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Bebek Event
Sep 12, 12:54PM
Not me too ^^
Umbra Leader
Sep 11, 09:44PM
Not me
Aug 5, 10:44PM
Pacera players?
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Zavious Sep 18, 01:32AM
ElfoFantasma Manager
Thanks for everyone who participated! All... More
ElfoFantasma Sep 6, 02:56AM
Umbra Leader
Enjoy Arendella <3 and congratulations!
Umbra Aug 6, 09:38AM
Umbra Leader
Omg so many nice video's! i love them... More
Umbra Jul 26, 09:36AM


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testSep 17 2019 - Lets get bossy

Greetings fellow Tibians!

From the very beginning of time, since the creation of men, elves, orcs, dragons, and others. There have been exceptionally strong creatures, so powerful and unique that they received the title of "Boss", in his time, the cruel "Orshabaal" unleashed his fury on the world, on other occasions "Morgaroth", "Ferumbras" or even the almighty "Gaz'haragoth" took turns to wipe out innumerable souls, but every time they appeared, there where strong and brave warriors willing to stop them from annihilating all life form of the world.

Well, this time we don't want you to destroy any boss, in fact, we want you to create a new one!
Let your creativity flow and create a brand new boss, no matter the kind, appearance or skills, it just has to be YOUR boss!
Read the rules inside the topic and take the path of the gods by creating a new creature.

The full information can be found inside the topic.

Have fun, and good luck!
Your TibiaEvents Team.

testSep 11 2019 - MOUNT UP winners

Dear TibiaEvents Participants,
we are happy to announce you the winners of MOUNT UP
Thank you for participating, we have enjoyed all the entries!

1st place winner:
Entry: https://tibiaevents.com/forum/topic/804?page=1#post-10105
Char: Zavious
World: Nefera
Points: 3+5+1+3+3+5+5+5
Total: = 30
Prize:Golden warrior trophy + 300 demonic essences + Yellow rose.

2nd place winner:
Entry: https://tibiaevents.com/forum/topic/804?page=1#post-10117
Char: Kriiz Neverlose
World: Torpera
Points: 5+1+5+5+5+1+1+3
Total: = 26
Prize:Silver warrior trophy + 150 demonic essences + Memory box

3rd place winner:
Entry: https://tibiaevents.com/forum/topic/804?page=1#post-10113
Char: Titi Iris
World: Secura
Points: 1+3+3+1+3+3+1
Total: = 15
Prize:Bronze warrior trophy + 50 demonic essences + Teddy bear.

4th place:
Char: Arendella
Point: 1
Total: = 1

Please tell us your char name prize and world where the prizes should be sent to.

Your TibiaEvents Team.

testAug 28 2019 - We need you!

Always wanted to be a part of a team? then this is your chance,
TibiaEvents.com is currently searching for new team members.

We are in need of staff for the following positions:

- Event Managers,
- Artist's,
- And Video creators.

What do you get?

To be part of one of the best Tibia fansites around, be part of a lot of events, get to know new people, participate in challenges to your own creativity, new experiences and the satisfaction of bringing fun to a lot of Tibians!

Free Premium time if you are a winner of our internal contest
A Memory box if you are active for longer then 2 years in our team!

More information about how to apply can be found on the application page.

Your TibiaEvents Team.

testAug 8 2019 - Mount up

greetings Tibians!

Long ago, adventurers in Tibia had to walk their own way through out the land, exploring every part of Tibia by walking on their own feet. And the worst: in case they had no friends to follow, they would walk all alone! But new days brought new hope to us! We finally got to have our own mounts to carry us and accompany us on good and bad moments, to finally explore the lands sitting on the highs of the back of our cute (of not so much) friends! Common, rare, cheap, fancy, trend, friendly, evil, there are all kind of creatures to use as mount, both in game and from the Store.

Now, TibiaEvents challenge you to make a tribute to your favorite mount! It’s time to bring it to life and show how your mount would look like in Real Life, re-creating it with simple materials in real size. Of course, we would like to see you, as the great adventurer you are, mounting this fabulous creature! What do say? Challenge accepted?

The full information can be found inside the topic.

Mount up!
Your TibiaEvents Team.

testAug 2 2019 - Facebook giveaway

#Giveaway #TibiaEvents #Monthly #Prizes #Eventslovers #Tibia

Event lovers!!❤️
What do you think about a monthly giveaway? (we might do this in the future) ;) and why do you think you earn 250 TibiaCoins? Leave your comment on our facebook page
and who knows you will be the first winner of our giveaway in Aug! Also do not forget to like our page and stay up to date.

(Only one winner a month)
(Monthly Giveaway Prizes will be given by us not cip, except for bigger giveaway's)

Of course, we still have lots of contests to come so you can join on that too!

Stay tuned,
Your TibiaEvents Team.


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