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Event city contest
coming soon..
Teranzo Mar 13, 10:30PM
A contest between three wizards has spread across all Tibia so that mysterious letters with coloured...
admin Mar 15, 10:30PM
A mother's burden becomes a hero's burden when a demon mother decides to take a few days off. Guard ...
admin May 7, 10:30PM

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Walder Trial
Feb 28, 05:07AM
Luck to alls !
Teranzo Leader
Feb 27, 09:44PM
entries have been send to cip we hope to announce the winners soon!
Teranzo Leader
Feb 23, 09:42PM
We are verry sorry the winners will be published next week
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Welcome But I've already greeted some of you
Sebbe Feb 15, 09:15PM


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A Book from the Past

Tibicus found an old book on one of his adventures. Follow him on his journey through ancient times with old acquaintances and their secret memories. The article will be updated with entries from Amaro's friends throughout June!


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testFeb 28 2017 - Design your own rune winners

After some waiting we have our winners!
it wasnt easy for us to vote but Congratulations to the lucky ones, we loved your runes!

First Place: Rune embleme of choice + Medal of Honour + Memory Box.
Final Score: 19 points.
Rune: Distraction Rune.
Entry: https://tibiaevents.com/forum/topic/622?page=1#post-8295
Character: Chikilina.
World: Antica.
Golden Rune Emblem: Soulfire.

Second Place: Rune embleme of choice + Heavy Medal + Baby seal doll.
Final Score: 18 points.
Entry: https://tibiaevents.com/forum/topic/622?page=3#post-8468
Rune: Arrow Hail Rune.
Character: Smashing Pumpkin.
World: Antica.
Golden Rune emblem: Paralyze.

Third Place: Rune embleme of choice + Hero's Medal + Stuffed dragon.
Final Score: 17 points.
Entry: https://tibiaevents.com/forum/topic/622?page=3#post-8455
Name: Gateway Rune.
Character: Krisph Darkbane.
Server: Fidera.
Golden Rune Emblem: Wild Growth.

Your TibiaEvents Team.



testFeb 8 2017 - THE PERFECT DATE

In past years we've celebrated Valentine's with our lovely "Speed date event" which consisted in using your charming skills with your date, which in those cases was another random player. This year, we've decided we'd like YOU to woo US (TE staff) and earn our hearts.

How will this work?

You will have the option to make either a male or a female staff member "fall in love" with you by taking him/her to the PERFECT DATE.

The perfect date will consist in 2 special tasks.

Number One.
Since you'll be taking us on a date, you will have to pick the perfect place to have it and decorate it for a romantic dinner.

Number Two.
We all love to hear/read nice things, so we'd like you to write a poem for us.

World, Date, time and meeting point:

World: Celesta
Date: Friday February 17th, 2017
Time: 19:00 CET (9 hours after ss)
Meeting point: Thais depot

More information can be found in our thread

We'll be waiting for you!
Your TibiaEvents team.



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