Walkthrough: CipSoft Dungeon

hortly after the winter update 2012, during the first week of January 2013, our CipSoft dungeon underwent a complete make-over. The entire office was relocated, and with this relocation, obviously received a completely new look.

Now, almost 2 years later, the polishing is done. Some changes might still happen every now and then, but it is time to give you an insight into this fairly new area that is swarming with CipSoft members.

To enter the dungeon, you need to take the teleporter to get to the third floor. Right at the entrance, you will find yourself in the depot.

Here, all CipSoft members find their letters or parcels, in case they were not eaten by the infamous parcel bug.

Right at the depot, our team assistant spawns every day, even before server save. She handles internal affairs and coordinates CipSoft members, as well as guests. Also, she makes sure that all supplies are available in the break room, for example, which many employees visit for daily tasks, such as getting coffee or tea, or having lunch.

Right behind the break room, there is our storage room for potions. Mana potions come in the flavors of Coke or other sodas, health potions come in different types of juice and water.
On some occasions, you can find CipSoft versions of Jean-Pierre in the small kitchen adjacent to the break room, trying to create buff food that will help them on their missions throughout the day.
For employees that are less talented in culinary art, the buff food supply of our dungeon is filled up with all sorts of fruits, like bananas, apples, pears - and loads of peanuts - in the beginning of each week.

Every now and then, a world quest similar to "A Piece of Cake" takes place in this room, which is located in the south-west corner of the dungeon. Apart from cooking, several CipSoft members are also awesome bakers. If they have cake to offer, they usually trigger the event by sending out a message that informs everybody of the beginning of the feast.
Having received the information, all hasten to help devour the cake. Of course they do not hurry to the break room out of fear not to get some of the cake before it is gone, but only to make sure to free the room from this sugary substance in time. The goal: setting the room for regular use again quickly to gain 25% more regeneration as a reward. CipSoft employees, as humans in general, do not appreciate it when they cannot fulfill their daily tasks as they are used to. Oh, and don't feed them after midnight!

Continuing on our journey through the dungeon, we will find ourselves in the west wing, where the customer support and the community management departments are located.

At the end of this aisle, in the north-west corner, you are at the spawn point of the testers, a special species of CipSoft members who eat bugs for breakfast. Other than that, Bolfrim, Delany, Seyva and Siramal blend in perfectly well with the rest of the crowd if you meet them outside of their corner.

Apart from a few game designers, for example, the North of the dungeon is mainly occupied by programmers. Language-wise, some of them show a slight resemblance with bonelords or orcs. They sometimes use strange languages and often use numbers and weird code to communicate.
Some of them do not belong to the Tibia universe, though. Their minds often seem to be occupied with an unknown future.

So - not surprisingly - the North of the dungeon can be confusing. Still, you should not let yourself be distracted by the whispers you might be hearing there. You need to pay close attention to your surroundings. It is important, because just opposite from the testers, in the north-east corner, Craban and other product managers spawn pretty much each day. If you have been around already about three years ago, during the 15th anniversary celebrations of Tibia, you probably have experienced yourself what Craban can do. So be prepared!

In the east wing then, you mainly meet game content designers and graphic artists, among others. Usually, they are a very harmless bunch, unless, of course, they are on their way to help with the earlier mentioned "A Piece of Cake" quest.

Cipsoft employees usually enjoy being in their dungeon. Some of them even remain on the map after working hours, to meet with their peers, in the recreational room for example, which is located in the South. Next to a faster regeneration, they can relax and enjoy lots of mini games here!

Throughout the entire CipSoft dungeon, there are other rooms, too, which were not explicitly mentioned yet. For example, conference rooms. Apart from having door numbers just like all other doors in the dungeon, each of the conference rooms appears in a special colour as well, which is expressed mainly with coloured carpets. So CipSoft members who do not think in numbers like programmers do, also refer to these rooms by mentioning the colour instead of the number, to define a location for an internal meeting. By the way, these conference rooms have awesome dungeon wall decorations that fit the carpet colours. Have a look:

There is also a server room, storage rooms, as well as a "repair and assembling" room, which is necessary to maintain office internal computers and servers. These rooms are located mainly in the South, where you can also find the offices of the remaining CipSoft members, for example, the managing directors, the marketing department, and the team that handles and maintains our payment system, and the system administrators, for example. Also the team that works on TibiaME is located in the South.

Now we are at the end of our tour, now you have seen it all! This is the place where decisions about Tibia are made, the place where your emails arrive if you contact us, the place this article was written, too. We hope you enjoyed this little tour through our office.

Have fun in Tibia!
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