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Umbra Leader
Oct 16, 08:56PM
Yes... tomorrow the winners will be announced stay tuned!
Umbra Leader
Oct 14, 03:27PM
@idhock yeah it is hard..
Idhock Event
Oct 13, 02:48AM
It's a hard voting, all entries are pretty good
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Umbra Leader
Enjoy Arendella <3 and congratulations!
Umbra Aug 6, 09:38AM


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testOct 9 2019 - What if tibia had sound?

Greetings fellow Tibians!

Have you ever wondered what kind of voice does a Frazzlemaw has? How frightening a Dark Torturer sounds when walking? How disturbing does a swarm of insect sounds in the open steppes of Zao? Did you imagine how they will sound in IRL? HISSSSSSS! The hydra! I bet that you did the sound with your voice!

Well, if you ever wondered how Tibia would be if it had sounds? Now it’s up to you to make the sounds of a monster or whatever you want.

So, are you ready to show us how do you think Tibia sounds?!

The full information can be found inside the topic.

Have your voice ready!
Your TibiaEvents Team.

testSep 17 2019 - Lets get bossy

Greetings fellow Tibians!

From the very beginning of time, since the creation of men, elves, orcs, dragons, and others. There have been exceptionally strong creatures, so powerful and unique that they received the title of "Boss", in his time, the cruel "Orshabaal" unleashed his fury on the world, on other occasions "Morgaroth", "Ferumbras" or even the almighty "Gaz'haragoth" took turns to wipe out innumerable souls, but every time they appeared, there where strong and brave warriors willing to stop them from annihilating all life form of the world.

Well, this time we don't want you to destroy any boss, in fact, we want you to create a new one!
Let your creativity flow and create a brand new boss, no matter the kind, appearance or skills, it just has to be YOUR boss!
Read the rules inside the topic and take the path of the gods by creating a new creature.

The full information can be found inside the topic.

Have fun, and good luck!
Your TibiaEvents Team.


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