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testDec 7 2018 - A Christmas giveaway 6th edition

Hohoho, Everyone!
Welcome to TibiaEvents sixth edition of:

"A Christmas Giveaway!"

We believe that Christmas is one of those perfect seasons for sharing and so, in collaboration with dozens of players and our friends at TibiaBosses, we've gathered a lot of great presents for you, our audience.

Lottery Link:» View Lottery

28 Prize's
Congratulations Tibians! Here are the winners:
1 -Memory box -- Ticket nr: 29 Ze Pollvilho
2 - Rune emblem of choice -- ticket nr:144 Arterossy Oddina
3 - Rune emblem of choice -- ticket nr: 206 Garry Schwammkopf
4 - Rune emblem of choice -- ticket nr:178 Joeri Petha
5 - Rune emblem of choice -- ticket nr:179 Kaporek
6 - Rune emblem of choice -- ticket nr:10 Blaze Fielding
7 - TibiaBosses.com Code -- ticket nr:165 Sionur Dralcraend(Send Letter)
8 - TibiaBosses.com Code -- ticket nr:52 Heztpanna (Send Letter)
9 - Tibiabosses.com Code -- ticket nr:191 Symfonia Smakow (Send Letter)
10- TibiaBosses.com Code -- ticket nr:61 Kubakas(Send Letter)
11- TibiaBosses.com Code -- ticket nr:57 Klapusta(Send Letter)
12 - TibiaBosses.com Code -- ticket nr:175 Nicco Robiin (Send Letter)
13 -TibiaBosses.com Code -- ticket nr:91 Kyu Kyu Bunny(Send Letter)
14 - TibiaBosses.com Code -- ticket nr:20 Adan Cedumie(Send Letter)
15 - TibiaBosses.com Code -- ticket nr:14 Curse Psion(Send Letter)
16 - TibiaBosses.com Code -- ticket nr:116 Warlock Bloody(Send Letter)
17 - Santa Doll -- ticket nr:193 Sorce Of Lightning
18 - 5 gold ingots-- ticket nr:200 Surkmored Fyleaaxa
19 - 5 gold ingots-- ticket nr:127 Soul jail
20 - 5 gold ingots-- ticket nr:158 Calvajo
21 - 50 Christmas Tokens-- ticket nr:198 Pantocrator eliminator
22 - 50 Christmas Tokens -- ticket nr:155 Neesha
23 - 50 Christmas Tokens -- ticket nr:190 Lota Reiush
24 - Dream matter -- ticket nr:42 Kaflus
25 - Rat god doll -- ticket nr:162 Dcision
26 - 10x bullseye potion -- ticket nr:65 Zykky
27 - 10x mastermind potion -- ticket nr:84 Thectortazo
28 - 10x berserk potion -- ticket nr:194 Robin Kint

Keep in mind that you have to wait until January 2 to recieve your lottery prize (except for the TibiaBosses code's) they have been sent out by Lonth Mexiss/Umbra mckeening.

Full information about the event can be found in our thread!

Merry christmas and have fun!
Your TibiaEvents Team.

testOct 30 2018 Winterlight Solstice

his teaser is a special teaser, because it announces content that will not be playable during the test servers. Everything that is stated below will appear after the release of the winter update on all game worlds.

Similar to the First Dragon expansion which takes place from mid-January to mid-February, this is also a temporary - but annually recurring - game content.

When the wind grows stronger every day and blows freezing air over the sea into the inner lands, then the percht queen has awakened. When winter sets in, her strength is prospering and she begins to wrap the land in her ice-cold breath. Many consider this to be the natural course of things and do not spend too much time thinking about it.

I say, Tibians are ignorant at best since they neither know of the existence of the ice queen and her frozen realm nor can they comprehend what we are going through during this time. But who can blame them? Most of us cannot even understand it ourselves.

Weare spiritual beings who live a life in secret. As far as I know, no Tibian has ever caught sight of us, we prefer to let our actions speak for themselves.

Over the years, Tibians have called us by many names: Depending on whether one had seen our deeds as positive or negative, we were named brownies, leprechauns, hobgoblins or also fairies. However, confusing us with such creatures does not matter to us, we are not interested in such trivial lapidaries.

Unlike my younger conspecifics, I have completed the transformation many times but still suffer unspeakable agony when the frost begins to possess my body, gives it form and structure, and runs never-ending shivers down my newly formed spine.

It is unbearable.

Notonly do we become visible, no, the frost does not stop at our mind either. This urge for cold, the rising hatred for warmth, you just give in and lose control. Especially the younger ones among us, we call them perchts, fall into mindless rage contributing everything they have to the frozen crone.

I have, however, been able to preserve more and more of my mind with every transformation I endured. My body, on the contrary, still suffers excruciating pain... It is time to put an end to our misery. All I want is to escape from this solid form of mine. I will find a way to shatter this frozen prison that makes me a schiach.



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Teranzo Leader
Jan 2, 09:47AM
If you won a rune emblem please reply on forum which emblem u want! thank you!
Teranzo Leader
Dec 24 '18, 08:21PM
Merry Christmas
tavekor Trial
Dec 18 '18, 08:38PM
Happy bday!
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