15 Years Ago!

his year, next month to be exact, is the 15th anniversary of the CipSoft GmbH. We want to use this occasion to go back in time. What happened in Tibia 15 years ago when Steve, Durin, Stephan and Guido decided to found a company? What did Tibia look like back then?

Before CipSoft

In the year the CipSoft GmbH was founded, Tibia was already 4 to 5 years old. The future of Tibia was not set back then. One single different decision could have changed the entire Tibia universe, maybe could have brought it all to an end. On January 29, 2001, the CipSoft team, formerly known as the Cip Team posted the following news on the Tibia website:

Most of you know that we are students and that we have kept Tibia going and growing for five years in our spare time. This spare time will surely vanish at the end of this year when we finish our studies. Then we will have to find a job and start to work. There will not remain much time for Tibia. But we don't want this to happen! Therefore we are thinking about working full time for Tibia and start running Tibia commercially.

As we all know, that is indeed what happened. If the four of them had decided on a different road for their lives, most likely none of us would be part of the Tibian universe today.

So - what did Tibia feel like back then, when it was still a student's project and a lot smaller than today?

2001, when not too many of us were around yet, it was the time when Ferumbras was still played manually, as we have learned from Knightmare, who is still a game content designer for Tibia today, in the featured article The Birth of Ferumbras.
Traces of these Ferumbras Fights can be found in our news archive, in an old news of the year of foundation, from January 31, The Fight For Freedom:

Congratulations Tibians, Ferumbras and his minions are finally dead. Well done.

Also, an important feature of Tibia's death penalty was decided on back then. On February 2, 2001, there was a news posted on the Tibia website about the New Item Loss Rule. The Tibia players back then had voted for this adjustment to Tibian's death penalty:

If you die, all of your items except those in containers (like bags, backpack, etc.) will be teleported back with you to the temple. Nevertheless for every object there is a 10% chance that the item stays in your corpse. So you still cannot be absolutely sure about not losing a certain item.

Even though we cannot tell any more which different choices for item loss as a death penalty were given back then, we can say that players in 2001 influenced how the death penalty in Tibia is handled, even today.
Before that change, you lost all items updon death in Tibia. Everything remained in your body till you either got it back yourself, or somebody else looted it from you, Durin remembers today. He further stated that without a vocation and if you were lower than level 4, you still lost everything you had on you, even after that item loss rule had been implemented.

Of course, in 2001 there were fewer monsters, fewer players - less of everything. The map back then was a lot smaller, too. A complete list of areas that were being worked on in 2001 was posted in April of 2001, including the names of the players who were working on them. Back then, Tibia had lots of help from voluntary helpers:

Elven Town Ab'Dendriel (Knightmare), Fields of Glory (Tekvorian), The Ghostlands (Falke), Femor Hills (Wastl), Reokon's Tundra (Cohen the Barbarian), Ice Islands (Feanor), Mad Mage Valley (Hammerfall), Orc Fortress Ulderek's Rock (Muesli), The Snake Stone (Niehoff), Green Claw Swamp (Aureus), and Stone Wood (Alara).

When you walk the Tibian lands today, do you ever think about how old some of them already are...?

After the founding of CipSoft

Some of these new areas were published with an update in June, around the same time that the CipSoft GmbH was founded. As we can read in the news archive:

As promised the update is online now - featuring many new areas, like Ab'Dendriel the town of the elves, the Ice Islands in the cold north of Tibia and the Fields of Glory. Additionally many things have changed in the known parts of the continent. So prepare yourself to find new mysteries and challenges everywhere!
Tibia has now four different home towns you can move to: Thais, Ab'Dendriel, Kazordoon and Carlin. Choose the city you like best to make it your home.
We also want to thank all editors and testers for their passion and time. Without you the update would have never been as good as it is!

In July, when Tibia had evolved from a student's project to a business, it was announced on the news that the four were working on a new account system, and that a payment system was in the planning as well. At that time, Tibia had reached the 600 players online mark. The account system, very similar to how it works today, went online on July 21. Before that, there were only characters, no accounts, and premium time was not available, yet, either.

On November 2, 2001, the previously announced premium account system went finally online with Tibia version 6.4, and the door for CipSoft and Tibia to grow was finally opened. Apart from the payment system, that November update also brought houses, new spells and monsters, and Edron:

A new island has been discovered far out in the east. Settlers from Thais have founded the colony Edron there, and the Royal Tibia Line has established a shipping route to and from it. Now this isle waits to be explored. Many thanks to Knightmare who has designed this area.

Tibia players even created an update teaser for this update. This video was thankfully restored by a Tibia fan on Youtube. Take a look:

Something else worth mentioning about this update is that finally, the community had been informed that there is a CipSoft GmbH now. News were not signed with Cip Team any longer, but from now on, it was the "CipSoft Team".

A Great Year, the founding year, came to an end and the CipSoft team Guido, Stephan, Steve and Durin wrote:

During this year the four of us finished our studies at university and established CipSoft. With the foundation of our company we also decided to dedicate our future to Tibia. Finally we have the time to realise all plans we have for our small world. The first step has already been done with the introduction of Premium Accounts. With your support we can assure that Tibia stays online and will even be improved.

Very fittingly to this new era of Tibia, the second game world was opened, with the promising name Nova.

Little did people know back then that CipSoft would grow into a company with over 80 employees, and that Tibia and its community would still be alive - 15 years later.

Thank you Tibians for making this possible, and happy anniversary, CipSoft!

Tell us about your first experiences with Tibia, what are your first memories?

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