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Bebek Event
Mar 22, 12:21PM
Oh wow so many nice entries. It's so hard to just pick 3 of them. You guys are making it so tough on us to pick the winners!
Mar 19, 06:48PM
Mar 19, 12:31PM
I love Makadamias sculpture!! :O
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KriizWeeping Apr 3, 02:34AM
Congratulations to the winners & goodjob... More
Krisph Mar 24, 07:01PM
My name is Melecateia. <3
Violinda Mar 19, 01:35AM
Bebek Event
Thanks everyone for joining. We have alot of... More
Bebek Feb 12, 12:01AM



testMar 29 2020 - Become a team member!

Always wanted to be a part of a team? then this is your chance,
TibiaEvents.com is currently searching for new team members.

We are in need of staff for the following positions:

- Event Managers.
- Community Manager.
- Video creator.
- Artist.

What do you get?

To be part of one of the best Tibia fansites around, be part of a lot of events, get to know new people, participate in challenges to your own creativity, new experiences and the satisfaction of bringing fun to a lot of Tibians!

A free Premium time or 1500 (non-transferable tibia coins) if you are a winner of our internal contest
A Memory box if you are active for longer than 2 years in our team!

More information about how to apply can be found on the application page.

Your TibiaEvents Team.


It’s party time! Well... it was...

The great day has come and everybody was excited to have good times by celebrating on the costume party. Monsters costumes, mounts costumes, outfits costumes, there was a large variety of them, the creativity of the guests was awesome!

Our King was generous to the guests and asked their subjects to get the best of every single detail which would be included in the party.

The table was fed up with food and drinks, meats, hams (including the dragon ones), eggs, and vegetables for the vegetarians too, we served bottles of wine, juice, and water, at last, but not least, an enormous dwarven brown ale cask specially ordered for the event.

About the music, it was very nice too, the best lyre musicians were hired to liven up the party directly from Ab’dendriel, they played so nice that even Vashresamun would praise their performance. Only some old dwarves didn’t dance…

That day has provided some surprising meetings, I guess I saw eventholder talking to a girl for a long time… but, I couldn’t see anything else, I cannot even remember how they were dressed, do you remember it?

It's your turn to remember! in this new contest you will have to write a story about how eventholder chose his outfit, and how he met his GIRLFRIEND so that the King can order the royal scribes to write it in the archives of the kingdom.

The full information can be found inside the topic

Its time to write!
Your TibiaEvents Team.

testMar 24 2020 - EVENTHOLDER'S GIRLFRIEND ♥ winners

Dear TibiaEvents Participants,
we are happy to announce you the winners of EVENTHOLDER'S GIRLFRIEND ♥.
Thank you for participating, we have enjoyed all the entries!

1st place winner:
Char: Suzy Kill
World: Gladera
Points: 1+1+5+3+3+5
Total: = 18
Entry: https://tibiaevents.com/forum/topic/830?page=2#post-10387
Prize:Golden trophy of excellence + choice between Yellow rose, Dragon figurine, and Memory Box.

2nd place winner:
Char: Miss Kipling
World: Gladera
Points: 3+3+5+5+1
Total: = 17
Entry: https://tibiaevents.com/forum/topic/830?page=2#post-10385
Prize:Silver trophy of excellence + choice between remaining two items.

3rd place winner:
Char: Bijou Kidi
World: Antica
Points: 3+1+1+5+3
Total: = 13
Entry: https://tibiaevents.com/forum/topic/830?page=1#post-10379
Prize:Bronze trophy of excellence + remaining item.

4th place:
Char: Makadamia
Points: 5+1+5
Total: = 11
Entry: https://tibiaevents.com/forum/topic/830?page=2#post-10383

5th place:
Char: Conde Sintra
Points: 5+1
Total: = 6
Entry: https://tibiaevents.com/forum/topic/830?page=1#post-10380

Please tell us your char name prize and world where the prizes should be sent to.

Your TibiaEvents Team.

testMar 24 2020 - 15th Anniversary of the Fansite Programme

Our fansite programme, the official support for Tibia fansites, was started around 15 years ago. When digging through the news archive, we can find the first mentioning of it on March 24, 2005. Since then, many fansites have come and gone, and some are still around. Some have even started their support of Tibia before the fansite programme was in place.

Fansites offer all sorts of things for Tibians. Information, quest guides, articles, tools, screenshots, movies, statistics, events, etc. They are also keeping Tibians informed around the globe on social media and in their discord servers.

In order to celebrate this significant date, the fansite administrators had the idea to invite you all to a special celebration month! So starting today, and throughout April, you will be able to join whichever events you would like to join. Several fansite admins and fansite teams have organised contests, events and lotteries.
They have also decided to revive the Tibia Movie Awards that have happened regularly several years ago. Some of you might remember these times. The contest website for the Tibia Movie Awards 2020 is available in English, Portuguese, Polish and Spanish. There are ten categories to choose from. You can win the fansite item of the fansite that is hosting the category you have chosen for your video.

We community managers would also like to support these celebrations. So we are giving away 10 x 500 Tibia Coins (non transferable). In order for a chance to win one of these packages, all you have to do is answer the question of the feedback form: What do you like about fansites? We will automatically draw 10 winners who have mentioned something they like about fansites in the comment field of the feedback form. The feedback form will start on March 25.

Now if you are up for some fun and celebrations, take a look at this event schedule and the event descriptions. Maybe something catches your interest!

Let's celebrate
Your TibiaEvents Team.


Event Schedule

Double XP/Skill Event
Are you looking for an opportunity to level up and to improve your skills? Your time has come! So sh...
Beatrix Apr 6, 10:00AM
Are you in a festive mood? Do you want to party like there is no tomorrow? Then you are in for a tre...
Beatrix Apr 13, 10:00AM



Demon's Lullaby


Rise of Devovorga

Annual Autumn Vintage

The Lightbearer

A Piece Of Cake

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Hi to everyone, is my first post here on the blog ... more
Lii Oct 10 '14, 07:16AM


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