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Have you spent hours braving lands, searching for answers, wondering how can I solve this quest? Yea...
Teranzo Jun 1, 10:30AM
A powerful ancient weapon meant to be sleeping forever has awoken deep under Vengoth. Portals all ov...
admin Sep 1, 10:30PM
Winterberries can now be found all over Tibia! The Combined Magical Winterberry Society wants YOU to...
admin Oct 1, 10:30PM

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Featured Article Tibia

How Snoopy Moony Became a Jester...

Feeling down? Feeling like a fool? Feeling annoyed with yourself? Read on to find out how Snoopy Moony lifts her spirits when she is having a bad day like that.


Article TibiaEvents

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Summer update! Threatened Dreams...

Snoopy Moony squinted. It was bright daylight! Hard to believe... It felt like she had dozed off just a couple minutes ago. It had been deepest night. She had been sitting outside, watching the day come to an end when a tiredness had overcome her.

Boy, did she have a vivid dream. Talking to animals was nothing new to her, but this time it had been wild. She was wary... this felt so real!

In her dream she had made the acquaintance of a white deer named Alkestios, she had assisted a snake called Ikassis and she had helped out a magnificent white swan. Even now she could sense a close connection to these animals. They still seemed to be just as real to her as her ivory fang Truly Dooly... but a bit different, nonetheless.

She recalled that in her dream she had somehow earned the trust of shy nature spirits, the Fae, who had welcomed her into their protected and hidden space. What a beautiful and amazing place that had been! But - something had felt different to her there. Pondering the dream, she suddenly knew what had felt so odd: Creatures she had seen there during the day had been gone at night, and creatures she had seen there at night had not crossed her path during daytime. Quite different from what she is used to... Also the place had an awing glow to it at night... pretty amazing. Could all this have been real?

Being highly sensitive nature spirits, the Fae could sense that the magical world was undergoing changes. Evil had become a lot more influential and posed a threat to the magical barrier that had protected them. They had been rattled by these developments. Even some of their own kin had turned to the darker side, and nightmarish creatures, who could easily be kept at bay in the past, were intruding their protective space.

So the Fae had reached out for help, and Snoopy was more than happy to respond. She had felt proud that somebody turned to her for protection. What a good feeling! A bit weird, too, though, because this usually does not happen to her. So - maybe this was just an illusion created by her vivid imagination after all, no matter how real it felt.
She recalled that she had also experienced some really strange adventures. For example, she remembered helping the tooth fairy and talking to trees and rocks... this was indeed all way too wild. She was almost certain now that it had all just been a dream...

Premonition or dream...?




Have you spent hours braving lands, searching for answers, wondering how can I solve this quest? Years and years wandering Tibian lands, reading books, trying new ways and no results. Was it a waste of time? You ask yourself if there is a solution at all.
We from TibiaEvents would like to know a solution to some of the most mysterious quests too.
Would you provide for us? After all it was not a waste of time, you aquired a lot of knowledge on Tibia and it is time to use it.
Jakundaf Desert, Serpentine Tower, Basilisk, how do you dream about the solution of these quests? Choose your quest and spoiler it!

More information can be found in our topic

Can you finish it?
Your TibiaEvents Team.




Mothers' Day has just passed by and the Demon Mother still hopes to find the perfect babysitter for her cute little devils.
So we, Tibia Events Team and Community, will help this lovely devilish mother on her incredible quest of motherhood.
We will be looking for the best babysitters candidate, that shows a ability to prepare a special nursery and daycare to receive this so unique baby creatures.
But that's not all! We will also read carefully the resume of the future babysitter, to check if him or her got the gutts to face a little demon!

Canceled due to less sign ups

More information can be found in our topic

We'll be waiting for you!
Your Tibiaevents team.



testMay 6 2017 - Mr and Mrs Event of the year winners

Last year we started our Mr and Mrs event of the year contest,https://tibiaevents.com/forum/topic/562
which have been ended now.
2 Members have been really active on our forum, and participated in a lot of events!

We like to congratulate,

Cadsy and Sheshie yei,
you both won the Mr and Mrs Event of the year contest.

You Both recieve an Memory box on your highest level char on your account.
Also you will have an Title on your profile here on our website!

Once again Congratulations,
Your TibiaEvents Team.


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A piece of cake

Colours of magic

Demon's Lullaby


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