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testMay 24 2018 Ab'dendriel Bard Talent Show!


The Elves in Ab'dendriel are having a talent show! The instrument shopkeeper, Elvith, has asked us for some help to find him talent throughout the realms. He is looking for all you bards who loves to sing or is creative with music. You must sing about your adventures in Tibia, whether it's a hunt, a quest, some pvp action or even simply taming a mount. If you are interested in this event and want to participate there are rules that you MUST follow.

How will this work:

You'll have to transform yourself into a bard and write us a song telling a story/adventure on Tibia. In addition to the lyrics you have to send us a video/audio singing your song. You can play instruments by yourself or sing along with a background audio or even sing a capella.

More information about this contest can be found inside our topic

Don't by shy! All is welcome! We want to hear your songs! Good Luck to all the participants!

Asha Thrazi,
Your TibiaEvents Team.

testMay 23 2018 Summer update teaser 5

reat news for those of you who struggle to find their items in the depot. With the upcoming summer update, we will add a Supply Stash for our premium players.

In your locker you will find a new icon for the Supply Stash. All stackable items that are tradeable via the Market (except Tibia Coins) can be stored in that stash.

When you open your Supply Stash, you will see an overview of all items that are currently placed in there.

Different filter categories (e.g. creature products or food) and a search bar will help you to find the items you desire faster and in a more comfortable way.

How to stow items into the Supply Stash?

In order to stow stackable items into your Supply Stash, you just need to stand in front of a locker. Open your backpack and open the context menu of the item you want to stow. Select "Stow" and choose the number of items you want to move. You can also select "Stow all items of this type" which will search through all of your backpacks and move every item of that type into your stash. The same method works in depot chests and your Inbox. You can also drag and drop such items to the Supply Stash if you want.

How to withdraw items from the Supply Stash?

To remove items from the stash, simply click on the item and select or type the amount you want to retrieve. Based on your loot container settings, the items are now automatically placed in the respective loot containers in your inventory.

Supply Stash Interface

Applied Filter: Valuables

The Supply Stash is directly connected to all imbuing shrines. This means that you no longer have to carry around the materials you need for your imbuements. They will be taken directly from your Supply Stash if you want to imbue your equipment at one of the shrines.

There is another small feature that will make your daily life a bit easier. As long as your character stands on a glowing switch, the context menu of your items will contain the option "Show in Market". This option will open the Market interface with the item preselected.

This time there are no exclusive pictures

Your TibiaEvents Team.

testMay 19 2018 2nd Anniversary contest BomDiaTibia.com

Breaking News from BomDiaTibia.com

Our second anniversary is coming! King Tibianus is a big fan of BomDiaTibia and decided to invite our staff and our friends of TibiaEvents to organize a big concert in Thais, to fiest and celebrate our birthday. Almost everything is planned already. Our friend Biff the Baker is providing the cake, Donald and Sherry McRonald are in charge of the barbecue annd, of course, the drink will be provided by Frodo.
Royal advertiser Towncryer is already spreading the news to everyone in Thais about this great event, but the King wants the whole continent to know about it and come to our party.
For that we will need you to make a poster advertising about our event so Kevin can send it to everybody around Tibia!

How will this work:
You'll have to do a handcrafted poster advertising a fictitious show to honor our 2 years anniversary Be creative and invite the whole continent to our party in Thais. Don't leave the RPG aside!

Constest starts on Saturday, May 19 and ends on Jun 08, 2018.

-You must submit your entry on this Topic.
-If you have any doubts we'll answer on this forum: link
-Your entry must cointain your character nick and the world you play in;
-Poster must be handcrafted and you can use material such as cardboard, white sulphit paper, colouring pencil and pen, etc.;
-We won't accept posters made on image editing softwares;
-Poster MUST contain these elements:

2 years of BomDiaTibia;
Thais (as place of the concert);
TibiaEvents (as the Event sponsor)
and the artists, groups (be free to create)
-RPG elements must be used to advertise that fictitious concert in our honor;
-Your entry must contain at least three pictures of the making process and at least one of the final art;
-Submissions can be both in portuguese or english;
-Content of the posters must respect Tibia Rules;
-The content must NOT be related to inappropriate things or have inappropriate language;
-Plagiarism won't be tolerated;
-If you break any of the rules you'll be disqualified;
-We'll validate or unvalidate your submission so you can see if your submission is ok, so keep checking.

Who will judge: our staff, TibiaEvents staff and Cipsoft members.


