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TibiaEvents 5th Birthday!
Contest 1 - The Great Invite! - Dec 18 Contest 2 - Screenshot of a Birthday Place to Eventholder De...
Teranzo Dec 18

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Perche Event
Dec 18, 07:59AM
Happy birthday TibiaEvents !!!!
Teranzo Leader
Dec 16, 06:23PM
Merry Christmas!
Teranzo Leader
Dec 4, 08:55AM
Rani could u react on the mail? thank you
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Teranzo Leader
The great day is coming! Finally, Tibia Events... More
Teranzo Dec 18, 09:24AM
Perche Event
Grtzzz to the winners, and thnkzz for joining... More
Perche Dec 18, 07:56AM
albym Dec 17, 08:12AM
Yes! and i send it! please read !!!
filipex Nov 26, 10:54PM
Teranzo Leader
Hi Timh! we have a team page... More
Teranzo Nov 23, 08:04AM


Tibia is ranked among the greatest games in the MM... more
alexanderleytan Apr 3 '15, 08:44AM
Hi to everyone, is my first post here on the blog ... more
Lii Oct 10 '14, 07:16AM
idk si lo Hice busque Este Similares es mi primer ... more
tek Aug 21 '14, 10:00AM


Tibia Article

A horseman is caught in a thunderstorm. Who is the mysterious guy riding his warhorse through the rain and what is he up to?


It was a rainy day when we set out for the Tibia meeting. We picked up a friend on the way and by the time we got to go there, we were a bit late but it had stopped raining.

testDec 18 2017 - Contest 1 The great invite

Welcome dear Event fans!

The great day is coming! Finally, Tibia Events is turning 5, so we must plan a big party!
First of all, we must create a super hiper cool Invite Card, to cheer up everyone to join the comemorations!
Unfortunatly, our friend Eventholder can't do it alone... But maybe, you can offer him a hand!

What do you have to do?
You must create a Real Life Invitation Card to Tibia Events' Birthday Party. Use your habilities to make a nice card inviting people all over Tibia to celebrate with us!

More information can be found in our thread

Start inviting!
Your TibiaEvents Team.

testDec 8 2017 - A Christmas giveaway 5th edition

Hohoho, Everyone!
Welcome to TibiaEvents fifth edition of:

"A Christmas Giveaway!"

We believe that Christmas is one of those perfect seasons for sharing and so, in collaboration with dozens of players and our friends at TibiaWiki.com.br, TibiaLottery,PortalTibia and TibiaBosses, we've gathered a lot of great presents for you, our audience.

Lottery Link: » View Lottery

The lottery have been drawn! Congratulations.

Winners and Prize

1 213 C87 Elite Aldruhn Memory box donated by ourselves.
2 146 C20 Ji Bav Lucky Clover Amulet donated by TibiaLottery.
3 218 C92 Kifloki The Epic Wisdom donated by Tibiawiki.com.br
4 182 C56 Zlotrix Epaminondas Doll Donated by Portal Tibia
5 56 A56 Dardar Zamoldimor 250 tibia coins donated by TibiaEvents
6 140 C14 Archer Matte A Santa doll
7 159 C33 Hakuno 50 Christmas Tokens.
8 179 C53 Shadiro 50 Christmas Tokens.
9 77 A77 Eternal Foz 50 Christmas Tokens.
10 43 A43 Mercenaryio TibiaBosses Code
11 17 A17 Nyncot TibiaBosses Code
12 212 C86 Vallorien TibiaBosses Code
13 222 C96 Kayonix TibiaBosses Code
14 174 C48 Dagmaras TibiaBosses Code
15 128 C2 Szybki Lygrys TibiaBosses Code
16 163 C37 Pulkownik Hans Landa TibiaBosses Code
17 126 B43 Bladman TibiaBosses Code
18 231 C105 Skylarker TibiaBosses Code
19 184 C58 Devil Bow TibiaBosses Code
20 79 A79 Demon furyy TibiaBosses Code

Full information about the event can be found in our thread!

Merry christmas and have fun!
Your TibiaEvents Team.

testSep 16 2017 - Looking for new team members!

Welcome dear Event fans!

Always wanted to be a part of a team? then this is your chance,
TibiaEvents.com is currently searching for new team members.

We are in need of staff for the following positions:

- Artist's,
- Article Writers,
- And Video creators.

What do you get?

To be part of one of the best Tibia fansites around, be part of a lot of events, get to know new people, participate in challenges to your own creativity, new experiences and the satisfaction of bringing fun to a lot of Tibians!

Free Premium time if you are a winner of our internal contest
A Memory box if you are active for longer then 2 years in our team!

What do we ask of you?

Fill in our application form which can be found on our forum (short applications wont be accepted.)
U need to check the website at least once a day!
U need to help us organising events.
U need to respond on our forum.

Check our topic before you apply,if you didnt follow all steps,we cant discuss your application.

More information can be found in our thread

Your TibiaEvents Team.

testSep 25 2017 - Winners ring craft contest

Congratulations to the winners of our ring craft contest 2017! We enjoyed every entrie but only 3 can win!

Here are the Winners.

1st place:
Entry: 11: 3 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 1 + 5 = 24
Character Name: Krisph
Server: Fidera
Amulet: Metamorphosis Amulet
Prize 1. place: 5 rings of choice + memory box + heavy medal

2nd place:
Entry: 15 : 3 + 5 + 3 + 1 = 12
Character Name: Sad Magical Girl.
World: Candia.
Ring: Eclipse ring.
Prize 2. place: 5 rings of choice + Jewel Case + royal medal

3rd place:
Entry 20 : 5 + 3 = 8
Character name: Nelasz
World: Hydera
Amulet: Golden Dragon Amulet
Prize 3. place: 5 rings of choice + Jewel Case + badge of glory

(5 rings of choice means 5 rings of either: axe ring, club ring, sword
ring, dwarven ring, energy ring, life ring, power ring, time ring,
stealth ring, ring of healing)

Your TibiaEvents Team.

testSep 04 2017 - Ring craft contest

Welcome dear Event fans!

Can you come up with a ring or amulet that might be useful in the great world of Tibia?
This is your chance to get it out for the community to see!

It can be a ring or amulet to get more power, to make your foe lose their power, an item only to look pretty, or an item with some special effect! Let your dreams decide!

The item could be bought from a NPC or it can be a special drop from a monster.

Tell us about this great item you have dreamed of!

More information can be found in our thread

Craft your ring,
Your TibiaEvents Team.


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