old scythe from her grandfathers house, she passed Jack, one of her neighbors. He always made fun of her because she was often left behind by her friends. So when he made one of his funny remarks about how some people have to fight to make a living, and that she was too chicken to survive by herself, he was not only wrong, but also touched her sore spot and she thought "Maybe I can throw one of the pies in his face!"

She went to the Ivory Towers to use the milestone to grind the wheat there and shortly thought about paying a visit to her friend Spectulus. He still wasn't too keen on visitors after the incident with the crystal of mirros, though, so she decided against it.

Before handing over the pie, Mirabell reminded Snoopy that it was forbidden to leave the town with them. Grateful for the hint, she decided to take a detour. Having grown up around Edron, she knew every hidden passage way. Also, it was well-known that dwarfs were great allies when you needed to smuggle anything. So her plan was to take the underground tunnels to Cormaya and to take the steamship to Kazordoon. Snoopy's ivory fang and best friend Truly Dooley quickly carried her then from Kazordoon to Thais.
Everything worked out fine and Bozo received the pies before they lost their taste. "I grant you the title of 'Fool in Training' for your efforts. Just don't let it go to your head and don't use this highly spiritual title to show off...", he said, with a wink. She laughed, feeling ready for the next task.

Bozo sent her to get some wine. She was puzzled, since she could not see any plan for a prank behind this. However, Bozo confirmed that he indeed had a prank in mind, and then sent her to replace a crate of supplies from Xodet with the crate of wine Bozo had packed with the wine she had delivered. They were giggling at the thought of seeing a couple of drunk mages in town who would now receive wine instead of their original order.

Even though helping Bozo had made her feel better, this running back and forth started to become a bit boring. She wondered if maybe she would get to see a bit of action soon. Bozo's next words sounded promising: "I have a fine prank in mind but without proper preparation, you'd end up hacked in pieces by the dwarfs. By chance I found out about an artefact that might save the day. There is a mysterious tower, known as Triangle Tower, west of Jakundaf Desert. In this tower, you will find a magic watch that we need for our dangerous fun."

She and Truly Dooly started to head in the direction Bozo had pointed them to. After a while, the Triangle Tower was visible on the horizon. When she got there, though, she was surprised that there was no entrance! She was already cursing Bozo in her mind for sending her on this journey, feeling as if this time, the joke had been on her.
Out of nowhere, though, suddenly a young lad appeared and laughingly said: "...just in case you are looking for a way inside, there is a switch hidden in the desert to open the gate.", pointing across the river. A bit unsure if she should believe this guy, but for the lack of any other idea, she decided to give it a shot. She hoped she'd find that mysterious switch.
After riding for quite some time to get to the other side of the river, she could hardly believe her luck when she actually found a lever hidden underneath an earthpile right where the young lad had pointed her to. If she could only swim across the river now, she'd be right back at the tower in no time. But she did not dare to swim across this wild stream, this looked way too dangerous to even try.

Back at the tower, she was greeted by a group of skeletons. How scary! For a second she thought about retreat, but feeling a strong will not to fail, she started fighting her way into the tower and up the stairs. Heroically she defended herself against demon skeletons in an amazing adrenaline rush. She was a bit irritated, when she still got attacked without seeing any opponent. Angrily, she threw an avalanche rune on the ground and suddenly two stalkers became visible who she could now get out of the way. She found the watch she had been sent out to get in a box in a separate room and then hurried quickly back to Thais, feeling all energised by the risks and dangers she just had to face.

Her energy level even increased when she heard Bozo explain that this watch was a time travelling device and that she will use it to steal the beard of the dwarven emperor. Bozo explained the plan: "You sneak into the emperor's bedroom when it's empty. Use the watch directly beside the bed's pillow. This should advance you in time. You will appear next to the sleeping emperor. His guards will be outside so they shouldn't bother you. Use a sharp kitchen knife to cut off his beard. Then quickly use the watch again to advance in time once more. You should appear at a time when everybody has left the room."

This was truly the most exciting task, yet. She wondered if this could be true. Would this work? Could she trust Bozo, or would she end up being the fool? She wanted to experience this so badly that she cast away all her remaining doubts. She simply had to try this!

Nervously, she crossed the dwarven bridge and tried to remember where the entrance to Kazordoon was. Luckily, she stumbled across Lukosch, and decided to simply use the ore wagon. Without a clue on where she had to go, she staggered through the dwarven town, and eventually found the throne room, and then also the Emperor's bedroom... She could feel her own heart pounding. She tried the door knob, but the door was locked. Darn! Luckily though, she found a key in a chest close by, and to her surprise, it actually opened the door! Admittedly, that felt like a trap. This was too easy. Nevertheless, she opened the door, saw the emperor's secret cookie stash, and couldn't resist. She stole the cookies.
Nothing happened. Maybe this wasn't a trap after all. So she set Bozo's plan in motion. She walked up to the bed, used the watch, and her jaw dropped when everything started to happen just the way Bozo had described! She was actually able to get the beard unharmed by using time travel.

She quickly headed back to Thais, giggling the entire way.

She got the feeling that Bozo was indeed a little impressed that she had dared to fulfill this task. He finally offered her to get a jester outfit for herself. She brought cloth of all colours to Bozo, and in no time at all he created a nice outfit for her. Proudly, she tried it on. She loved the shoes Bozo handed her with the outfit. She asked Bozo if she could have a hat just like him, and he promised to make her one, if she helped with further tasks. She decided that this had to wait for another day, then. She was sure that her friends had returned home in the meantime.

So she changed back into her pirate outfit and decided not to tell anyone. If you want to be a secret prankster, you need to be able to keep your mouth shut, even if you feel like you are going to explode because of the excitement on the inside.
She could not get over the fact that she had actually travelled through time. "This will be the hardest part," she thought. "Not telling anybody about the possibility of travelling through time. Spectulus would love to hear this story." Thinking about the wrath of the dwarven emperor though, she felt that she would manage. He would probably have her killed if he found out how he had lost his beard.

"What an exciting day... and it had started out so badly. I need to remember this for the next time I'm having a bad day. Instead of drowning in self-pity, I can retreat to planning tricks and pranks. I might even enjoy such days from time to time.", she reflected.


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