#1 Category (Golden Winners)
Winner a): Golden Goblet + Party Cake + 30 Days ExitLag + Journal Shield
Winner b): Golden Goblet + Party Cake + 30 Days ExitLag + Memory Box
Winner c): Golden Goblet + Party Cake + 30 Days ExitLag + Yellow Rose

#2 Category (Silver Winners)
Winner a) Silver Goblet + Party Cake + 30 Days ExitLag + Golden Rune Emblem
Winner b) Silver Goblet + Party Cake + 30 Days ExitLag + Golden Rune Emblem
Winner c) Silver Goblet + Party Cake + 30 Days ExitLag + Golden Rune Emblem

testMay 17 2018 Summer update teaser 4

he summer update brings some great new features for the Tibia client.

The client will be able to automatically take screenshots to capture important stages in the life of your Tibian character.

Inthe advanced options menu you will find a new submenu, which allows you to activate different events for which a screenshot should be taken.

You can choose whether you want to capture only the game window or the whole client interface. Assign a hotkey and you can trigger the screenshot feature whenever you want.

If you have activated the option "Keep Backlog of the Screenshots of the Last 5 Seconds", additional screenshots of the last 5 seconds will be cached in the client and saved whenever the auto screenshot feature is triggered.

Another new feature is the Status Bar. The Status Bar offers you bigger health and mana bars and can be placed on the bottom, the top, or on the side of your game window. Right-click on the bar and you can choose from four different styles "Compact", "Default", "Large" and "Parallel". Furthermore, you can select your skills and character level to be displayed as well. The Status Bar can be activated in the HUD submenu of your advanced options menu.

Last but not least there are some changes for the Bestiary. For example, the newly added Occurence parameter will determine the rarity of a creature as "Common", "Uncommon", "Rare" or "Very Rare". There is also a new level of difficulty called "harmless". Creatures are classified as harmless if they give neither XP nor loot when they get killed.

With the exception of "Very Rare" classified harmless creatures, 25 kills are required to complete the respective Bestiary entry of a harmless creature. Each of these completed entries yields 1 Charm Point.

Besides all harmless creatures, we also added many other creatures to the Bestiary that have been missing so far. If such creatures, regardless of their level of difficulty, are classified as "Very Rare", it will require 5 kills to complete their entry. Based on their difficulty, completed entries of "Very Rare" creatures provide 5 (Harmless), 10 (Trivial), 30 (Easy), 50 (Medium) or 100 (Hard) Charm Points.

This time there are no exclusive pictures

Your TibiaEvents Team.

testMay 15 2018 Summer update teaser 3

saw an interesting advertisement in the paper the other day. Young dancers would give you a great show in an old temple in the jungle of Tiquanda.

Of course I went there immediately and as it turned out the ladies were really pretty to look at.

I had heard the stories that behind those pretty faces and their initial hospitality, they are bloodthirsty demons but well, you know... The things you do for free wine, a nice dance and other intoxicating substances...

The asuri realised very quickly that my strength was surpassing their own by far and they guided me discreetly through a door on the top floor.

They told me that I would meet their princesses but to be honest, I was absolutely convinced that they were just afraid that I could discourage the other visitors.

Oh boy, I have never been so wrong in my entire life. Behind that door, I faced the true horror.

Countless swords and daggers had struck me down from all directions. I had no idea what happened to me and before I knew, I woke up in the temple.

That was a very painful experience for me and even now, two weeks later, my armour still smells of the sweet perfume of the midnight asuri.

Eduardo, Elite Knight, Port Hope

That was close. I barely made it out alive. Turns out that diving can be quite dangerous these days.

Those black "things" I encountered are ruthless and murderous. If I translated their language correctly, they call themselves deathlings. 

According to what I saw in that lost temple in Tiquanda, they are gathering in large numbers. Someone has to stop that from happening!

There is a visual resemblance between the deeplings and those creatures. Somehow, they must be congeneric but it looks like they are fighting each other.

I should report these findings at the Edron Academy, they looked into fishy business in the past.

The deeplings can be quite annoying already but you can keep them under control and you get used to their smell of fish.

If they lose this fight and the deathlings take over their realm, one can only imagine the terror they are going to spread over the whole island and ultimately over all Tibia!

I hope the deeplings are willing to form at least a temporary alliance against the deathlings.

Elborin, Elder Druid, Stonehome

Exclusive pictures can be found inside our topic

Your TibiaEvents Team.

testMay 11 2018 Summer update teaser 2

ibian Shortnews - Archaeology Edition - Spring 2018

_______________________________________________________________________________________________ Digging deep


Those frequently upcoming desert storms in Darama might be caused by guzzlemaws having a cold. Due to nasal congestions, they sneeze out an enormous amount of air through their jaws and send them westwards across the sea towards the desert.

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ANCIENT Discovery of the Month

My team and I have been stationed in Darashia for almost three years now. Yet, I am still surprised by all the unique treasures and buildings the desert's sand has buried over the centuries.

Just a few days ago, a sandstorm uncovered a very interesting statue not far from here. It seems to mark the entrance to an ancient site. I have already sent down some of my men to further investigate the area but they returned empty handed.

They said powerful and complicated mechanisms are protecting the place from unwanted intruders and they were not able to solve them. I will have to request additional resources from the headquarter. This place requires a lot more brainpower than we have right now.

Sandy Dryasdust, 54, Darashia.

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MOTA MANAGER MESSAGE

I consider my Museum of Tibian Arts to be one of the most important buildings known to Tibian kind. Thanks to the numerous donations of our loyal patrons, we are now able to to start the long overdue extension of the MoTA. The museum will become even larger and offer more diversity and art.

As a matter of fact, we have already torn down the first walls but are currently facing some difficulties that might prolong the whole expansion. Behind those walls, we discovered a strange portal that seems to work as a passage for sinister creatures into my beloved museum.

Our efforts to close that portal have failed miserably. It just reappears! Aside from that, we are considered civilised experts in archaeology, the very idea of fighting monsters is abhorrent to us. Especially since those monstrosities surpass our known museum monsters in terms of strength and brutality by far.

Therefore, we are looking for a very smart, yet physically strong Tibian, who is able to traverse the portal and take care of whatever is hiding behind it.

Gareth, 32, Thais.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ads for Archaeologists

ASURA Palace is a great place to stay if you conduct research in the area of Tiquanda. Beautiful young dancers are going to take your mind off your worries. Enjoy their show.

Darama, many ancient tombs and sites are still buried under the sand. Always make sure to have enough water, your shovel and pickaxe as well as some scarab coins with you when you visit the desert.

Fiehonja, a beautiful yet mostly uncharted underwater dungeon. Many secrets are waiting for you. Trust me, visiting this place can literally take your breath away.

Edron, come and explore the mountain castle. Rumours have it that the castle hides undiscovered secrets beyond all the chalk and dust. It is a great place for ambitious archaeologists.

Gareth is looking for a part-time MoTA archaeologist. Our team is looking for a reliable Tibian who can take on some crazed display models from time to time. 

Exclusive pictures can be found inside our topic

Your TibiaEvents Team.


testMay 8 2018 Summer update teaser 1

Tales of Storms and Ancient Chivalry

In order to save me some gold coins, I accepted this new offer from Captain Charles to take me from Port Hope to Edron for a cheaper price.

"It might get a little windy on this route" he said. "But nothing to be really worried about" he said.

Great... I am pretty sure that we faced the biggest storm known to mankind... and now I'm sitting here, stranded on this island. 

Day 5:I have seen the suns rise and set four times already and yet I am still stranded. Yesterday, I found an old scroll in a chest, its purport is vague and it seems to be only one piece of a way bigger puzzle... Interesting. I wonder if somewhere else...

No, now is not the time to rack my brain for that. I need to focus on my mission. The scroll's secret will fill another page in my diary someday but right now, I need to get to Edron. There is a broken raft on this forsaken island. If only I could find a way to fix it.... 

Day 8:Oh thank you Fardos, my ordeal has finally come to an end and I have made it to Edron!

Behindthose towering walls, you can find the most honourable knights in Tibia and here is where it all started. It is their place of origin. I can feel it!

Those ancient castle ruins in the north must have been their stronghold. It all makes sense. All these years of research, of doubt, of setbacks will finally pay off. Their castle was there, the whole time, deeply carved into the mountain providing all the clues needed to find out what happened, we just need to look closer.

I am curious to find out what awaits me in this mountain fortress. If any kind of hint or evidence is hidden in there, something about Ravus, something about the other side, whatever it is, I am the one who is going to find it. 

However, before I do that, I will have to talk to those honourable knights in the city. Someone around here has to know more about them. I need to find the ancestors of those who witnessed what happened that night. The night, the Order of the Falcon disappeared...


Exclusive pictures can be found inside our topic

Your TibiaEvents Team.

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